The Republic Is Saved!

I’ll admit, I was a coward on Tuesday night. I didn’t want to be depressed so I watched no election news, did not even go onto the internet at all. I watched sports, though no NBA because of my boycott, and entertained myself in other ways. The thought of President Hillary was overwhelming. It would come soon enough, I did not need to be a witness nor suffer the media adulation of Queen Hillary.

It was only on Wednesday morning that I summoned enough courage to turn the radio on to get a quick glimpse of the traffic and weather. The first words I heard were “In this most improbable of victories…”

I had missed the miracle, yet I comforted myself with the knowledge that had I watched, Trump would have lost. So I sacrificed just to save the republic. You’re welcome!

The newsreaders struggled mightily to not choke up too much as the woman they had been running interference for so long had been defeated. Often they treated the election results as if they were describing a car accident they had come across. It was as if the results didn’t pertain to them.

They trotted out various Washington Post reporters to try to explain how the curious situation had come to fore. I’ll give Ed O’Keefe some credit in that he acknowledged that supposedly expert reporters such as himself had dismissed all the talk of “voters coming out of the woodwork.” (This was a disinformation meme the DNC-media complex peddled last week and over the weekend to depress Trump turnout.)

WaPo major domo Dan Balz treated the whole situation as if other reporters had been covering the election, not him. Various other reporters tried the same distancing tactic — it wasn’t them who had been carrying Hillary’s water and savaging Trump for the last six months.

Yet, as they danced it was still clear that none of them had any idea how Trump was elected. Where had all those voters come from? They didn’t know anyone who voted for him (not that the Washington, Maryland and Virginia suburbs had that many conservatives left and, lord knows, the WaPo and the MSM doesn’t hire anyone who would vote for Trump…). Life in The Bubble.

The most amusing recurring question was, “How could the polls be so wrong?” Numerous stories featured puzzled Clinton supporters spouting that question. And, sure enough, no one really could explain it… Finally, a clip of Frank Luntz saying “Trump people don’t talk to pollsters,” was aired. Yet the reporters never could put 2 and 2 together and grasp that it was their own bias that had led to this inability to have any kind of understanding of half the country.

By 10 in the morning the MSM was beginning to recover from their shock and a new shift of reporters changed the dynamic. No longer was it “Trump Wins” but “Putin Wins” (and sophisticated Europeans are stunned by the United Hates of America). Several stories focused on the foreign affairs ramifications of the Trump victory. Conclusion — they were bad and here’s another story about how Russia is delighted with Comrade Trump. Strangely, the name Barack Obama (and the mess he’s made of our international relations) was missing. The famous “Reset” with Russia is so far down the memory hole at this point. But, hey, did we mention that Putin is happy?

Those stories were punctuated by “How to tell your children about a Trump victory.” Yes, the tots needed to be counseled by professionals because they were going to be confused when their friends were deported. And Muslims were worried that Trump was going to ban them, cue some Muslim spokesman to expound on how awful Trump is. Then wrap it up with a woman from something called the Center for Racial Equity insisting that the arrival of Trump was going to set back blacks economically and overall racial relations decades. Of course the reporter took all of this as gospel and didn’t ask a skeptical question. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I turned it off after that. Just a sign of the four-year onslaught we will soon endure (but I’ll take that over four years of Queen Hillary!).


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