I’m a bit late getting to this one but Thomas Lifson’s “The 11-point lead for Hillary in WSJ-NBC poll sure looks like psy-ops” is must read.

It lays out the case that a highly-trumpeted poll showing Hillary Clinton with an almost insurmountable lead is nothing more than a push-poll/dirty trick.

It’s sad that our mainstream media has become little more than an arm of the Democratic Party, but it is true. Very little that you read/hear/see, is actual news. So much, especially political content, is propaganda design to further party and its march to socialism. I do not exaggerate.

Read the piece. That poll was created by a company that was founded by a Democrat pollster, Peter Hart, and it is heavily contracted with the Clinton campaign. That it is being played as an unbiased poll is outrageous. It’s a lie. The Wall Street Journal should be ashamed to be associated with the poll and the outfit but the WSJ has it in for Trump.

I don’t exactly know why they do. There is a way to register criticism without attempting to destroy him. They seem to be of the delusion that there is going to be a miracle third option appearing soon.


Make sure you read it and regularly check out American Thinker. It’s a site that has a lot of good stuff that isn’t in the MSM or even some of the better blogs.

And remember that many polls are really push-polls designed to depress Republican support and turnout.


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