The Bias Grows

The bias of the American “news” media is increasing daily. I guess they finally feel completely liberated now, no longer having to pay a fig-leaf of obeisance to that J School fiction for the ages — being an unbiased deliverer of “just the facts, ma’am.”

Why would Variety of all publications step outside of its cozy niche to endorse Hillary Clinton? Admittedly Clinton’s pay for play corruption, amorality and anything-goes smash mouth politics matches Hollywood’s business ethics and the personalities of so many Hollywood power players but it still smacks of kicking a hornet’s nest. I feel they will live to regret their prostitution.

Hollywood has seen a number of recent years where box office receipts disappointed and more than the usual amount of bombs. It relies on often conservative-oriented action movies to pay the bills (and cover the libtard personal projects).

But to say that Hillary Clinton is “In fact, it’s hard to think of any presidential candidate with the depth of knowledge and public-service record she has.” Wow, that is delusional in a magnitude way.

Whatcha bet that Variety publisher Michelle Sobrino-Stearns (Hyphen-American!) and her editors are also Hillary funders?

Yet our own Barack Obama has said much the same… At a recent campaign stop he praised Hillary’s honesty and he has also tapped the uber-qualified meme.

I actually think that Obama is going so over-the-top in his praise so as to be winking at us or, matching his maturity, he’s just mugging like a high schooler weaned on Steve Martin… Or a kid invoking Opposite Day.

If he’s serious, one would have to question his sanity. It’s like calling a Wilt Chamberlain a midget.

Scott Johnson at Power Line has the video here.

And speaking of Power Line, if you haven’t, I highly recommend their Friday weekly contributor — Ammo Grrl. Check the latest out.

One of the commenters on that piece, the always perceptive Mary Louise Pivec, makes an interesting point: “When the first black president was elected, Michael Jackson and Prince were alive, Tiger Woods was at the top of the leader board, Oprah was the queen of the airwaves and Bill Cosby was a beloved national treasure. Eight years in, our musical royalty is dead, Oprah’s off the air and Cosby is one of the most despised public figures in the world. As president, Hillary Clinton will do the same for American women.”

We live in interesting times and they are about to get more interesting.

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