Thoughts About Tuesday

Now that Jimmy the Weasel has shown himself to be no more competent than Wile E. Coyote in performing the duty he is paid to do, the liberals can breathe a sigh of relief. Queen Hillary has been saved.

Maybe some beta males and a few fence-sitting women can now pull the lever for the coming criminal-in-chief with a microsmidgen less of guilt about destroying America.

When I was a kid in the 1960s-70s, we laughed at the legendary corruption of the post-War Between the States presidencies. We modern folks were just beyond such things we were told…

We’ll see…

Hopefully, perhaps, enough people will be turned off by her stench and send the Clinton Crime Syndicate back to the hell from whence it came.

I have seen few Hillary bumper stickers and I’ve only seen two yard signs – both of which were likely the work of Don Beyer’s campaign for Senate. There’s obviously little enthusiasm for her beyond wigged out feminists, government employees and teachers along with a few metrosexual males and a legion of corrupt Democratic Party hangers-on (and those expecting to join the Clinton gravy train).

My guess is that we’ll know if there is an underlying Trump wave early. Probably about Pennsylvania. Republicans usually win most of the counties in the state. Democrats hold Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Trump has gained some support in the Pittsburgh area so that’s probably a wash but Philly is, and will always be a problem for Republicans.

The amount of fake votes that will be generated in Philadelphia will blow the mind. Don’t be surprised to find Hillary Clinton getting more votes than there are registered voters.

Will that cache be enough to overcome the rest of the state?

There are several other states with a similar fraud in a major city overriding the rest of the state pattern — Ohio (Cleveland/Cuyahoga County), Illinois (Chicago/Cooke County), Wisconsin (Milwaukee/Madison County), Nevada (Las Vegas/Clark County) and Washington (Seattle/King County) stand out. Notice a pattern here? All those cities are run by Democrats, mostly for decades/generations.

Virginia has joined that list with Northern Virginia becoming a blue bastion that rules the rest of the state. However, so far, it doesn’t look like fraud but rather armies of federal government workers voting to increase their power at the expense of the rest of the country and line their pocket in doing so.

But if Trump does win Pennsylvania then he’s likely competitive in other places like Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc. And in that scenario, he’s likely locked in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

If Trump loses in a squeaker, the recriminations will focus on the squishy GOP establishment (and turncoat Republicans) along with the lamestream media. The MSM, now completely exposed (or out of the closet) as an arm of the Democratic Party, has very possibly done irreparable damage to itself. Expect it to play like a down-and-out Hapsburg aristocrat living beyond its means and constantly reminding everyone of the family’s glory days of the past.

The points of recrimination that can’t be changed will be the increase in voting fraud (which Democrats deny exist or play down) and the increase in people dependent upon the government.

Here’s hoping for a Trump victory.


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