They Don’t Get It and Never Will

In my day job I’m a member of the media. Not the big (and high-paying) MSM, but my business-to-business journalism job keeps me in orbit so I get lots of inside-dope. For instance, I got this today, “Journalism Organizations Send Joint Letter To President-Elect Trump.” Fifteen groups sent this letter to The Donald. I’ve added my fisking in red.

Dear President-elect Trump,
We, a group of diverse (They like that word and use it often though they only prefer people who think and act exactly like they do) journalism associations representing thousands of journalists from the nation’s capital to every corner of the country, begin this letter on a hopeful note (Sure you do). Your administration is a blank slate and we are eager to work with you to perpetuate one of this nation’s great strengths: our freedom of the press (Or as they call it when together,  the Democratic Party Propaganda Arm).

As the new leader of the free world, we expect that you will preserve longstanding traditions that ensure coverage of the Trump presidency (Am I getting a little vibe of ‘Nice presidency you have there; would be a shame if something happened to it’?). The idea of a press pool that covers all of the president’s movements is one that dates back to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration. Every president of both parties has treated this important tradition with respect (With the exception of their favorite prezzy, Barack J. Obama, but they gave him a pass cuz he was just so cool.). The role of the press pool is critically important to our country, whose citizens depend on and deserve to know what the president is doing (See previous note). This isn’t about access for the press itself, it’s about access for Americans in diverse (There’s that word again) communities across the country. Your constituents receive information from a variety of platforms to learn about what our president is doing (And they want to be the decider of what Americans see and how they see it.).

Being president is an enormous responsibility and working with the White House Correspondents’ Association (That’s the name of the shakedown racket) ensure journalists’ access is one small but important part of that. We call on you to commit to a protective (?What?) press pool from now until the final day of your presidency. We respectfully ask you to instill a spirit of openness and transparency in your administration in many ways but first and foremost via the press pool. (After the press behavior during the Obama admin and it’s refusal to cooperate with the press that has to be a joke.)

We also call for access to you via regular press conferences and pool sprays and to your key decision-makers (Because they are all fresh after taking the last 7+ years off). You have an opportunity as incoming president to set the tone for your staff speaking on the record for the sake of transparency (Wait, is this Opposite Day?). We also hope your administration will improve response rates to FOIA requests as a way to show the American people (Because the Obama admin had the worst rate in history but the press looked the other way as The One bitch-slapped them daily), and the world, that the republic belongs to the people. (Since Hillary lost they are going to go with that meme. Had she won the republic would belong to her and her progressive cronies.)

A great America depends on having sunlight on its leaders (Democratic leaders excluded, of course). We expect the traditions of White House press coverage to be upheld whether in Washington or elsewhere (So that they can continue to filter ‘news’ through the DNC/socialist filters). Again we, a joint group of diverse (gotta work that back in, in case you missed the first couple of times because that’s what they’re about) journalism associations, speak as one (the united socialist/progressive shock troop front) as we respectfully ask that you take these steps to ensure access to our members covering your administration.

Groups signing this nonsense included, and I’m not making this up, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Native American Journalists Association, Asian American Journalists Association, National Association of LGBTQ Journalists and The International Women’s Media Foundation. Yes, there are such Balkanizing groups and they hold great sway in what we call “The Media.” And, yes, they are all hardcore left.

I hope Trump stiffs these clowns. They savaged him in his campaign while looking a blind eye at Hillary Clinton’s multiple crimes and scandals. They gave Obama a clean pass as well. They will do nothing but run negative stories on Trump, his supporters and family — unless he gives them what they want and sells out.

President-Elect Trump, these are your enemies. Do not give them anything. They want to control the “news” and make you and your supporters look bad. They hate you. You can communicate to the American people without them. You ran a different and pioneering campaign. Run a different and pioneering presidency.

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