Hillary’s Health

By now anyone paying attention to the presidential campaign knows about Hillary Clinton’s recent health problems, highlighted by her bizarre “stumble”/“collapse” on Sunday morning in New York.

Clearly she has problems — problems that would preclude her if she were a Republican — but as a Democrat she gets a pass. Major media stories on Sunday and Monday did nothing but regurgitate the talking points handed out by the Clinton campaign.

Had it been Trump with the recent coughing fits, the aided stair climb and then the “collapse” on Sunday, we’d be hearing about it 24 hours a day with demands that he prove he’s healthy or quit the campaign. Remember the media skepticism that accompanied Trump’s release of a skimpy medical report a couple of months ago?

Now we have Hillary practically in a wheel chair and the MSM looks the other way and happily parrots the campaign-supplied oh-she’s-alright-just-a-touch-of-pneumomia-like-everyone-else-has-now-and-then talking points. Not the slightest hint of skepticism about “overheating” on a nice practically fall-like day.

I suspect as this progresses and media mavens are forced to address it as Hillary disappears from public view, you’ll see the reporters start focusing on Trump’s health in an attempt to defuse the issue. Trump is actually older than Hillary but he doesn’t appear to be older but look for them to try to take the “health” issue off the table by declaring it a “tie” — both are too old for the presidency, they’ll insist.

Of course with Hillary and Company’s tenuous relationship with the truth, don’t be surprised if surrogates, if not Hillary herself, start regaling us with stories of how Hillary recently wrestled a bear a la Putin — THAT’S HOW HEALTHY SHE IS SO STOP ASKING!


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