What Would Loki Do?

Maybe you caught actor Tom Hiddleston’s act of pusillanimity at the recent Golden Globe Awards, or rather after them.

Hiddleston was being rewarded for his performance as the spy in John Le Carre’s “The Night Manager.” (Not a bad little mini series.) Hiddleston imparted the typical little tale of fame — that some aid workers in Sudan had said they had enjoyed his performance. It had brought a little joy into their generally hard life.

No sooner had those words passed his lips than the professionally aggrieved came out of the Twitter shadows and unleashed a hellstorm upon Hiddleston for daring to use such noble folks for cheap sentimentality.

Hiddleston is possibly better known to big screen audiences as Loki, from the Marvel Comics series. Loki is Thor’s ambitious and devious half-brother. He does not suffer fools gladly.

So the spectacle of Loki groveling before a bunch of hypersensitive offense seekers for what was merely an innocent comment is absurd.

Man, grow a set and tell these cretins to eff-off. That’s the least Loki would do.


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