Reporter “Embarrassed” to Be American

I caught part of press conference for the European Ryder Cup team right after they had lost to the United States team on Sunday. The cup was held this year in Minnesota.

The first question was prefaced by the reporter asking it that he “was embarrassed to be an American” because a handful of louts (possibly drunk) had yelled insults at the European golfers.

Surprise, a reporter was “embarrassed” to be an American. I’m sure he thought that would endear him to the Europeans.

Class act that he is, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy fielded the question and did not take the bait. He noted that many, if not most, of the European team make their living in the U.S. on the PGA tour. They find most Americans great and aren’t bothered by some drunks in a crowd.

I’m not surprised by this behavior, but rather fascinated by it. The reporter (unnamed) felt the need to express his feelings on the issue, to make himself part of the story that had nothing to do with him (remind you of a certain president?), rather than simply ask the question, “We’re you bothered by the hecklers?”

Obviously had he asked that question the response would have been simple, “No, we deal with it all the time in public. It’s just one of those things you have to deal with as a professional, especially at tournaments like this. Next question.”

Reporters don’t report the news any longer. They want to be part of it and “make” the news.


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