Thought Police for the Police

The rapid descent into the politically correct maelstrom continues.

First for your dark pleasure is this PC spasm concerning country music singer Blake Shelton (who’s already on PC commissars watch list for transgressions). A small handful of mild tweets from more than five years ago are dug up and PC libtard “social media mavens” go on the warpath (OMG! They’ll squeal, I can’t believe he insulted Native Americans [not that they ever went on the warpath because they were peace-loving…]). These people need to get a life or a shooting war will start and I don’t think any of them has a gun.

Then there’s this disturbing story about PC indoctrination that the Loretta Lynch’s Dept. of Just-Us wants to foist upon the police departments of the nation.

This is pure Orwell. The term “thought crime” is in play here. This isn’t about weeding out KKK members or some overt racist, this is about supposedly being able to divine the deepest subconscious thoughts of human beings.

Does anyone doubt that these witchsmeller pursuivants will discover hidden “implicit racism” in the souls of policemen? Naturally, the less they find the more they know is buried deeply in those warped psyches so they’ll need increased funding and more power.

They’ll also have the power to ruin people’s careers and lives.

Of course, besides trying to create Cultural Revolution chaos and an ever-changing capriciousness that is redefined constantly and only they know what it is, there is the whole “racket” angle.

Who will be these indoctrinators… I mean… attitude adjustment consultants? Why none other than the same people who run these rackets everywhere else — people with useless “area studies or feel-good studies degrees, highly-compensated government and corporate consultants who just happen to be Democratic party activists.

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”


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