Adam, I’m So Disappointed in You

The biggest mistake I made with my fantasy baseball team this year was letting Adam Jones go. I’m a big Jones fan but he started the year with the dreaded “oblique” injury and was batting around .200 for the first month or so of the season. It was looking like a “lost” year and I’ve long had a habit of loyally holding onto players too long.

So I cut him loose and the next day he started on the tear that he is still on. Oy!

And that’s why I’m so disappointed in him playing the race card.

Baseball is a white man’s game,” says the baseball-playing black multimillionaire.

Why is it a “white man’s game”? Apparently because the black participation level of the MLB is 8% and the overall black population of the U.S. measures around 13% percent.

Wow! Sounds like the KKK is hard at work in baseball!

So is that really a bad thing, Adam? The NBA and NFL are over 2/3 black. Does that make basketball and football “black men’s” sports? They are far more “racially” disproportionate than MLB and yet the only complaints there are that there are not enough black skins in all aspects of those two sports.

One gets the feeling that the complainers won’t be happy until the sports, perhaps all sports, are 100% (or more!) “black.”

The writer of an article quoting Jones, the dependably moronic liberal Tim Brown, begins it with the obligatory roping in of Jackie Robinson, in the form of his daughter, Sharon. She laments that there aren’t enough “brown faces” on the baseball field. A mighty racist statement but Robinson and Brown see it as a plea to right a grievous wrong. As if the sport’s participation level has to magically align with the population (if not exceed it) so that some kind of racial nirvana is reached.

Brown, a white liberal, then begins the slow implication that, somehow, pro baseball must be racist because not enough blacks, by liberals’ accounts, are playing the game. In his eyes it is guilty and has to prove itself innocent. The typical liberal accusation.

One of the damning stats he brings in is that baseball is “27% Latin American,” with the implication that the Hispanics are taking jobs from urban (‘Compton’) blacks.

Now when Donald Trump says something like that people like Tim Brown go nuclear and want Trump banished from society yet Brown keeps that in his back pocket and whips it out to comb his liberal pompadour.


He then goes into the typical, decades-, now generations-old, demand for affirmative action, outreach programs, hand-holding, special treatment by skin color, etc. All to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why must liberals reflexively view everything through a racial prism? Why must sports be seen as “racial”? Why must liberals politicize everything?



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