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Identity Politics Uber Alles

Just a note on the diversion of our culture. Here is the Wiki page for the great novelist Allen Drury. What is the single longest section? Advise & Consent? Historical References? How He Worked? His Influence Washington and Political Literature? All fine guesses but, sadly, in our world of identity politics, it’s “Gay Characters.”

Even more to the point, the section acknowledges in its second paragraph that “gay characters are not common in Drury’s books…”

So, Wiki author/editor, why did you spend so much space writing about them??????

Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up…

In defense of Wiki, someone seems aware that something is a little amiss, though they don’t do anything about it.


Terrorists Buy iPhones Too

I was recently reading an article in the Wall Street Journal. It was one of those typical “Tech Execs Criticize Trump Travel Ban” pieces that’s all the rage for the sophisticates who are suddenly concerned about business these days.

I was struck by the segment on Apple’s Tim Cook. Cook is probably the second smartest guy to run Apple (after Steve Jobs). It quoted Cook characterizing the ban, or rather mischaracterizing as is the wont of critics and the press.

He lamented how this would affect Apple recruitment for talent and how it was just awful that we consigned so many people to doom. He especially worried about families unable to simply come to America.

I thought to myself — Cook is bound to know what the ban is specifically about so he’s purposefully mischaracterizing it as an all out ban against immigration in general.

It is sad that Cook deceptively implies that this small number of refugees contains many potential Apple employees. Unless Apple has gone into the home-made bomb business, mid-level hacking business or simple low-level mercenary business then the number of potential employees is limited within this group. There just aren’t a whole lot of software engineers or politically correct marketing boffins coming out of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia…

One of Cook’s problems is that he sees these immigrants in question mistakenly. He sees them as no different from the urbane, worldly, almost agnostic Middle Easterners he went to school with, has dinner with at swanky international hotels, meets with in Dubai, London, Paris, New York, speaks to at conferences like Davos and sees on boards of businesses everywhere.

Does he not know that most of these “refugees” and immigrants from the countries in question are young males of military age? They aren’t coming to the U.S. for midnight basketball or to work at Apple (or some other tech firm). Looking at how they behaved in Europe it would seem clear that they wish to not assimilate but rather create their own little rotten boroughs. I’m sure our Democrats are all for this since they’d make an alliance with these indigestible potatoes.

The number of cute and photogenic families is small and most now seem to have agents peddling their likenesses to the highest bidder.

One also has to wonder whether the openly homosexual Cook even understands what the more dedicated Islamists that he wants to import do to people such as he. People like him go nuclear instantly when a Christian opens their mouth to utter some meek platitude. What are they going to do in the face of a deep-believing hardcore Muslim that feels empowered to bend people to his will. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Mr. Cook.

Much of Cook’s lament seems to gloss over these prospective reality problems. He refuses to acknowledge that there could be a problem at all. Other than with the bigots in America, that is. They are the real problem in his eyes.

No, Cook, seems to see this all as a stumbling block to more Apple business. If everyone just had an iPhone and an iPad they could communicate so much better (no doubt terrorists would love to have some iPhones and iPads, the better to plot and plan).

Then there would be no problem at all as everyone holds hands in an Apple-ized version of the famous Coca-Cola commercial. (I can’t believe Apple hasn’t ‘rebooted’ this commercial for their own cynical, craven use!)

Facebook to Face the Music

Of course Facebook has been downplaying and demoting conservative “trends.” How is this really news?

All the big internet operations do it. It would be impossible to spend any time on a Yahoo site or put up with MSN or Verizon “news” selections while you check email without beginning to wonder if you haven’t accidentally wandered over to Mother Jones, Huff Po or the Democratic Party page. The news is always bad for Republicans or conservatives; liberal propaganda like “War on women,” “Rape Epidemic,” “hottest month, year in history” or some such deception, bad businesses, racist cops or some put-upon minority are the grist. Also diet, health and environmental scare stories are popular fodder as well. Then there are endless celebrity stories, “women’s” stories and food news too. Much of it is similar to the mindless, gossipy female-oriented fluff that populates TV morning shows but a significant portion is spun leftism. A conservative will rarely find anything to hearten them.

Having said that, I also add that Facebook is a private business. It can filter news and stories however it wants. People need to be aware that it is run by liberals and its content is selected by liberals, generally for other liberals (and to influence weak-minded independents). They aren’t going to hire conservatives. They don’t think much of you (though they will take your money).


The best way to counter this behavior is to walk away. Don’t reward liberals with your business.

I’ll add that I’m most certainly against Facebook being called up to Capitol Hill by Sen. John Thune to explain itself (even if it is publicly lying) . Facebook is a private company, it does not have to adhere to the First Amendment. It should not have to answer to Congress or any part of the federal government.

Publicly expose them for the libtards they are but leave them alone beyond that.


Adobe! Yeah, you!

Why can’t your Adobe Reader update message have a minimize tab or a “Later” button?

There are times when I don’t have time to go through the process yet it shockingly sits on top of EVERYTHING! forcing me to either update it or shut the panel down. The nerve. And it launches itself at start up. More nerve. Cut it out!

And stop checking that McAfee box in default. I can’t imagine how many IT administrators curse that after getting the call or email from someone meekly confessing that they inadvertently attempted to install McAfee on a corporate computer while merely trying to update their Flash. The default should always be no check.