A Lying President

Imagine if a Republican president said that a long-time ally supported his crowning diplomatic initiative (after his previous several had collapsed) while at the same time that ally was being openly critical of the deal. And the defense minister of that ally issued a searing take-down of the deal and made it very clear that the ally did not support the deal. And then imagine that the Republican president then became furious and forced the offending ministry to frog walk a public apology.

You know that this “The President Lied” story would be front page news and run a 24-hour cycle for weeks at the cable news networks while various Democrats called for an investigation, an apology to the ally and maybe even talk of impeachment.

So we learn that a Democrat president, aka King Barry I, recently did just that, crowing that Israel had performed a volte face and dumped their criticism of the Iran deal, Otard’s (latest) crowning diplomatic achievement.

The problem is that Israel had done no such thing and immediately and publicly said so.

This infuriated our Glorious Leader — how dare Israel contradict the all-knowing Obama. He specifically demanded that the very critical Israeli defense ministry reel in its criticism of Obama’s foolishness.

So we are left with the fact that the president of the United States blatantly lied about an ally’s support on a very important diplomatic move and yet this major story is almost impossible to find in the U.S. media. Why is that?

Here’s details from the Times of Israel and an editorial from the New York Post.

One additional point. Why did Obama go out of his way to make up this lie (to preview what a Clinton presidency will look like?)? Did he dream that Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly agreed with Obama (Netanyahu is known to loathe Obama and considers him a feckless amateur)? Did he think that he was just so smart that Israel would change its mind in awe of Obama’s genius? Did someone tell him that Israel changed its tune and he simply didn’t bother to confirm it? Did he think that he could just publicly co opt/bully Israel into backing the immensely foolish Iranian deal?

I don’t know but whatever, the man is clearly deranged. And they call Trump unfit to be president.


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