About That “Informal” Agreement

There’s something that James Comey, forthwith to be known as “Jimmy the Weasel,” said in his recent Capitol Hill testimony that seems to have gone unremarked upon.

Jimmy the Weasel explained the granting of immunity to miscreants such as Cheryl Mills as being wise because “You often get more information from ‘informal’ agreements…”

Informal” agreement? An immunity deal is an “informal” agreement?

Immunity agreements are not informal. They are tightly negotiated and have to be approved by many sets of eyes. And from what we keep learning as they peel the onion of these immunity deals that were handed out, aren’t your ordinary immunity deals but apparently quite encompassing, covering many transgressions, some of which we are only now learning about.

Clearly, this was not an “informal” agreement but rather a complicated one covering a great many things that were not clear from day one. Either the FBI was hoodwinked by Mills & Co. or they know a whole lot more about what went on with Hillary’s email server scandal than they are letting on.

I’m thinking it’s the latter. There’s more going on here than we realize. Why the FBI went along is one great mystery.

One theory that was recently bolstered by the apparent discovery that Obama knew all about Hillary’s skirting of the law and participated in it peripherally himself — using a pseudonym to hide his involvement — is that the FBI is trying to protect the president and other White House participants from their participation in a series of felonies.

Remember, King Barry told us he learned about the secret server on the news when everyone else did. Turns out, like the sun rises in the morning, he lied.

Interestingly, on Thursday morning broke news that an employee of Booz, Allen, Hamilton contracted to the NSA was arrested for having some “classified” documents on his home system. It’s not known if he meant to break the law, immediate indication is that he might just be a harmless show-off, but everyone is talking about throwing the book at him. The stories I heard on the radio didn’t invoke the Hillary Defense — I meant no harm. In fact, Hillary wasn’t even mentioned.

Funny how that always seems to happen.

And speaking of Hillary, she seems to have disappeared off the campaign trail again. I’m guessing she’s resting up after the first debate and resting for Sunday’s effort. Rumor is that the seemed so perky at the first debate because she’s using Modafinil for public appearances; then crashing afterwards.


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