Knicks’ Noah Is a Nitwit

Carrying on the theme of “Our sports/athletics are going in the wrong direction,” here’s this story from last week on NBA player Joakim Noah deciding he’d ditch a traditional team dinner with West Point students because he… uh… doesn’t like war.

(Message to Noah — a lot of those grads don’t like war either but they are mature enough to understand that we live in a dangerous world. ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ — ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’ is a quote all of them know by heart.)

The obvious retort here is that these grads, and those before them, are a chief reason why Noah gets to entertain his own ignorance, while counting his millions.

Noah bent himself into a pretzel, more accurately the pretzel that a pretzel would eat, explaining that he wasn’t dissing the cadets but um… uh… er… he’s not grooving on “Kids killing kids.”

Yeah, who is?

A thought pattern that supremely shallow and dysfunctional shows how far our culture is drifting. But it seems to be increasingly typical of the well-compensated participants in our professional sports.

I’ve always liked Noah. He’s been a hard-working, team-oriented player his whole career. I’ve made use of his once gaudy rebounding stats (plus a few blocks and [bonus] assists) to be very competitive in NBA fantasy leagues.

This is depressing but, perhaps, a fitting end, since I’m boycotting the NBA and therefore the Yahoo! Sports NBA fantasy league.

That’s right, Adam Silver, no more watching the NBA Network and games on TNT or WGN, staying up late catching those West Coast games.

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