CNN Awakens

This story from TV Week is amusing, “CNN Launches New Investigative Unit.”

I guess CNN thinks that this is like the turning point in Dune, “Father, the sleeper has awakened!” After eight long years of snoozing and waking only to bake cupcakes for The One, the alleged cable “news” channel suddenly remembers what its job is. Uh-huh…

Of course CNN insists they were planning the unit all along. No, there’s no sudden surge of anti-Trump psychosis…er… energy… nothing at all to do with the current White House occupant. Uh-huh…

Yes, I’m sure if we were talking in a world of Pres. Hillary “Historic” Clinton, CNN would be outfitting an “investigative” unit to peer into her administration… hah, hah, hah… Okay, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. CNN couldn’t even be goaded into looking into her felony-ridden tenure at the State Dept.

Even if they had really been planning to create the unit no matter who was president, why do I get the sneaking suspicion that if it were Pres. Clinton, the unit would have as its portfolio something more like “racism” or “income inequality” or “digital divide” or “fair pay” and other fake news like that rather than attempting to bring down a president – which is what this unit is tasked to do.

Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

How do you know the media is lying? Their lips are moving! They are now the equivalent of the Clintons! Well, CNN does stand for the Clinton News Network in more ways than one!



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