La Media

The indispensable Mollie Hemingway gets straight to the point in yet another ridiculous media-generated fake news story — the Steve Bannon says “Shut Up” to the media.

Hemingway nails the media on its misreporting, blatant deception (Hey, did you know Obama aide Anita Dunn said almost thing to the media at the beginning of the Obama administration? Their was no angry response from the media lapdogs then.) and ultimately takes them to task for massive failure in their duty, noting that they have misinterpreted this large portion of the citizenry and instead of apologizing and trying to correct their error, they’ve redoubled their mistaken efforts.

What’s more infuriating, the media’s purposeful misreporting of the story through clipping the quote to make “Trump advisor” Bannon, and thus Trump, look bad or their puffed up pomposity that they are making some kind of brave stand and striking a great blow for democracy through their unremitting counterrevolution against the fascist Trump junta?

Do they stand in front of a mirror while reciting these lines with trumpet flourishes playing through their earbuds? They often now seem to be modern incarnations of goofy characters from some forgotten opera, La Media.

They are playing a dangerous game increasingly alienating a significant portion of America with their nonstop naked partisanship and ceaseless attacks on anyone who isn’t a fellow traveler. The media comes with a smile but looks to bear a knife.

This odd story makes one wonder, “Insiders Say NBC Is Building ‘the Next Fox News.’” I’m not sure whether NBC understands what made Fox a success. Is this an honest attempt and a realization that maybe they’ve overplayed their hand or is it just a ruse? Do they understand that declaring cultural war on over 30% of the country might not be the greatest business decision — especially when there are several competitors plumbing the increasingly extreme libtard well.

Well, we’ll see. I’ll believe it when I see it.


CBS Radio News Goes There

You knew it was probably just a matter of time before one or more of the titans of the American news media would make the charge.

In Wednesday morning’s 8 a.m. segment, CBS Radio News declared the maniac who killed a half-dozen people at a Canadian mosque as a Trump supporter.

I was busy getting ready for work but I believe I heard Frank Settipani say killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, had expressed support for Trump online.

However, they failed to mention that this kid is a useless-degree sociology student and a product of the modern hypersensitive special snowflake academic culture.

Interestingly, CBS Radio News, like its other media brethren, was slow as cold molasses in labeling Muslim terrorist mass killers such as those in San Bernardino and Orlando as Muslim. “We don’t want to rush to judgment or prejudice anyone,” they said in their defense. Hhhhmmmmmm.

They also had no hesitation about labeling Dylann Roof as a right-winger and Confederate-sympathizer after his spree. Am I seeing a pattern here?

CNN Awakens

This story from TV Week is amusing, “CNN Launches New Investigative Unit.”

I guess CNN thinks that this is like the turning point in Dune, “Father, the sleeper has awakened!” After eight long years of snoozing and waking only to bake cupcakes for The One, the alleged cable “news” channel suddenly remembers what its job is. Uh-huh…

Of course CNN insists they were planning the unit all along. No, there’s no sudden surge of anti-Trump psychosis…er… energy… nothing at all to do with the current White House occupant. Uh-huh…

Yes, I’m sure if we were talking in a world of Pres. Hillary “Historic” Clinton, CNN would be outfitting an “investigative” unit to peer into her administration… hah, hah, hah… Okay, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. CNN couldn’t even be goaded into looking into her felony-ridden tenure at the State Dept.

Even if they had really been planning to create the unit no matter who was president, why do I get the sneaking suspicion that if it were Pres. Clinton, the unit would have as its portfolio something more like “racism” or “income inequality” or “digital divide” or “fair pay” and other fake news like that rather than attempting to bring down a president – which is what this unit is tasked to do.

Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

How do you know the media is lying? Their lips are moving! They are now the equivalent of the Clintons! Well, CNN does stand for the Clinton News Network in more ways than one!


Clintons Going Out of Business Sale

I’m a little late in getting to this but I can’t stop laughing that the Clinton Global Initiative — part of the enormous scam known as the Clinton Crime Family Foundation… er… Clinton Foundation — is shutting down.

It seems that all those countries, rich folks, celebrities and corporations have realized that paying protection money, graft, bribes and baksheesh to the Clintons and their various hangers-on is no longer of any use.

Or as Glenn Reynolds puts it, “What happens to an influence-peddling operation when there’s no influence to peddle?”

Of course, you might not have heard that this multimillion dollar money laundering operation is closing because big media is too busy stalking Donald Trump like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” to report on such things; to report on actual news (that makes Democrats look bad and/or exposes their craven calumny).

In reality the Clinton Global Initiative was always a shakedown operation that enriched the Clinton Crime Syndicate. It existed for no other purpose. There was no “global initiative” (other than shaking down anyone, anywhere on the planet). Most of the money went to well-heeled and well-connected people to put on conferences to be attended by other well-heeled and well-connected people where they got out the tin cup to get money from taxpayers and corporations across the globe. It also made sure that the Big Pig and HilLIARy traveled in first class and stayed at the best hotels before they delivered their highly-compensated, self-congratulatory bloviations to their audiences of international elites, who then patted themselves on their backs for being so concerned about whatever was the cause du jour.

So what happens to those who worked there, apparently about two dozen low-level grifter tenderfoots? They are being cut loose. Now, you’d think, that with all the lectures that people like Billary have delivered to businesses about not shutting down useless or money-losing operations, to keep them open no matter how much money they lose, that they’d keep CGI open, even on life-support, just to keep those people employed. After all, as Democrats always insist, the rich have scads of wealth from magical, never-ending sources.

But you’d be wrong. Remember, the rules don’t apply to our superiors like Mr. & Mrs. Ex-President. Do as I say, not as I do is their motto.

Interestingly, the employees of the Clinton Global Initiative, based in New York, were non-union. Imagine that, a Democrat operation that hires only non-union employees and then fires them when the operation runs out of gas. Hmmmmm, the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

Kind of reminds me of unions that hire non-union people to walk their picket lines and always pays them below the minimum wage (They’ve even done that at minimum wage promotion rallies!).

However, I suspect that these people will land on their feet in academia, media, Wall Street, politics, NGOs, etc.

Hottest Year Ever — 2016

Not surprisingly the people that decide these things, “climate” activists, have declared that 2016 was the hottest year ever… or since someone was keeping records. (Records which have been manipulated and changed to make warm times like the 1930s colder.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s hotter now than when the Earth was a molten ball or the first couple of years afterward. And then there’s the ugly fact that dinosaurs used to roam Alaska (without parkas) and Antarctica was once forested. Even more recently, within the last 2000 years, warm crops such as wine grapes could be as far north as Germany (that is they could ferment upon their own and not require any stimulation) and Greenland was actually habitable.

This littany continues every year now — each one hotter than the previous. Even when a year doesn’t seem to be particularly hot, it is declared hottest ever because the heat was somewhere else. You might have noticed these extra hot places usually seem to be where no one lives — the south Atlantic, Siberia, the middle of Australia…

How convenient…

Apparently, it was 0.04 degrees warmer this year than last year. Really? Point O-4? That’s a margin error. How was that number arrived at? I’ll guarantee if they moved the thermometer 10 feet right or left they’ll get a temperature reading difference greater than 0.04 degrees.

Try a little experiment. Look at your local Weather Bug map or the weather map from a local TV station. Look at the temperature of where you are. Look at a reading that’s a five-minute drive away. It’ll be a few degrees different. Try that in all directions. Move 10 minutes away. It’ll be unusual that there won’t be an almost 10-degree difference in temperatures within a 30-minute drive of any location. That’s a whole lot more than 0.04. The room you are in has a greater than 0.04-degree range in it.

So what is the “temperature?” What are these numbers that these activists are betting the farm on? The numbers they are using a rationale to take over the worldwide economy; control everyone’s life.

Yeah, it’s been so hot that the Sahara Desert has been shrinking. Uh, erm…

The simple fact is that the climate cannot be static as the climate activists wish it to be. It will always be that way. It will warm and cool.The climate has always changed.

Who’s to say what is the Climate of the Earth? Of a particular location?

What would one expect with a great ball of energy, in constant flux, radiating immeasurable amounts of energy on a ball orbiting in an elliptical orbit? This is compounded by the ball’s uneven atmosphere and mottled surface offering uneven swathes of water and land. Why would anyone expect a consistent performance?

If you have to ask the question, you don’t understand the liberal mentality. Facts will not be allowed to get in the way of a meme or, more accurately, the quest for power.

Don Beyer – Hack Representative

Given the choice between doing his Constitutional, Congressional and traditional duty of representing his constituents in an important Constitutional and historical process or being a rank Democratic Party hack flunkee, my Congressional representative, Don Beyer, chose the latter by saying he would “boycott” the Trump presidential inauguration.

He lamely whined that The Donald insulted women during the campaign. Apparently Hillary Clinton’s insults fell on his deaf ears.

It’s all part of the Dems’ plan to delegitimize Trump, making their increasingly antidemocratic activities more acceptable. If there’s a party that would attempt a coup, it is the Democrats. Be forewarned and forearmed.

These groups have been aided by, at least two local schools, The American University and Georgetown University. Both have allowed groups openly planning to “disrupt” the inaugural to use their facilities to plan and organize their possibly illegal activities. The American University even went so far as to ban reporters from covering these nefarious activities (not that the reporters would have reported anything negative), by claiming that a “media review” hadn’t been “completed.” For some inexplicable reason Washington reporters never tramp onto the Georgetown campus though several went there as undergrads.

In other Washington inauguration news, the local radio news station in Washington, WTOP, merrily sputters along seemingly guided now only by talking points issued by the Democratic National Committee (usually via the Washington Post, New York Times or Associated Press).

Today they seemed to feature more stories about people protesting or planning to disrupt the inaugural than straight stories about the inaugural itself. And the reporters certainly did not offer any judgments on such folks. They were treated as if they were merely visiting to take in the Smithsonian or the Lincoln Memorial. One of them even insisted that they would not accept democratic electoral results that they did not like. The reporter didn’t bat an eye, metaphorically, or even pursue the point; such is the leftist lean of the media that the position doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

Of course, when it was reversed and King Barry I was being sworn in, it was all sweetness and light about how many wonderful people were traveling from the hinterlands for the “historic” events. The possibility that anyone would protest, much less try to disrupt them, was so far from the mind as to be science fiction. Anyone making such a threat would have been cast beyond civilized society.

Ah, but that was different!

Now disruption and dissent are once again the greatest forms of patriotism! (This just a few months after leftists insisted that those not in full obeisance to The One were actual traitors. ‘You can look it up in the Constitution,’ they’d cluck).

What Would Loki Do?

Maybe you caught actor Tom Hiddleston’s act of pusillanimity at the recent Golden Globe Awards, or rather after them.

Hiddleston was being rewarded for his performance as the spy in John Le Carre’s “The Night Manager.” (Not a bad little mini series.) Hiddleston imparted the typical little tale of fame — that some aid workers in Sudan had said they had enjoyed his performance. It had brought a little joy into their generally hard life.

No sooner had those words passed his lips than the professionally aggrieved came out of the Twitter shadows and unleashed a hellstorm upon Hiddleston for daring to use such noble folks for cheap sentimentality.

Hiddleston is possibly better known to big screen audiences as Loki, from the Marvel Comics series. Loki is Thor’s ambitious and devious half-brother. He does not suffer fools gladly.

So the spectacle of Loki groveling before a bunch of hypersensitive offense seekers for what was merely an innocent comment is absurd.

Man, grow a set and tell these cretins to eff-off. That’s the least Loki would do.