The Double Standard

Here’s an interesting story from Zero Hedge.

The media and Democrats (one and the same) are “fact checking” Donald Trump endlessly. A key “fact” that gets “checked” is a snippet of an interview he gave ages ago to Howard Stern wherein Trump said he supported the second Iraq war. Then he changed his mind and didn’t support it or something like that. This is apparently a bad thing. Trump is condemned for his shifting viewpoints.

Yet, strangely, this is exactly the same thing Hillary did and she was a sitting senator who switched her view when the war became unpalatable to Democrats. She actually voted for the war while Trump just offered some light vocal support. But somehow, the MSM and Democrats, claim that Trump is to be held accountable while Hillary just disappears from the discussion.

In fact, when you talk about shifting policy viewpoints, Trump doesn’t even hold a candle to Clinton, yet somehow he takes all the heat and she doesn’t.

Of course this story also shows another double standard — how Hillary’s behind-closed-doors cynicism and cravenness is not relayed by the media while Mitt Romney’s behind-closed-doors not-particularly-incorrect analysis of who would and wouldn’t support him is exaggerated into a catastrophic gaffe.

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