Evan Gahr has a nice summation of the American news media’s campaign to hammer Donald Trump on “Birtherism” and confuse (mislead) the American public on the issue.

It’s almost funny that the MSM, in order to make Trump look bad, is willing to ignore one of their own (McClatchy’s James Asher) who has validated Trump’s claim that the Hillary Clinton campaign started the “rumor” in the 2008 campaign.

Also down the Memory Hole, is Obama’s first publisher’s official author bio on Obama claiming that he was from Kenya. When this surfaced a couple of years ago it was eventually dismissed that Obama had nothing to do with the bio and had never seen it. Yeah, that’s likely from someone who is known as a micromanager of his own brand.

Anyway, the media continues to bring this issue up to beat Trump with and he, foolishly plays their game, apparently thinking they will eventually confess that they have gotten it wrong.

C’mon, Donald, you know that’s never going to happen

Here’s a couple of thoughts.

Obviously the MSM is doing the partisan work of the Clinton campaign. It is also choosing incompetence over doing its job.

I think that Obama was born in Hawaii and even if he wasn’t, it’s not going to change anything even if he suddenly admitted he was born outside the U.S.

He likely told his first publisher that he was born in Kenya to seem more exotic and give his story an interesting angle. It was the early 1980s and liberal internationalism was on the march until Reagan, conservatives and the Neocons reined it in. Also liberal audiences love “foreign” authors.

It’s also distinctly possible that Obama used his Kenyan “birth” in his college admissions process and possibly for money. If we ever get a look at these documents we might find that Obama (or someone in his name) committed fraud — a felony. Of course we are unlikely to ever see his school records.

Then there is the “birth certificate” issue. Too many people have accepted that Obama (finally) produced the birth certificate. That is actually incorrect.

Obama has yet to produce his birth certificate. What was eventually produced was a “Certificate of Live Birth.” That is not an acceptable substitution a birth certificate in legal concerns such as employment and security clearances.

The Certificate of Live Birth merely records that a child was born to a particular woman but it does not contain specific things such as fingerprints, footprints or notary certifications. Even more oddly, what was produced by Obama’s people, in its circulated digital form, was an open PDF. That is, they produced a document that could be manipulated and that gave one the impression that the information contained in the document had been added or doctored recently. There was no reason to produce a PDF, much less an open one, when the preferred vehicle would have been a simple JPEG, PNG or TIF scan of the appropriate page.

In other words, Obama has yet to produce a real birth certificate.

Having said that, as I noted above, I think he was born in the U.S. I think what may have happened is that he long ago either lost the original birth certificate (and any copies) (maybe in an international move) or destroyed it but won’t admit it. We know Obama’s complete refusal to admit a mistake, misstep or that his enemies were right.

One reason he won’t admit it is that he would have been required to produce it on several occasions and he somehow talked his way out of producing it, produced a counterfeit or used one that wasn’t his. The real problem is that the people who accepted whatever legerdemain he pitched will have to explain themselves for their dereliction of duty.

This could also explain Obama’s casual relationship with voter ID and immigrant status laws. He actually sees no importance in such documentation and requirements since he’s never taken them seriously and easily skirted them himself.


Aggressive Driving

One of my biggest peeves (what’s a stronger word than ‘peeve’?) is aggressive driving.

As far as I’m concerned aggressive drivers are selfish and self-centered people. I can’t assign a political leaning to them but I can observe that drivers from bright blue Washington D.C. and Maryland, tend to be particular aggressive. Local northern Virginians are slightly less-so though folks with Obama stickers on their bumpers, inevitably driving expensive cars, often SUVs and crossover vehicles, do seem to be disproportionately aggressive. That wouldn’t be surprising if it were true since so many liberals believe that laws are for other people, not them.

So today’s story.

It was raining, often heavily, this morning. There had been several accidents in the area, including one in an intersection I would have to go through on my way to work.

So as I was heading down Braddock Road I noticed that a BMW crossover was tailgating me. I was giving the ambulance in front of me plenty of room and I was traveling around the speed limit – as I generally do. And it was lightly raining, the road was very wet.

Eventually a gap opened up to my right and the BMW shot into it and whipped by me, cutting in front of me closely on my front end to demonstrate their disapproval of my driving. There was plenty of room to travel further to cut into the lane.

I was just crushed that the person disapproved of my safe driving.

The BMW then gunned it, zipping up to the ambulance and tailgated it for a mile until the ambulance got into a left turn lane. With some free air the BMW shot forward again, probably doing 50 or so until it rolled up another a car. Of course I’d catch up to the Beemer at each red light.

The BMW eventually pulled into a left turn lane — tailgating the car in front of it as usual. As I continued onward and passed by I looked to see who was driving. I have a fascination at seeing who these morons are. It was a middle-aged woman.

I usually don’t see middle-aged women driving aggressively. They’ll be driving minivans incompetently — distracted on phones or by kids — but are rarely aggressive. The aggressive ones tend to be driving expensive coupes (Lexus, BMW, et al) and have D.C. or Maryland plates.

But my real complaint isn’t women drivers but aggressive drivers, any gender.

What is wrong with you people? Are in that much of a hurry? Are you that special that others must get out of your way or we have to watch out for you but you don’t have to look out for us?

People, we all have to share the road. Show some consideration.

You’re Probably a Zombie…

at least in the eyes of liberals.

Victor Davis Hanson is probably the best socio-political commentator alive. He grasps the details and the big picture. His “The Construct of the White Working-Class Zombies” is a simple must read because I can’t say this any better than he can.

Boycotting General Mills

Following up on my piece on corporate insanity at General Mills, “The Children Are in Charge,”here’s the list of boycott targets.

Besides well-known cereals such as Cheerios, Chex, Cocoa Puffs, Frankenberry, Golden Grahams, Kix, Lucky Charms, Total, Trix, Wheaties, et al:

Betty Crocker/Bisquick (my main dumpling ingredient)

Bugles (Dang!)

Gold Medal Flour

Green Giant (Oy!)

Hamburger Helper


Nature Valley

Old El Paso


Progresso (Ouch!)

Totinos (I actually like their frozen pizzas and they are cheap)


and the organic fave, Annie’s

Here’s the master list at the company website.

Several of these are regularly on my shopping list but we have to make sacrifices in this cultural war and make our feelings felt.

Unity! (Except for Those Horrible Trump Followers)

There’s something weird about Hillary Clinton harping about “Stronger Together” and campaigning endlessly on “unity” yet spending most of her campaign energy not debating Trump but issuing ad hominem attacks on him and his supporters and practically demanding that they be banished from polite society.

Yet it wouldn’t be the first time that a liberal displayed a complete lack of self-awareness (see: Obama, Barack Hussein, AKA King Barry I).

I dare a reporter to ask her about the contradictory stance. C’mon. I bet she’d flat out deny there’s a contradiction.

It Might Be Stupid but It Works

This is a good explication of the latest quadrennial, election year plea from a bunch of Hollywood celebrities to not elect the crazy, horrible, moronic, warmongering Republican candidate, with a strong implication that you won’t be cool like the celebrities if you vote for the Republican.

Most sane, reasonable people over a certain age laugh at these ham-fisted, smug efforts but they are effective to a certain extent. There are always hundreds of thousands of newly-minted voters (kids-Millennials) who have never seen anything like these “PSAs.

To most of us this is old and stupid and disingenuous. To an 18-year-old this might be, “I can share something with Scarlett Johansen and other cool, superior people…”

I have to say that I’m very disappointed in Robert Downey, Jr.’s participation in this. It was not long ago that he was making it clear that he understood that liberalism is not based on reality. I suspect he’s backsliding. It’s probably hard to be on a Hollywood set for hours on end, day-after-day with every major player, director, producer and screenwriter constantly mocking conservatives… You can imagine on the set of one of those Ironman movies ScarJo and Mark Ruffalo, both in these movies, are pecking on him, “C’mon, Bob, you don’t REALLY believe that backwards, racist, fascist Republican crap, do you? If you come over to our side I’ll show you my boobies…”

Joss Whedon is supposedly behind this and he insists that it’s a nonpartisan effort. Whedon’s long been embarrassed that his biggest fans of his biggest success — the “Firefly” projects — are conservatives and libertarians. He’s never seemed to grasp why “Firefly” was such a cult success.

The name of this particular campaign is “Save the Day” or “Save the Planet” or some other important-sounding bit of historicism — that always makes the kids feel important. And we can save the planet by electing a lying, felony-committing, incompetent, greedy, self-dealing, murder co-conspirator?

So what weird magic do the Clintons hold over Hollywood?

Is it their clearly free-swinging hedonism (at least when they were younger)?

Their obvious disdain for traditional mores?

Their unmitigated sense of self-indulgence and entitlement?

Their single-minded lust for power and riches?

Their pure cynicism and willingness to blatantly manipulate people?

Their 200-proof distilled hypocrisy in most everything they do?

Their easy-going willingness to toss aside former allies and eagerness to destroy anyone in their way?

Their unalloyed belief in the superiority of themselves and a conviction that laws do not apply to them nor constrain them?

Their allergy to truth and marriage to lying and living the lie?

Or is it simpler, just trying to promote the libtard mindset and that involves backing Hillary and anyone else in a Democratic pantsuit?

I vote all of the above.

And more folks, more movies and TV series to boycott. Didn’t a lot of these folks support Obama and tell us how great he was going to be?

The Madness of the Liberal

The Post Drops Into St. Cloud is one of those must reads from Power Line that has to be read to be believed for its description of pure idiocy. The Washington Post story in question is truly Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medal-winning in its ability to twist logic into a pretzel and turn the world upside down.

The Washington Post reporters do everything but say that the horrible, bigoted people of St. Cloud, Minn., had it coming to them because they’ve been so mean to and misunderstanding of those kind, harmless, pacific Somali immigrants.

It would be impossible to find a better example of typical, daily modern journalistic malpractice. Journalists are completely clueless on how much they are despised, not trusted and they are similarly clueless on how most Americans live and feel. And they wonder why their subscribers, readership and audiences have dropped over the last few decades. Washington Post circulation was plummeting even before the internet started hollowing it out. Treating a substantial portion of your readership (i.e. conservatives in the Washington area) as fools, idiots, bigots, etc., is a recipe for disaster. And that happened. The internet simply meant that conservatives didn’t have to bite the bullet to get sports, classified ads and movie reviews. The internet also hammered its loyal liberal readership.

The reporters seem to be from a whole ‘nother planet and see something completely different than what the rest of us see.

Media bias aside, there remains the question — What are they thinking?

It’s clear that the Somali immigrants, at least some of them, are ingrates. An American community has taken them in, provided them with homes, education, charity, welfare and opportunities. And they’ve given them safety. Had they stayed in Somalia where would they be? How many would be dead? Enslaved? Press-ganged into a Muslim militia or warlord gang? How many would be living day-to-day, just trying to eke out a life? Very likely most if not all.

Did I mention these people are ingrates?

It is also clear that a significant portion of the St. Cloud Somali “community” hasn’t assimilated into the local actual St. Cloud community. It seems to be that the Somalis have no interest in assimilating.

So why did we/do we import people unwilling to integrate? It’s one thing to allow in the cream of the crop — those who want to come to America because they want to change their lives for the better and understand America’s greatness. That may have been 10,000 or so but mass immigration from people who will brook no assimilation and plan to simply move their physical presence from a hellhole to a nice place and then take advantage of the generosity of America, the local hosts and glom onto every welfare benefit they can – enabled and encouraged by bureaucrats and Democrats — is a recipe for disaster.

We did not allow the immigration of millions of communists during the cold war – that would have been foolish (even most Democrats, then, did not want that). We took in the refuseniks and objectors not the ones wanting to turn the U.S. into a copy of the home they left. So why are we practically begging to bring in hundreds of thousands, nee, millions, of Muslim immigrants, most of whom have no interest in assimilating?

This is madness. What is wrong with you, liberals?

Why import people who hate us? Do you think it really makes you superior? It only makes you a delusional fool. Along with suicidal and dangerous.

Do you travel to the tropics and eagerly seek out pestilential mosquitoes? Would you have eagerly sought out AIDS? Ebola?

Stop it!

One final point, Hillary Clinton wants to continue this suicidal parade. Donald Trump has questioned it.