Yahoo! Sports and Politics

It’s no secret and I’ve complained many times about Yahoo! Sports promotion of liberal politics. The site is obsessed with homosexuality (promoting its activity among athletes, notably in the locker rooms). It never misses a chance to pigeon-hole people along the line of taking note everytime “The first (fill in minority group here) to “fill in accomplishment here,” no matter how petty that accomplishment is. Sometimes it seems to single-handedly keep the “Offensive Mascots” debate alive. Racial politics (they’re for it) have been particularly popular lately. And it never misses a chance to say something nice about Barack Obama or take a shot at any athlete that is openly conservative (e.g. Curt Schilling, Tim Tebow).

On Friday it went to a new level. Sitting at the second spot in its feature stories section was “Inside the First Family’s 16-Day Summer Getaway at Martha’s Vineyard.” This wasn’t some news insert or a sponsored story but rather it was tagged as an NBA story. I refused to click on it though it seems possible that an NBA player or several were vacaying with the First Fan.

To add to the Obamafest were two more stories in the subhead position — “Here’s what Obama is reading” and “Golf sets the pace on vacation.” (Talk about a Duh! Story.)

I’ll not comment on the Obama’s family love of their taxpayer-funded vacations.

There simply is no excuse for such stories on a sports portal. Well, other than their editors and contributors are Democrats and they want to politicize everything in our lives.



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