This Is Racism

This column hounding a CBS TV exec because the writer doesn’t think that CBS has enough black people working for it or on its shows or as lead actors on its shows or something demonstrates how deeply ingrained racism has become in our major media institutions.

Perhaps the most appalling thing is the ease with which the reporter tosses around racial classifications like “a very white, male network” and “A decade of whiteness.” They read like excerpts from a meeting of Nazis or the KKK. Of course this “TV Critic” feels he is noble in his racism (as if the Nazis and the KKK didn’t) so he’d say it’s okay.

Judging people by their skin color is racism, pure and simple. If you are advocating giving people jobs based upon the color of their skin, that is racism. If you are advocating not hiring people or removing people from their jobs based on the color of their skin, that is racism. (And using sex/gender as the criteria is sexism.)

Does the writer really think that black viewers will only watch shows with blacks in them? I don’t, but then I have a higher opinion of those people than the writer clearly does.

Does the writer think that the Hollywood/New York liberals that populate the corporate rungs of CBS (and all of Hollywood) sit around plotting their racist schemes to exclude blacks?

Ironically, for the record the writer is Tim Goodman, about as pasty-faced white as they come. I suspect the irony is lost upon him. Liberals have an uncanny ability to think that the policies and attitudes they aggressively advocate somehow don’t apply to them.

I’ll take Tim more seriously when he resigns his cushy job and demands that a “black woman” be given his job, whether she’s qualified for it or any good at it — just simply because she’s a black woman.

Racism ends when people stop judging people by the color of their skin.


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