If You See Something, Say Something

Maybe you’ve seen that PSA telling viewers to report suspicious activities.

I recently got a flyer in the mail from the local power company, Dominion Power.

It encourages its customers to report suspicious activities or persons they might see near pipeline, power lines, substations, generating stations, etc.

Protecting America’s infrastructure is everyone’s responsibility,” it blares from the center panel. It even offers “The Seven Signs of Terrorism” and provides a handy 800 number for Dominion Corporate Security.

This all sounds good and is actually quite helpful.

Then it provides a list of what to report and… uh… well, someone is going to lose a job and anyone following these instructions and providing that information will be branded a bigot and racist.

In these days of hyper-political correctness; days of “Black Lives Matter”-driven propaganda; newspapers that refuse to identify the race of miscreants or suspects or stories asking for public cooperation — Be On the Look Out (BOLO); a president that insists that Islam has little or nothing to do with Islamic-fueled terrorism; an obsession with identity politics and seeking to paint oneself as a put-upon victim; the pamphlet says “When observing a person… note personal characteristics… Age, Gender, Body art, piercings… Race, ethnicity…”

Whoa! Did that say “Race, ethnicity”? I think you know how dangerous it would be for the reporter to actually note the race or guess at the ethnicity of a putative terrorist. The reporter would be the one deemed an enemy rather than the prospective terrorist.

That’s how upside down liberals have made things.


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