What to Do With Hillary?

There have been times when a defeated general or political leader was executed. Some would argue that we’ve “progressed” beyond that.

So what will the victorious leader, Donald Trump, do with the defeated leader, Hillary Clinton?

In most American elections, the defeated can regroup for another try or they can do something else. But in the case of Hillary Clinton there’s the case of the series of felonies she committed as Secretary of State.

The FBI investigated and its leader, Jimmy the Weasel Comey (bet he’s sweating bullets now), declared a fat “Meh,” when it came to prosecuting the obvious crimes of the private server and illegal handling of her emails.

Some, in a sense of magnanimity, have offered that Trump should pardon Hillary. (Many of these people were NeverTrumpers so they truly are playing with house money.)

Such a move would be a disaster for Trump. It would be the equivalent of George H.W. Bush’s famous breaking of his “No new taxes” pledge. He never recovered from it and became a one-term president. Nothing would cheese off Trump’s troops than to let Hillary escape.

She must face the music.

If Trump is in a forgiving mood, I’d say that he could recommend that, due to her health conditions, etc. she not face jail time. But such an offer should be highly conditional on her issuing an admission of guilt (no weaselly ‘Other secretaries did the same… and it was approved’ BS) along with a detailed listing of all the crimes and her involvement along with names and details of her various cronies and their crimes (Mills, Sullivan, Samuelson, Abedin, Kendall, et al). All of them would give up their law licenses and leave Washington, do no lobbying and stay away from politics (don’t worry, they’ll quickly be employed by Ivy League schools and large corporations… They won’t starve.)

The admissions should also include King Barry’s negligence as well. (Maybe while they are at it they could get her to confess her incompetence on the night of Benghazi and the subsequent string of self-dealing lies she issued in the following weeks.)

Most importantly, Clinton needs to be made an example of — no one is above the law. It will be a good lesson for everyone and set an example for the children. It will also be a shot across the bow of our amoral-yet-self-righteous arrogant left who think that the law doesn’t pertain to them.

Dismantling of the Clinton Foundation scamhaus should also be a priority. A reformed IRS could revoke its charity status (at a minimum).

There’s always the possibility that King Barry I will pardon her on his way out. Let that be on his head.


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