Evan Gahr has a nice summation of the American news media’s campaign to hammer Donald Trump on “Birtherism” and confuse (mislead) the American public on the issue.

It’s almost funny that the MSM, in order to make Trump look bad, is willing to ignore one of their own (McClatchy’s James Asher) who has validated Trump’s claim that the Hillary Clinton campaign started the “rumor” in the 2008 campaign.

Also down the Memory Hole, is Obama’s first publisher’s official author bio on Obama claiming that he was from Kenya. When this surfaced a couple of years ago it was eventually dismissed that Obama had nothing to do with the bio and had never seen it. Yeah, that’s likely from someone who is known as a micromanager of his own brand.

Anyway, the media continues to bring this issue up to beat Trump with and he, foolishly plays their game, apparently thinking they will eventually confess that they have gotten it wrong.

C’mon, Donald, you know that’s never going to happen

Here’s a couple of thoughts.

Obviously the MSM is doing the partisan work of the Clinton campaign. It is also choosing incompetence over doing its job.

I think that Obama was born in Hawaii and even if he wasn’t, it’s not going to change anything even if he suddenly admitted he was born outside the U.S.

He likely told his first publisher that he was born in Kenya to seem more exotic and give his story an interesting angle. It was the early 1980s and liberal internationalism was on the march until Reagan, conservatives and the Neocons reined it in. Also liberal audiences love “foreign” authors.

It’s also distinctly possible that Obama used his Kenyan “birth” in his college admissions process and possibly for money. If we ever get a look at these documents we might find that Obama (or someone in his name) committed fraud — a felony. Of course we are unlikely to ever see his school records.

Then there is the “birth certificate” issue. Too many people have accepted that Obama (finally) produced the birth certificate. That is actually incorrect.

Obama has yet to produce his birth certificate. What was eventually produced was a “Certificate of Live Birth.” That is not an acceptable substitution a birth certificate in legal concerns such as employment and security clearances.

The Certificate of Live Birth merely records that a child was born to a particular woman but it does not contain specific things such as fingerprints, footprints or notary certifications. Even more oddly, what was produced by Obama’s people, in its circulated digital form, was an open PDF. That is, they produced a document that could be manipulated and that gave one the impression that the information contained in the document had been added or doctored recently. There was no reason to produce a PDF, much less an open one, when the preferred vehicle would have been a simple JPEG, PNG or TIF scan of the appropriate page.

In other words, Obama has yet to produce a real birth certificate.

Having said that, as I noted above, I think he was born in the U.S. I think what may have happened is that he long ago either lost the original birth certificate (and any copies) (maybe in an international move) or destroyed it but won’t admit it. We know Obama’s complete refusal to admit a mistake, misstep or that his enemies were right.

One reason he won’t admit it is that he would have been required to produce it on several occasions and he somehow talked his way out of producing it, produced a counterfeit or used one that wasn’t his. The real problem is that the people who accepted whatever legerdemain he pitched will have to explain themselves for their dereliction of duty.

This could also explain Obama’s casual relationship with voter ID and immigrant status laws. He actually sees no importance in such documentation and requirements since he’s never taken them seriously and easily skirted them himself.


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