If You Questioned Whether They Were Crazy…

If you had any doubt that the Democratic Party wasn’t chiroptera poop crazy, or just insanely power-hungry, check this out — a letter to the FBI demanding that the Trump campaign be investigated with hints that it might be working with the Russian government to influence the upcoming election or even some kind of coup attempt.

I like how the letter is addressed to their new best bud, James Comey. And I note that the Dems seem to feel WikiLeaks, which they used to love as the height of citizen democracy, is a Trump campaign puppet.

Amusingly it offers a series of childish pieces of evidence, including any number of public meetings between Trump advisors or supporters with Russian government officials or just people of Russian descent. Oddly, in several of these damning incidents one could substitute the name Hillary Clinton with the supposed traitor.

Yes, Madame Hillary (and many of her minions) has met with Russian officials, some at even higher levels than Trump’s people.

Ironically, they complain about foreigners interfering in elections yet they are all Obama supporters and he has openly tried to influence elections in other countries, most recently England and Israel.

They point at former Trump campaign honcho Paul Manafort’s work for former Ukrainian president Yanukovich while completely failing to note the massive amount of work that Obama advisors such as David Axelrod have done for political campaigns in foreign countries. I’m sure you’ll find several of Hillary’s advisors have worked similar campaigns — it’s what all big-time Washington political operations, on both sides, do in their spare time.

Not surprisingly, the letter was signed by several of the looniest, cynically partisan Democrats out there (and that is a high bar) — John Conyers, Elijah Cummings, Bennie Thompson and Elliot Engel.


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