American Caesar: Hillary Clinton?

American Caesar” was the nickname given to Gen. Douglas MacArthur by William Manchester in a famous biography of that name. It was written back when “Caesar” was still seen as a compliment, at least to a military man.

I recently saw a comment on a blog that Hillary Clinton needs to win the presidency if only to stay out of jail.

This made me think of the original Caesar.

During Caesar’s time the old Roman republic was riven with corruption (e.g. cronyism and nepotism), high taxes for the people who made money, unending and expanding subsidies for those who didn’t pay taxes, bounteous promises of “free stuff” for the masses, and more, including an early version of lawfare. Sound familiar?

Caesar’s enemies were threatening to try him as soon as they could — he was shielded from prosecution so long as he was consul in Gaul. The charges were questionable and minor, especially for those times. The whole point of the lawfare was to bankrupt and destroy Caesar.

Caesar had a high level of pride and would not brook any threats to himself. So he weighed the republic versus his own security and chose himself. The fall of the Roman republic followed.

While the analogy isn’t perfect, this might be a lesson to consider.

Does anyone doubt that Hillary Clinton would destroy this republic in her ambition for the presidency?

Bill Clinton didn’t have the decency to resign. Why would anyone think Hillary will step aside or step down if elected?


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