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As the Bern Turns

So another crazed Bernie Sanders supporter goes nuts and starts shooting… This time in Alexandria, Virginia and at Republican congressmen and stafffers.

But unlike the Portland shooter from last month, the MSM couldn’t bury this story when it comes out that the maniac shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

If you remember, the Portland killer was a “white supremacist” with clear anti-Muslim and racist intentions in initial reports, then he was nobody when his Bernie affiliation became apparent.

This time we have the more predictable MSM and law enforcement response — “We just can’t figure out this guy’s motive.” Despite his Facebook pages and a lengthy, well-documented hardcore lefty political trail, this clown is just as much a mystery as those Muslims yelling “Allahu, Akbar!” right before they detonate a bomb or stab a poor girl to death. “I do this in the name of Allah!” they shout and somehow our media mavens and law enforcement pros can’t figure out why they do it…

It’d be funny except people are getting killed in the forced pretend ignorance of moral equivalence.

And naturally something else is missing. Oh, yeah, the enforced groveling that comes when anyone to the right of Stalin does something or, more likely, says something the liberals don’t like. Then every libtard politico, celebrity and so-called journalist demands every Republican from the dogcatcher in Buttscratch, Utah, to the president of the United States condemn the perp.

Yet when a lefty goes on a rampage it’s crickets…

It took King Barry I, et al, about 2.9 seconds to blame conservatives and Confederate history for racist nutjob Dylann Roof yet somehow the far more commonplace lefty violence requires massive, lengthy investigations into “motive.”

Has any high-profile libtard been asked or voluntarily condemned the leftwing violence we’re seeing, especially on college campuses?

I know, silly question.

So how’s the MSM going to dissipate this embarrassment away?

More Trump-bashing!

My local radio news station WTOP just announced that Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. No quibbling there, even though it’s coming from one of those WaPoo stories based on leaks from mysterious unnamed insiders…

And there’s always Pizzagate guy… Any port in a storm for the MSM.

And there’s NPR pushing the condemnation of white racism in the Alt-Right movement by the “Southern Baptist Convention.” Though in the actual report the convention was condemning all racism… Nothing like twisting the news for the good of the liberal cause, or to get it out of the spotlight it suddenly found itself in.


Gun Grab — Power Grab

John Hinderaker of Power Line does a nice summation of the idiocy, strawman arguments and evil behind the modern antigun movement in “Wear Orange to Stop Gun Violence?

The simple-mindedness of the modern liberal would almost be amusing if it didn’t mask the darker, far more sinister true goal, the removal of firearms from private, law-abiding citizens. The idea that wearing orange will somehow engineer a magic “solution” that would render “gun violence” a thing of the past displays typical liberal dimwittery and wishful-thinking.

It also belies a “Baptists and bootleggers” coalition between totalitarian liberals wanting to disarm those that might resist their endless march to omnipotent power and criminals who find a disarmed citizenry to be a happy hunting ground. Both agree that a cowed population is in their best interests.


My local radio news station is WTOP. It is the highest grossing radio station in the U.S. It’s pretty much considered the news station that others seek to emulate. I catch it in the morning for some news but mostly sports, traffic and weather.

Sadly, it rarely gives Republicans or conservatives any respect or the benefit of the doubt, much less a favorable story. It’s basically just another standard issue news media liberal propaganda provider.

To its news readers and reporters any long gun is an “assault weapon” and it eagerly repeats, uncritically, whatever the latest press release is from Handgun Inc. or other gun confiscation groups. It won’t call the NRA evil but will use critics to spout that while no one is allowed to explain the group’s positions honestly.

It instituted a new segment, at the 20-minute mark each hour, called “To Your Health.” It’s nothing more than parroting whatever health scare “study” press release they have received. There is never any of that famous reporter “skepticism” that we hear about in so many movies, episodes of “Lou Grant” and journalism industry articles. Never anybody asking, “Isn’t this the opposite of what we heard last month, last year?” It’s so goofy that not too long ago one news reader chortled, “Is chocolate good for us this week or bad?”

My latest complaint is their sanctimonious coverage of the “North Carolina law.” WTOP is basically reading press releases from the disingenuously-named Human Rights Campaign as news stories. Just this morning they described it as an “anti-LGBT law.” The other day they said it “removes important protections for the LGBT community.” This is blatant misreporting. They’ve yet to explain what the law actually means, what it actually does and why it was enacted. It’s all straight propaganda. I’d dare say that a large portion of the station’s listeners don’t know the story behind the law so they uncritically accept what WTOP reports as accurate.

Nothing gets the blood of the contemporary reporter going more than one of those “causes” wherein they see themselves as the modern equivalent of a civil rights worker battling the Klan in the 1950s. So many issues are framed that way these days.

On a related note, the Associated Press recently released the latest update to its famed “Style Guide.” The AP Style Guide is a journalism profession institution. It is designed to get AP’s farflung reporters and stringers on the same page — use the same terminology, spell things the same way and it has a lot of definitions and explanations of certain things that not all reporters might be familiar with. By and large it’s not a bad book and most journalism entities adhere to it. “Knowing AP style” is a prerequisite for many publishing jobs.

The regular updates usually reflect changes in word usage and feedback from reporters on things they don’t know and need to know the details on. So the update did things like change “Internet” to “internet.” But one odd entry was a detailed explanation on what “canonization” is.

Yes, AP felt it needed to explain to modern reporters what “canonization” is.

This reflects the distance that has developed between modern journalism and religion. Considering that most every reporter of a certain age would know from experience or their own life what “canonization” is (even reporters with Protestant backgrounds), this is a disturbing portent. But religion is being so successfully expelled from all facets of modern life that people are growing up without a clue on a major tenet of Catholicism. No offense to Lutherans, but this isn’t trying to understand the difference between Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Synod.

I grew up in pure-Protestant southern states and even I knew what canonization was. It would be hard to be sentient in the United States and not know. But somehow it is come to be.

Yet these people are the people reporting our “news.”

No wonder we have special snowflakes on campus, an anti-American fool in the White House, Hillary Clinton still free (possibly the next president) and politically correct tyranny ruling the land.

Calling Black Lives Matter

Let’s see how long it takes for Black Lives Matter, AKA Black Lies Matter, to mobilize on this killing of an (actually) innocent black man.

In New Orleans, a former New Orleans Saint, Will Smith (not the actor), was killed in a “road rage” incident. Apparently Smith, in a nice Mercedes, was rear-ended by a Hummer. Expensive cars and the incident happened in a nice part of town.

Smith got out and an argument ensued. Smith was shot multiple times by the Hummer’s driver. Smith’s wife was also wounded. Smith died at the scene.

A suspect was quickly arrested. Turns out it was a black thug with a record. Thug driving around in expensive vehicle. Do the math.

Don’t hold your breath that Black Lives Matter will be johnny-on-the-spot demanding “justice” (or “Just Us” in their eyes) and asking why thugs are out of jail, allowed to roam the streets armed. But there doesn’t seem to be a “blame whitey” angle or a way to shakedown the local government so this incident won’t generate any of their protests, riots or even hoodie moments from NBA players. BLM is a thuggish cultural racist and fascist movement and the Democratic Party’s kowtowing to it has only emboldened it.

Will our sports-obsessed president speak out on this? I’m sure this made Sports Center but maybe The One hasn’t read the paper yet so he can’t be outraged. Then again, there isn’t an America-blaming or Republican Party-blaming political target for him to make hay with in one of his patented finger-wagging lectures to the nation so more likely he’ll just put in another round of golf. He might use it as a chance to whack the “gun control/gun safety” pinata — how convicted criminals (of all colors) shouldn’t be allowed to have guns (unless they’ve paid their debt to society and vote Democrat), “smart” guns could solve that problem, a national gun registry would have prevented this “tragic” incident and we need to make it illegal to move guns across state lines. Nothing about keeping thugs in jail. His usual misrepresentations.

Maybe Eric Holder can be unpacked from wherever he was freighted off to so he can call us all “cowards” for not being willing to talk about race relations.

And the caravan moves on.

Mrs. Chris Matthews Runs for Congress

Washington-area vets remember Kathleen Matthews from her years as a news correspondent for a local TV station. The rest of America should know that she is Mrs. Chris Matthews. Yes, wife of MSNBC Chris “Tingles” Matthews.

She’s running ads on local radio in her bid for Congress from a suburban Maryland district as, surprise!, a Democrat. In the ad I caught on classical music station WETA(FM) she promised to liberate Congress from the grips of the NRA. Getting rid of the assault weapons freely available everywhere was one of her planks. Sadly, she’s typical of your average, everyday newstwinkie.

Remember, often it’s ignorant, covert political operatives, that are reporting our “news.”

The NBA Does Politics

I like Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors a lot. I’ve ridden him on fantasy teams for years. He is unusually talented. I also like Chris Paul a lot as well. I’ve seen interviews with him wherein he seems like a very down-to-Earth person — unlike 98% of his narcissistic NBA compatriots. I’ve also liked Joakim Noah, though he seems a bit eccentric at times. He is a hard working player who is very humble. So it was with heavy heart that I ran across this bit of absurdity and saw the  “anti-gun violence” PSAs they delivered during the Christmas Day NBA marathon.

C’mon guys, think. Your good intentions, or “Good Thoughts” as Rona Barrett used to cluck, will have no bearing on the thugs committing murder and mayhem.

In fact, how many of your fellow NBA players openly advocate the “Thug Life”? The “gangstuh” culture? Act like “tough” guys and love to strut around like the cock of the walk?

Why are you in bed with an extreme liberal group interested in confiscating guns and vitiating the Second Amendment?

I realize that the NBA has taken a very liberal and political turn over the last decade. It has upset me greatly. The NBA needs to realize that playing politics rather than basketball gains nothing and alienates many. But it won’t. It thinks being liberal is being cool as it wanders off its basketball path.

You are being used as tools.

Also, your “solutions” don’t address the problems you think you are addressing.

Does anyone not know that guns are dangerous? Does anyone pulling the trigger not know what will happen or what the consequence of that activity can be? Does anyone not understand that shooting someone is considered against the law? Does anyone pulling the trigger give a rodent’s derriere about what these players think about anything other than how to play basketball and what type of shoe they wear? Does a single would-be punk say, “Wow! I was going to be a thug but CP3 would disapprove so I’m going back to math class”?

All of this is an exercise in moral masturbation (perhaps encouraged by an intoxicated naivete), driven by political agendas and misinformation.

Compounding all of this silliness is the rot inside NBA HQ. The putatively basketball organization has a “President of Social Responsibility and Player Programs.” It’s a rather unsavory liberal activist by the name of Kathleen Behrens. When asked if there might be some blowback from people who disagree she dismissed it: “We’re not worried about political implications.” Translation: eff those who disagree with us.

Has anyone noticed this pattern of liberal women being given jobs in major league sports headquarters and then driving those pro sports organizations in a direction away from sports? It’s more of the liberal effort to politicize everything.

Guys, please stop it. I know you mean well, but just play basketball. After your basketball career ends, if you feel strongly about these issues, get into politics, where discussion of these issues is supposed to take place. They aren’t to be debated on the court, gridiron or diamond.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kudos to Kurt Russell (yes, the actor) for blurting out what should be our real policy concerning terrorism. (He also made some good points on the fallaciousness of gun control proposals.)

He made the point in a recent interview that we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what Muslim terrorists are going to do to us but rather the terrorists should be worried about what we are going to do to them.

Yes, let’s go on the offensive. Make them worry about us.

The worldwide Muslim terror conspiracy is probably close to operating at its full capacity but the western response has been negligible in comparison to its vast capabilities (and the amount of money spent on it annually). It’s as if you have a Ferrari and haven’t even bothered to do anything beyond starting it and playing the radio (and it has awesome floor mats!).

Obviously with the current lot of impotent western leaders in charge that’s not going to change but I can still have my fantasies, can’t I?