A Yuuuuge Mistake

The appointment of “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller by Rod Rosenstein, the point man at the Dept. of Justice for the “Russia Collusion” scam, was a mistake of unfathomable enormity; or to use a favorite Trumpism, a “yuge” mistake.

Weak-kneed GOPe-types are applauding the decision thinking that this somehow neutralizes the issue and will eventually disarm the issue by exposing it for the sham it always was.

Charlie Brown kicking that football Lucy held was also a weak-kneed Republican with complete faith in a sham.

This is nothing more than signing a long-term 20-year lease on a property in a city where you plan to live for only 5 years…

Have these people learned nothing over the decades of “Special Whatever” investigations?

When has any one of these actually performed as advertised?

They always follow the same pattern. They take too long, become fishing expeditions along with roaming far afield, cost too much and become political footballs. They can leak like sieves when Republicans are targeted and in the end they usually get it wrong — just ask Scooter Libby.

The lawyers/investigators working on them use them not as jobs to be done conscientiously and quickly but rather cushy sinecures and stepping stones to bigger Washington law firms, corporate/Wall Street jobs or politics.

We are about to be subjected to four years of leaks to favored reporters at the Washington Post, N.Y. Times, A.P., network news or CNN. We’ll hear usually meaningless microdetails couched in the most histrionic, hyperventilating and hysterical language while the whole procedure moves at a snail’s pace. The media likes and wants it that way, Democrat politicians want it that way and the Special Counsel Office wants it that way. So it will be that way.

Drip, drip, drip.

And Trump will get increasingly frustrated by the whole silliness of the circus. People don’t do things that way in business but they do it way in Washington.

Eventually Mueller, who may not last the full term, will feel compelled to justify his whole high-priced phony-baloney expedition by bringing home a scalp, anyone’s scalp (as long as it’s a Republican scalp — just ask Scooter Libby).

Drain the swamp before the swamp creatures devour you, Mr. President.

BTW, what more can there be at this point that the FBI doesn’t already know or has an idea about?

Oh, will Mueller look into the Seth Rich angle? Yeah, I didn’t think so, Democrats would disapprove, that would disrupt this master scam they’re running.


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