Obama Cashes In

Former King Barry I, he of the “You didn’t build that” philosophy, has cashed in on his fame with a $60 million book contract for himself and Moochelle.

Remember, Obama often castigated what he called the “winners in life’s lottery.” He viewed their “winnings” as undeserved or even ill-gotten. Therefore, in his eye, they didn’t belong to the earner but rather to other people or, as their custodian, the federal government.

But now he’s a winner of the Publishers Clearing… um… a book contract.

Gotta say, Obama has lucked into some sweetheart book deals in his life. Guaranteed that he doesn’t see himself as some kind of life’s lottery winner but thinks he really earned that money and it’s his to keep (or give away). To bad he doesn’t grant that choice to everyone else.


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