Hollywood’s Misportrayal of Republicans

I read Hank Stuever’s “I’m With Him” in Thursday’s Washington Post. I rarely read anything in the WaPo but I thought I’d get a good laugh at a story about how Hollywood portrays Republicans.

Amazingly enough it’s actually a good piece; wholly without that “Conservatives in the mist” flavor that characterize most stories concerning conservatives/Republicans that are written by members of the MSM.

Stuever flatly acknowledges that Hollywood (focusing on TV mostly though including movies), does a poor, practically clueless, job at creating and portraying Republicans. These portrayals are generally stupid, plodding hypocrites who are either purposefully evil or accidentally malevolent.

He even grants that Republicans and conservatives probably have a legit beef with Hollywood over this. He doesn’t do the usual thing that you’d see at Vox, Slate, HuffPo, et al, of simply blathering that the portrayal is accurate and the lack of conservatives in Hollywood is because they are ignorant Phillistines that only care about business and bigotry.

However, he doesn’t offer any reasons for this blindness, likely because he fears for his job, but he at least goes that far.

He could have noted that most Hollywood denizens don’t know any actual Republicans or conservatives. And unlike active conservatives, who are quite knowledgeable about liberalism (how could we not be since we are bombarded with it in our culture, education, government and, increasingly, every nook and cranny of everyday life?), liberals know little to nothing about conservatives and what little they know is distorted, caricatured or misunderstood.

He could have remarked upon the pressure exerted by politically-active liberal Hollywood producers, directors, writers, actors and executives. Conservatives rarely last long in Hollywood or they keep their mouths shut. Conservative projects, outside of shoot-em ups, military and revenge/vigilante porn, do not get made. Any conservative yelp that creeps into a program is often shouted down and those behind it are chastised and chastened. Apologies will be issued and new, politically-correct characters and story lines introduced in penance.

He could have pointed out that an educational system, especially at elite institutions, has been miseducating students for decades, creating liberal-spiced automatons.

I could go on but I’ll add one final point missed. When it comes to politics/Washington, Hollywood does a terrible job of getting it right. Most Hollywood TV series and movies with a Washington setting are dreadful liberal propaganda that bear no resemblance to the dreadful liberal mess that Washington actually is.

The truth is that politics is, for the most part, boring. It doesn’t have the dramatic dynamic that TV shows and movies need. Most policy is made in bits and pieces by liberal bureaucratic worms at the agency level, slowly digesting our freedoms. It’s not made by pretty, incredibly smart people in the West Wing outwitting the Republican troglodyte retrograde opposition for the umpteenth time.


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