Hottest Year Ever — 2016

Not surprisingly the people that decide these things, “climate” activists, have declared that 2016 was the hottest year ever… or since someone was keeping records. (Records which have been manipulated and changed to make warm times like the 1930s colder.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s hotter now than when the Earth was a molten ball or the first couple of years afterward. And then there’s the ugly fact that dinosaurs used to roam Alaska (without parkas) and Antarctica was once forested. Even more recently, within the last 2000 years, warm crops such as wine grapes could be as far north as Germany (that is they could ferment upon their own and not require any stimulation) and Greenland was actually habitable.

This littany continues every year now — each one hotter than the previous. Even when a year doesn’t seem to be particularly hot, it is declared hottest ever because the heat was somewhere else. You might have noticed these extra hot places usually seem to be where no one lives — the south Atlantic, Siberia, the middle of Australia…

How convenient…

Apparently, it was 0.04 degrees warmer this year than last year. Really? Point O-4? That’s a margin error. How was that number arrived at? I’ll guarantee if they moved the thermometer 10 feet right or left they’ll get a temperature reading difference greater than 0.04 degrees.

Try a little experiment. Look at your local Weather Bug map or the weather map from a local TV station. Look at the temperature of where you are. Look at a reading that’s a five-minute drive away. It’ll be a few degrees different. Try that in all directions. Move 10 minutes away. It’ll be unusual that there won’t be an almost 10-degree difference in temperatures within a 30-minute drive of any location. That’s a whole lot more than 0.04. The room you are in has a greater than 0.04-degree range in it.

So what is the “temperature?” What are these numbers that these activists are betting the farm on? The numbers they are using a rationale to take over the worldwide economy; control everyone’s life.

Yeah, it’s been so hot that the Sahara Desert has been shrinking. Uh, erm…

The simple fact is that the climate cannot be static as the climate activists wish it to be. It will always be that way. It will warm and cool.The climate has always changed.

Who’s to say what is the Climate of the Earth? Of a particular location?

What would one expect with a great ball of energy, in constant flux, radiating immeasurable amounts of energy on a ball orbiting in an elliptical orbit? This is compounded by the ball’s uneven atmosphere and mottled surface offering uneven swathes of water and land. Why would anyone expect a consistent performance?

If you have to ask the question, you don’t understand the liberal mentality. Facts will not be allowed to get in the way of a meme or, more accurately, the quest for power.


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