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Trumportunity: Start With E

One of the first things, if not the first thing, for Donald Trump to do after inaugurated is to “Drain the Swamp.” This is already a popular meme for The Donald. And he’s given an indication that he will relish swinging the hammer to destroy the weaponized elements of the federal government that are used to enrich liberals, power them and to destroy conservatives and other political enemies.

A good start, as I call it, would be start start with the Es: Education, EPA and Energy. Two cabinet-level departments and an agency of great power have been compromised and turned into nests of corrupt leftism enriching like-minded cronies, funding like-minded activists, expanding government control over the citizenry along with harassing businesses and taxpayers.

The Department of Education, part of Jimmy Carter’s legacy, should be simply shut down, rooted out. It serves no useful or Constitutional purpose. Its Obama administration takeover of the student loan market is a ticking time bomb. The federal government has no business in the student loan market.

Even scarier from the Dept. of Ed has been the political mischief it has foisted upon the American education system. At all levels from collegiate to kindergarten, there’s no segment that has escaped the Sauronic eye of Ed.

Particularly pernicious has been its “Office of Civil Rights” (or something like that. This nest of crazed leftie vipers has issued “guidelines” threatening numerous schools at all levels with defunding and prosecution if those schools do not accede to the hardcore leftwing dreams of the office’s bureaucrats and appointees. Implementation of “Title IX” alone would be reason to blow the building up and salt the ground.

It has also pushed the shocking decline of educational achievement and turbocharging of political correctness. The absurd surreality of our campuses with special snowflakes, along with the Kafkaesque behavior and academics who live in an alternate universe are all the results of the shadow of the department’s behavior.

It works hand in glove with the carcinogenic education/teacher unions and education credentialing schools while being the chief organizer and funder of the whole wasteful, counterproductive Education Conference Industry.

The savings would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Free the schools!

Another Jimmy Carter creation, the Department of Energy, actually has some uses. However, it has become pork barrel for politically-connected green energy rent-seekers while it has also been compromised by activists-cum-bureaucrats working against traditional and proven forms of energy such as oil, coal and nuclear.

Most of the department can be shut down with a few independent agencies offices created for any legitimate needs (e.g. like the old Atomic Energy Agency). But by and large, the federal government’s role in energy should be more like a chaperon rather than a funder and picker of winners.

Tens of billions of dollars a year could be saved while also stimulating energy research at state levels.

Free the energy!

Already good things have been mentioned about reforming the Environmental Protection Agency, a Nixon bribe to liberals (that was ineffective — they still hated him). Trump has named Myron Ebell to oversee his transition.

One could argue that EPA does have some legitimate tasks. But clearly the agency is out of control, often claiming control of seemingly every drop of water and molecule of air in the United States. It’s famous for trampling the rights of property owners and mandating behavior of business and citizens. It has forced business and citizens caught within its web of harassment to “donate” to favored liberal “environmental” groups and causes as part of a “settlement.”

Its workers are hardcore liberal activists and it is one of the more ideological bunkers.Besides its political powers it often acts as the propaganda arm of the green movement and at times acts like the headquarters of the green movement’s attempt to bring the American economy under its control.

EPA should probably be completely dismantled and then reassembled, in a much smaller form, with new staff and its mission tightly defined by Congress.

The savings would likely be a few billion a year but the effect would be greater as Americans would be allowed to use their property as they see fit and businesses could act safe that there was not a bureaucrat looking to put them out of business or turn them into lapdogs.

Free the environment!

Bonus “E”: Equity. All offices in all of the federal departments and agencies that have the word “Equity” in them are to be completely shuttered. These offices are nothing but hives of political correctness in addition to being sources of mischief and funding for extreme left groups and academics. Plus, the workers are highly compensated, contribute nothing to the fiber of the country and these people often use their appointments to obtain even-more highly-compensated employment in “Diversity” offices of large corporations or become lucrative “consultants” for government and businesses.

Equity” and “Diversity” has been a growth industry for the last couple of decades, taking a stratospheric path during the Obama years. People need to be judged by the content of their character and their performance not the color of their skin or sex. Those latter two criteria are the sole criteria that these offices pay attention to. They are unAmerican.

Free the Americans!


The Sea of Texas

One of the main Global Warming scare tactics is the insistence that it will bring rising seas. None other than our own King Barry the Weatherman, mischanneling King Canute, has declared that his election would send the seas scurrying back to whence they came though he’s also claimed that the seas regular overwhelm Miami and fish swim in the streets.

Of course those familiar with the works of Albert the Goracle know that New York is close to being swallowed by the sea. Any day now, yep, any day…

So I shall offer a solution to soothe the fevered brows of the Global Warmongers — the Sea of Texas.

Most Global Warmers would be surprised to learn that the whole state of Texas was underwater millions of years ago (hint: it was a heck of a lot warmer back in those days — our weather today ain’t got nothing on those days back then).

I am not proposing that the whole state be flooded but I suggest that parts of the semi-arid, lightly populated western part could be turned into a large inland sea.

A series of desalinization plants could be built along the Gulf coast. These could be nuclear powered or maybe some could be powered by windmills taking in the coastal breeze. Unlike the liberal folks of our oceanic coasts, who blanch at the thought of a windmill off their coast, Texans are long comfortable with energy sources visible off the coast.

Pipelines would be built to take the water out west and north. Texans are also comfortable with pipelines and if the pipelines leak — well, it’s just water!

And think of the engineering challenge. That should get the intellectual juices flowing.

I’m sure that the first response of Global Warmists would be — “Hey, you’d drain the Gulf of Mexico!”

They aren’t too bright you have to understand.

Water is fungible so while it drains from the northwestern end of the Gulf of Mexico it just flows back in from the Atlantic via the Caribbean. You’d have to pump a lot of water to drop the level of the Atlantic enough to drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico, especially considering how fast those seas be arisen’!

So in this case, the “rising seas” can be tamed by transferring water from one place, the sea, to another, desert land. Problem solved.

Of course there’d be the cries that man is too stupid to do this (Yet somehow smart enough to precisely calculate the weather decades into the future, micromanage numerous industries from Washington and know the racism and sexism buried in the hearts of all Americans that don’t vote Democrat).

(This would inevitably be followed by the squeals that man is monkeying with the environment and that a sea in west Texas would threaten the Tom Green County Blue Sand Flea [not to be confused with the Coke County Purple Dirt Flea which will also be threatened] and so on.)

There would be side benefits in this monumental endeavor. A large inland sea could have beneficial effect on the climate by mitigating some of the heat that west Texas is (in)famous for (or it could exacerbate the thunderstorms that percolate out there, interesting thought). Or it might not do much at all.

In addition it might help recharge the vast Oglalla Aquifer and other groundwater sources along with providing irrigation possibilities for farmers in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. And it would aid water supply problems in fast-growing north Texas and Oklahoma.

Think about it. If this Global Warming problem is as big as the scientists of the “settled science” say it is, then big solutions are needed — and we’re not talking about putting business under the thumb of government bureaucrats or everybody being forced to live like Road Warrior-style post-apocalyptic wretches rationing and recycling everything while making nothing new.

Once my proposal is accepted and put forth, we can start talking about the Great Gobi Inland Ocean. What an engineering feat that would be.

Climate Changers, are you with me? You do want to solve the problem, right?

Another Reason to Vote for Trump

If Hillary Clinton is elected president expect much more of this. If Donald Trump is elected I’d expect less of it.

For those of you understandably nervous about heading over to the resource intensive Hot Air site, the skinny is that the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands, one Claude Earl Walker, is trying to subpoena 40 years’ worth memos from Exxon in an attempt to find them guilty of Global Warming Denial (and consequently give him and his employers and friends lots of money in a big fine).

Lefties like him would like to put a lot of businesses on trial. If Hillary Clinton is elected they’ll be encouraged to do more. If Trump is elected, I imagine they’d do less.

It’s office abusers like Claude Earl Walker (the name sounds like a serial killer, doesn’t it) who should be in the docket.

So far Exxon’s admirable leader Rex Tillerson has done an admirable job of resisting this imperial overreach.

Walker should be removed from office. He’s acting like a tyrant.

Our Lord of the Flies

When I was a kid and a young adult in the 1960s and 1970s (even into the 1980s), my grandparents in rural northern Texas loved Roosevelt, FDR, that is. Heck, everyone of that generation did. They praised him because he took care of them and saved them from the clutches of those awful Republican businessmen (who were out to steal their land — often to sell it to the railroad or some mysterious bogeyman — and take their money). The Republicans had  who had started the Depression after all. Or so they thought. Those small towns and counties and others like them throughout the South and rural West voted Democrat as sure as the sun was going to come up, decade after decade. If Satan had run as a Democrat, it’d be Mayor Satan.

Then they’d sit around the table and wonder why Washington couldn’t (magically) solve their problems. Yet, strangely, often they’d sound Republican, complaining about high taxes, big government, stupid policies, regulations and powerful bureaucrats controlling their lives… “Those ‘fellers’ in Washington,” simply didn’t understand, they’d complain. If only Roosevelt were back, he’d fix things right.

That Roosevelt had fixed nothing (arguably made things worse) was a proposition that could not enter their minds. They simply recalled things like getting electricity or telephone service “out to the farm” during his administration (technically it was probably late Hoover but…), a highway finally got paved (though most of the farm roads were still dirt roads) or often-unemployed Uncle Harry had joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and wrote them about it from Idaho. At least he wasn’t bumming around any longer… And even if not everything had been fixed, well, at least Roosevelt put the businessmen in their place and made them poor too. And there wasn’t a Republican in sight.

Then World War II came along and everything changed for those communities. All the kids and younger men “went off to war.” Most didn’t come back but resettled in a city somewhere. But the important thing was that Roosevelt won the war (and died for it) and prosperity came. See, his plan had worked, despite Republican machinations.They were pro-Nazi, in case you hadn’t heard.

For the most part, however, these people simply wanted to be left alone to get on with their lives and dealings. Roosevelt had done that too. It was the Republicans who were for the regulations or rigging the market that would “cheat” a farmer out of his profit or take money from a “widow woman and her children.”

There was an immutability about this world view.

I remember one time, in the early 1980s, when I had graduated from the kiddies’ area to floating on the periphery of the grown-ups table, pointing out that some bugaboo they were on about was actually a “Democrat” proposal. Needless to say, I never made that point again (and beat a retreat to the outdoors to play with my cousins). One grandmother was completely convinced for years that Reagan was going to raise “the taxes.” That’s what Republicans did to the little man. Then they were going to give that money to the rich people, bankers and their businessmen cronies. That’s how those folks got rich. She had seen it “on Dan Rather.” They religiously followed the TV news, Cronkite, then Rather. It was Gospel.

Roosevelt, and therefore Democrats, were always good and Republicans were always bad — that could never change no matter how much my elders and their neighbors actually sounded like Republicans in their day to day conversations. It was my first real collision with political reality.

It should be noted that as they passed on, bless their well-meaning hearts, those areas have turned and are now solidly Republican.

I bring this up because for many, perception is reality. Most voters really don’t dig into issues, no matter how much they think they are “informed.” Their knowledge comes from their “education” (controlled by Democrats — education unions and the hard left college professoriate), reinforced by the pop culture they read about in newspapers and books, see on TV or in movies (again, controlled by Democrats). They are marinated in this, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year: Republicans and anyone who follows them, e.g. “Big Business,” are bad, mean, stupid, evil, selfish, greedy, uncaring… You don’t want to be any of those things, do you? While Democrats and their supporters, on the other hand, are good and they care about you.

That’s all you need to know.

So it should be no surprise now that someone like Obama can get elected and reelected. He cares about you and works hard for you. He said so himself and so did the paper, CNN, Charlie Rose, Katie Couric, etc.

It should be no surprise that someone like Hillary Clinton (or most any other Democrat) manages to survive, even thrive and get rich despite manifest crimes and shocking incompetence. They aren’t Republicans and she says that she cares. That’s all you need to know.

No one should be surprised that so many, especially younger people, have become accustomed to being taken care of, for their whole lives. They are used to “free” things (Mom and Dad paid for it) like Obamacare, soon-to-be-expunged student loans and easy-term “federally-guaranteed” loans and mortgages. They think that big government will make everything right and even tuck them in at night and look under the bed for monsters. And someone else will pay for it, too!

As of late we seem to have entered a new round of this “Roosevelting” of the populace. We have a generation or more of youth entering adulthood and young adults who are bat-poo crazy, if the campus turmoil is any indication.

These people have grown up in the lap of luxury: fed a plentiful diet while living in quarters unseen for 99.9999% of mankind’s history; entertained as if they were Roman emperors; required to do nothing to support themselves; had no expectations expected of them; doted upon incessantly and indulged on most every (childish) whim; basically treated as minor deities all of their young lives. And, yet, somehow, they have convinced themselves that they are “victims;” put upon by vast, dark and unseen racist, sexist, classist forces; afflicted with horrific conditions (physical and mental); or forced to buy defective or dangerous products; eat poisoned food; breathe poisoned air; live in poisoned environments; etc. Every living moment presents dangerous, existential threats to them they are taught to believe.

How is this so?

Look at how they were educated from their first moments of sentience. They are bathed every second of their waking lives in an unending agitprop from newspapers, magazines, books, TV and movies (many songs too), community leaders, politicians and teachers at all levels telling them how awful things are; how so many people are trying to ruin them; how awful and illegitimate the past is; and how life itself is an omnipresent threat to their well-being. Few dare tell them otherwise (not that they would ever see such counters or understand them). They are told how special and smart they are and no one dares tell them otherwise lest they hurt their feelings. Every adult they encounter (like college administrators) bows to them as if they were potentates.

They are encouraged to express themselves, often in dramatic (even histrionic), emotional terms because emotions are considered to be more legitimate and “real” than anything else. They are told that everything they think and know is right and good while anyone who disagrees with them or has a different opinion is wrong, bad, bigoted and possibly dangerous to them. Such people might need to be avoided, exiled, reeducated or destroyed they, not surprisingly, reason.

They are told that most all businesses are bad, act illegally, cheat people, foul the environment, steal from others (including the government), endanger and underpay workers, sell dangerous products or services and are a threat to all that is good. They are told that people who are successful have succeeded by ill means and on the backs of others (including you!). There has never been a good business of any size above a few employees. These people and their businesses must be regulated, taxed, run out of business and have everything taken from them and given to others, allegedly more deserving. The only hope for businesses is to succumb to liberal governance, make little or no profit, hire only liberals and give money to, devote resources to and support only liberal causes. Then they can be part of an economic public-private partnership — and be guaranteed approved business while competitors justly feel the wrath of public and government disapproval and regulatory constriction.

They have grown up in a world where increasingly everything is to be politicized — either changed, banned or redeployed as a weapon to propagandize and remake society from its abominable past and flawed present into a perfect future society. A world where everything and every moment of life needs to be regulated or monitored for deviations from liberal orthodoxy (AKA all that is good).

They are told that all who came before them were flawed and imperfect, if not downright evil. Prime example — the United States. There are few lessons to be learned from the past. They were all racists, sexists, genderists, classists and are against so many things now seen as good by the important people of today. The past needs to be rewritten or disposed of.

They are never encouraged to sacrifice or act modestly, humbly. Those are ideas and behaviors, with a hint of religion around them, from the past (and the past is bad). The past can never be innocent, it must be tried and convicted. If it feels good it must be right is the new motto.

And there are many of those racists, sexists, genderists, classists still around and they need to be defeated, exiled, reeducated or simply destroyed. Their mere existence is an affront to all that is good and wonderful and hinders the coming of the utopian future that can only be inhabited by the young ones — because they are the only pure ones. There is no room for intellectual or personal miscegenation in the future.

This is their world view. It has become their religion (existent religions being one of those bad things from the past that must be disposed of). Is it any wonder that they turned out the way the did. Give a small, ignorant child a loaded gun and guaranteed that someone is going to get hurt.

So now we find ourselves entering some sort of “Lord of the Flies”-style world with liberals occupying the capricious leadership, constantly “saving” us from “The Beast” while eliminating those who do not subscribe to the prevailing groupthink, and all the rest of us are Piggy, Simon, Sam, Eric and the littluns. Of course that story had a happy ending. I’m not so sure ours will.

Tectonic Movement

The modern environmentalism movement lives by one unwritten, unstated belief — that the environment, land, air, climate, can never change. Of course, anyone familiar with the Earth’s history knows that the planet has changed greatly over the billions of years it has been around. The gas mix of the atmosphere has moved from poisonous to human life to quite suitable. The temperature has moved from to hot for human habitation to almost too cold for human life most everywhere but the equatorial regions.

With the enviros clucking like chickens about stopping global warming and considering their belief that land erosion is a recent, man-made phenomenon, it has occurred to me, perhaps they should start legislating against plate tectonics. If we could just get mankind (AKA Big Business) to stop moving those continents, we wouldn’t have erosion and might be able to stop all those man-made earthquakes too!

You laugh. Just wait. I’m sure there’s a an activist, NGO or college movement somewhere already on this.

Free the Land

And now for a little history…

King Barry I’s recent royal edict declaring that nearly 2 million acres of California was to henceforth be off-limits to the rabble and become part of the royal forest system, a preserve for the special people. And  while that list is unlikely to include you, dear reader, be grateful that your tax dollars paid for it and will pay to maintain those lands for his highness’s pleasure.

Travel back in time to the reign of William the Conqueror (that’s late 11th century England). King William designated great swaths of England as “royal forests.” He did this for two big reasons. One, he needed royal-owned lands to generate income, furnish resources for the crown and provide a place to play for the king, family and connected elites. However, the rabble, some of whom lived in these “forests,” could not partake in these frolics nor utilize any of those resources. They were forcibly removed and their villages abandoned. Sound familiar?

The second reason was to keep the land out of private hands wherein it might be used against him. Land owners can be independent and hard to control but renters are always dependent upon a landlord.

Oh, and the term “forest” is misleading. Trees were not required to be a royal forest, merely acreage.

For anyone caught trespassing, working the land or poaching, the penalties were punitive; eventually enforced by a well-connected constabulary of often brutal thugs that tried offenders in special “forest” courts that they controlled. Sound familiar?

King William’s son and the next king was William Rufus, King William II. He was not well-liked (neither was William the Conqueror, but then he had earned his sobriquet, if you know what I mean). Rufus (meaning ‘Red’ for his supposedly red hair) loved the forests and frolicked in them with his growing retinue of friends and cronies. He also added to the royal forest domain. The unfavored and the rabble grumbled but could do little — a king is a king.

Until he’s not.

William Rufus met his fate, “accidentally” felled, ironically, in one of his beloved royal forests, by an arrow from a hunting buddy. And there was much rejoicing.

William Rufus’s brother and successor, Henry I, was a savvier king, securing the crown with a number of “liberties” for the barony (listed in the Charter of Liberties, which Stephen Langton used as a model for the Magna Carta). One of those promises was to pare the forests back to the time of William the Conqueror.

However, as we all know, government only grows. Even an occasional pruning is, in the long run, recovered by the creeping tendrils, or simple consumation by leviathan.

The following rulers slowly began the recroachment, though in a wiser and usually less aggressive way.

When modern people read the Magna Carta (you have read the Magna Carta, right? No? Go here, I’ll wait: among the many perplexing items appearing in it are some relating to these “forests” (notably clauses 44, 47, 48 and 53 along with the introductory mention of ‘foresters’).

With King John’s arrogance, pettiness and blinding greed (he had inherited his father Henry II’s worst traits and none of his good ones), the issue of the “forests” and “forest laws” had come to the forefront again.

To keep it brief (and probably a bit too simple), by John’s time the royal forests had grown in number and acreage as to consume a large portion of England (it’s thought that at that time one could traverse England walking exclusively on royal forest land). And in these forests most men could not venture under pain of fine, dismemberment or execution. In addition these laws extended to include prohibition on killing most deer and boar anywhere, even if they wandered out of the forest and into a village or even a domicile.

Royal forests surrounded towns and villages. With no parliament to counter, the king could simply declare any land to be part of a royal forest, practically at a whim. He could also hand the land over to a favorite, as well. Such land also essentially became useless to all but the king and a handful of his favorites. It was off the tax rolls, lay fallow or unexploited, contributing little or nothing to national or local economies (sound familiar?).

Even local barons could not make use of or enjoy the land, unless the king approved or invited them. With its vastness and a lack of stewardship, the land could also become a haven for criminals and rebellious types — cue Robin Hood.

Currently “our” federal government “owns” 27% of the United States — around 640 million acres, over 1 million square miles. That’s equal to Alaska, California and Texas combined. It owns 84% of Nevada and over half of Alaska (69%), Utah (57%), Oregon (53%) and Idaho (smidge over 50%). It also has over one-third of Arizona (48%), California (45%), Wyoming (42%), New Mexico (42%) and Colorado (37%) and more than one-quarter of Washington state (30%) and Montana (30%).

People east of the plains simply have no idea of the vastness and occasional omnipresence of the federal government’s land. Only New Hampshire (13%), North Carolina (12%), Michigan (10%) and Virginia (10%)  are in the double digits. Most states are at 7% or less with a large number under 2%.

In many places out west it pressures the handful of remaining private landholders in federally-controlled areas to “sell” their land. It can make access to or use of that land difficult. Federal neighbors and landlords are notoriously petty, vindictive and increasingly political (left-wing variety). And it is only growing with King Barry looking to add several million more acres to the federal farm in Colorado and New Mexico. He does this through the Antiquities Act (passed in 1906), which allows him to bypass Congress on these deals. It is an act desperately in need of reform.

It has to be acknowledged that some of these lands are not without worth locally or nationally. The more popular national parks generate income for their region and many military bases are centers of their communities. But beyond the obvious winners, e.g. Yellowstone and Yosemite, Fort Sam Houston and the naval facilities in San Diego and Virginia’s Tidewater region, what purpose does the great amount of land in their hands serve?

What does the federal government do that state governments can’t do? Why should the folks of, say, a rural county in Utah find hunks of it cordoned off, unavailable to them; seemingly reserved for the brief pleasure of East and West Coast elites who might, one day, backpack through the area, renting a bike and leaving a few shekels behind for the locally barely-employed before they traipse off to France or Tahiti. That’s what wilderness areas and national “monuments” are all about. There are no ‘monuments’ at most ‘National Monuments,’ it’s an Antiquities Act stalking horse. Wilderness Areas are chunks of national forests and parks for which development has been banned. Vast resources doing little more than looking pretty for a post card, a selfie, a badge of travel or a flyover. The counties and states receive minimal (if any) revenue from them. People living next to them find themselves without employment — beyond possible intermittent seasonal work. They slowly die of starvation in the middle of a cornucopia that they are not allowed by a nonresident owner to touch. Sound familiar?

At one time, besides being tourist magnets, these great “national” treasures were supposed to be used as orderly resource providers — lumber, minerals, energy, etc. — not simply locked off as they are now. In fact, the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that a few years ago we were treated to the revolting spectacle of National Park Service employees doing the bidding of the Obama administration. During a government shutdown NPS employees attempted to prevent taxpayers from even viewing sites that could easily be viewed in the open from public roads. They also blocked off public access to Mount Vernon and easily accessed restaurants in national parks in Virginia. Those “employees” should have been hunted down and terminated after those escapades. These properties are not the domain of NPS employees. We cannot tolerate a government at war with its citizens.
The feds freely admit that they are incapable of maintaining what they have yet they clamor for more land. King Barry the Greedy has added 265 million acres, more than any other president. For a society that increasingly doesn’t own its own residences — taking other people’s land doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. When is enough enough?

These creatures of the federal government are bastards. Beyond the military bases they have no Constitutional justification. Even the military has more land than it knows what to do with.

I say return the lands to their rightful owners, the states and the individual people of those states. Some land could be sold to pay down the federal debt or put to other uses. In other cases the states should be allowed to do with those lands in a manner they deem fit. If they want to keep them as tourist attractions, so be it. Let those authorities answer to the people of those states. Perhaps California would love to maintain all those recently-minted “monuments’ of desert scrub, or maybe they want to sell/lease them to build solar energy facilities with off-road-vehicle parks in between. Or maybe they want them to remain untouched havens to the Desert Tortoise. Let the people of California decide that, not some bureaucrat in Washington or a trust fund baby “environmental” activist residing in a million-dollar Vermont chalet.

The Bureau of Land Management should either be terminated or returned to its original job of aiding the development of federally-owned resources. Parts of it can be transferred to state governments. The National Park Service should be cleansed of its political storm troopers and pared down to serve its much smaller holdings. The various parks and land services of other agencies should be eliminated and/or kicked down to state levels.

As for the elite parks, maybe by making them fewer in number, the National Park Service might be able to take care of them and use funding to maintain them properly.

Here is some further reading on the subject.

Somehow this piece made it into the New York Times, “Give States Control Over Public Land Out West.” The author of that piece, Robert H. Nelson, has done extensive work on the topic. Here is a good primer and here is a briefer piece at the Independent Institute.

Lawrence J. McQuillan, also of the Independent Institute, offered this recently, “Time to Privatize Federal Public Land.” The Independent Institute has worked on this issue.

Deroy Murdock had a great and succinct piece in National Review, “Hellacious Acres.” The problem has only gotten worse.

Rob Natelson of the Colorado-based Independence Institute recently pondered the Constitutional aspect of this topic, “What Does the Constitution Say About Federal Land Ownership?

The American Lands Council has been doing the yeoman’s work on this issue. Check them out.

Not surprisingly the American Legislative Exchange Council has been busy on the subject. Its Karla Jones recently testified on Capitol Hill on the topic.

Here’s a Montana-based think tank that has touched on this, as well — Property and Environment Research Center, here and here.

The Heartland Institute in Illinois has published on the topic..

The Heritage Foundation has done work in this and related areas, see its Energy and Environment section.

At most of the listed think tanks simply searching the term “federal land” will lead you to further articles and resources.

Obama vs. Trump: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition

Have you noticed that when Donald Trump says something remotely outlandish, the MSM deploys two-dozen fact checkers to tear it down, prove Trump wrong and make him/Republicans look bad?

They most recently expended enormous amounts of resources on the “Muslims cheering in New Jersey Streets on 9/11 video” imbroglio.

Now, I for one, think that Trump was conflating a story that he heard about a few New Jersey Muslims celebrating with the Palestinian videos of thousands cheering. Like our Narcissist in Chief, he cannot admit he was wrong or partially wrong but that’s not the point. In this case the media went to extraordinary lengths to prove him wrong — even to the point of trying to shove down the memory hole a couple of small stories about some Muslims possibly celebrating in Paterson, N.J. The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” went so far as to pretend its  story on that by Serge Kovaleski’s never existed and even Kovaleski himself tried to deny its obvious existence — all in service of their Get Trump agenda. (I won’t go into The Donald’s mocking of the hapless Kovaleski beyond noting that the media even tried to distort that by leaving out Trump’s reason for going after Kovaleski — the MSM simply made it seem that Trump was randomly lashing out at a disabled reporter.)

Yet when The One says something absurd (and easily refutable), such as at high tide in Miami fish swim down the middle of the streets (because of “Climate Change”), no one in the MSM makes a call to the Miami bureau or hops a plane to Miami to find out if this is true. Fish swimming down the streets at high tide? That should be a big story! Anyone want to check that out?


Hey, how about Obama’s insistence that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how many terrorists say it’s their prime motivation?


ISIS has been defeated?


What about that whole “You can keep your insurance…” Ah, why am I wasting my time?

Just making a point…