The Culture Wars

One reason that conservatism constantly seems to be in retreat is that our “culture,” and by that I’m shorthanding for movies, TV shows, newspapers and other news media, the publishing industry, the theater, academia, the arts, et al, is dominated, essentially controlled, by liberals. And they deploy it almost exclusively to promote liberalism, breed more liberals and destroy any who resist.

I’ll save the lengthy disquisition on this to address a few notes that have come my way.

TV talk show host Wendy Williams seems like a level-headed lady, as far as women afternoon talk show hosts go. Recently she echoed what Stacey Dash has said — that organizations such as the NAACP and “historically black colleges” are by definition racist and if one wants to move to the post-racial society such organizations should wither away. Judging people by the color of their skin is racist no matter how you justify it.

Of course in the TV industry you dare not say such things and Williams found herself quickly under attack from the liberal cultural commissar mob. Sadly she muttered her apology. But as with all liberal inquisitions an apology is not enough and the pound of flesh extracted. Several staffers were canned. I’m sure that Williams is probably now writing her check to the Hillary Clinton campaign…

In case you hadn’t heard, HBO is wanting to get into the nightly news business. Their brilliant, never-before-tried plan? Hire a bunch of people from the same places that staff all the other TV news outlets (other than possibly Fox [though it might be turning too]) — New York Times, HuffPo, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, etc. Now more liberal news/propaganda, just in case some HBO viewer missed it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

Why can’t HBO just stick to entertainment (much of it highly propagandized as well)? Why must everything be increasingly politicized?

So how is everything going for the great liberal propaganda machine? Well, according to this story, the number of pilots being shot in the L.A. area is down to historic lows.

Everyone is absolutely puzzled by how this could be happening. Has not California and the Los Angeles area mandated the highest of wages and the most bountiful worker “rights,” benefits and regulations? Has it not instituted the most draconian of living and environmental regulations and costs? Has it not made employment of labor expensive and the production of product expensive? According to Democrats that is supposed to be the magic recipe for success. What could have gone wrong?

Don’t worry, I’m sure that L.A. and California politicians will be working on turning the dreadful tide.

Los Angeles city and county will pass an ordinance mandating another increase in wages, regulations and some free stuff – and no more cheap interns! Then they’ll demand that the industry shoot more pilots there. (Then they’ll be shocked next year that production fell further.)

The state of California will do the same along with adding some “green” energy regs — because all those lights in Hollywood use energy, dontcha know; mandate the hiring of various Democratic party hangers-on, their children and members of select/approved racial and sexual-orientation groups through the “diversity” rubric; add more employment and HR regulations; and they might entertain a tax break targeted at some of the more politically active producers… And they’ll conclude with a demand that the industry shoot more pilots in SoCal. (And be shocked next year that production fell further because all those progressive producers aren’t so generous when it comes to THEIR money and THEIR productions so they’ve moved THEIR productions elsewhere.)

And the cycle will begin again. Welcome to the mind of the liberal…

This last story followed shortly after the L.A. Story — The California Film Commission is touting the success of its Tax Breaks for Rich Film Makers program. Yes, nothing like those poor, struggling, artists, needing tax breaks. Especially “women of color” like Oprah.

Our media views everything through the race/sex lens. FYI – that’s racist and sexist. Weren’t we trying to get away from that? All of which seems to bring us back to Wendy Williams.

Libtards – Balkanizing the country one item at a time.


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