A Hillary Analogy (A True Story)

For a little more than a week there was a car parked in the lot of my place of employment every day, in the same spot. What initially drew my attention to it, as I parked next to it, was the Hillary sticker on it. Even though I live in increasingly liberal northern Virginia I have seen very few Hillary stickers (those H’s with an arrow inexplicably pointing to the right) but I still plenty of fading Obama/Biden stickers.

So anyway, as I stepped out of the car I peeked at the interior of the white, beat up Honda Accord. It was almost filthy with plenty of scattered, seemingly discarded, “tech” tchotchkes like cords for smartphones, earbuds, a broken dashboard holder for a smartphone. It hHadn’t been vacuumed or cleaned in years. In the rear were several sets of license plates with a towel wrapping them. I could see much of the top one — it was a personalized plate referencing a Clinton-era animated film about a lion… Trash littered the floorboards.

As I passed the car several times over last week and Monday morning I noticed that the hood seemed to be unseated and the front panels a bit crunched up — especially on the driver’s side. The lower front end was seriously scarred on both sides. I didn’t wander around to the front for the full frontal.

In many ways it struck me as the perfect analogy for Hillary Clinton: banged up and unwashed; mashed in front; well past its useful life; a musty, unclean interior with signs of attempts at technology along with numerous fake and changes in ID.

The car disappeared some time on Monday because it wasn’t there when I left the office Monday evening.

If only Hillary would be towed away now (because she’ll have to be towed away in the White House).


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