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Terrorists Buy iPhones Too

I was recently reading an article in the Wall Street Journal. It was one of those typical “Tech Execs Criticize Trump Travel Ban” pieces that’s all the rage for the sophisticates who are suddenly concerned about business these days.

I was struck by the segment on Apple’s Tim Cook. Cook is probably the second smartest guy to run Apple (after Steve Jobs). It quoted Cook characterizing the ban, or rather mischaracterizing as is the wont of critics and the press.

He lamented how this would affect Apple recruitment for talent and how it was just awful that we consigned so many people to doom. He especially worried about families unable to simply come to America.

I thought to myself — Cook is bound to know what the ban is specifically about so he’s purposefully mischaracterizing it as an all out ban against immigration in general.

It is sad that Cook deceptively implies that this small number of refugees contains many potential Apple employees. Unless Apple has gone into the home-made bomb business, mid-level hacking business or simple low-level mercenary business then the number of potential employees is limited within this group. There just aren’t a whole lot of software engineers or politically correct marketing boffins coming out of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia…

One of Cook’s problems is that he sees these immigrants in question mistakenly. He sees them as no different from the urbane, worldly, almost agnostic Middle Easterners he went to school with, has dinner with at swanky international hotels, meets with in Dubai, London, Paris, New York, speaks to at conferences like Davos and sees on boards of businesses everywhere.

Does he not know that most of these “refugees” and immigrants from the countries in question are young males of military age? They aren’t coming to the U.S. for midnight basketball or to work at Apple (or some other tech firm). Looking at how they behaved in Europe it would seem clear that they wish to not assimilate but rather create their own little rotten boroughs. I’m sure our Democrats are all for this since they’d make an alliance with these indigestible potatoes.

The number of cute and photogenic families is small and most now seem to have agents peddling their likenesses to the highest bidder.

One also has to wonder whether the openly homosexual Cook even understands what the more dedicated Islamists that he wants to import do to people such as he. People like him go nuclear instantly when a Christian opens their mouth to utter some meek platitude. What are they going to do in the face of a deep-believing hardcore Muslim that feels empowered to bend people to his will. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Mr. Cook.

Much of Cook’s lament seems to gloss over these prospective reality problems. He refuses to acknowledge that there could be a problem at all. Other than with the bigots in America, that is. They are the real problem in his eyes.

No, Cook, seems to see this all as a stumbling block to more Apple business. If everyone just had an iPhone and an iPad they could communicate so much better (no doubt terrorists would love to have some iPhones and iPads, the better to plot and plan).

Then there would be no problem at all as everyone holds hands in an Apple-ized version of the famous Coca-Cola commercial. (I can’t believe Apple hasn’t ‘rebooted’ this commercial for their own cynical, craven use!)


A Lying President

Imagine if a Republican president said that a long-time ally supported his crowning diplomatic initiative (after his previous several had collapsed) while at the same time that ally was being openly critical of the deal. And the defense minister of that ally issued a searing take-down of the deal and made it very clear that the ally did not support the deal. And then imagine that the Republican president then became furious and forced the offending ministry to frog walk a public apology.

You know that this “The President Lied” story would be front page news and run a 24-hour cycle for weeks at the cable news networks while various Democrats called for an investigation, an apology to the ally and maybe even talk of impeachment.

So we learn that a Democrat president, aka King Barry I, recently did just that, crowing that Israel had performed a volte face and dumped their criticism of the Iran deal, Otard’s (latest) crowning diplomatic achievement.

The problem is that Israel had done no such thing and immediately and publicly said so.

This infuriated our Glorious Leader — how dare Israel contradict the all-knowing Obama. He specifically demanded that the very critical Israeli defense ministry reel in its criticism of Obama’s foolishness.

So we are left with the fact that the president of the United States blatantly lied about an ally’s support on a very important diplomatic move and yet this major story is almost impossible to find in the U.S. media. Why is that?

Here’s details from the Times of Israel and an editorial from the New York Post.

One additional point. Why did Obama go out of his way to make up this lie (to preview what a Clinton presidency will look like?)? Did he dream that Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly agreed with Obama (Netanyahu is known to loathe Obama and considers him a feckless amateur)? Did he think that he was just so smart that Israel would change its mind in awe of Obama’s genius? Did someone tell him that Israel changed its tune and he simply didn’t bother to confirm it? Did he think that he could just publicly co opt/bully Israel into backing the immensely foolish Iranian deal?

I don’t know but whatever, the man is clearly deranged. And they call Trump unfit to be president.

Benghazi and the Persian Gulf Incident

Just a few quick takes here on the Persian Gulf incident this week. Clearly, there’s a lot that’s been made public that doesn’t make any sense. And, truthfully, there’s a lot we don’t know and will never know.

Both boats had navigation problems? At the same time? These are highly sophisticated, capable and well-equipped craft. Traditionally, the Navy teaches navigation skills. But in these days of the PC Navy, maybe not (math is involved and girls aren’t good at math so mathy things have to go — that comment ought to generate some heat!). Tip to the swabbies, keep friendly coast on your right shoulder (starboard side — do they still teach that or is that some how a microaggression?) and you won’t go wrong.

Both boats got lost? These are riverine craft supposedly following the coast from Kuwait to Bahrain. Anyone could navigate these craft — keep the coastline on your right at all times (see above). Do not venture into the open sea. Follow those two instructions and you’ll never be close to Iranian waters, you’ll be in Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian and Bahraini waters the whole time.

Both boats had engine problems? At the same time? These are highly sophisticated, capable and well-equipped craft. They drifted 50 something miles in a short time? They have anchors, right? If you find you’re drifting, drop anchor and orient the boat into the tide/wind to minimize resistance. Does anyone know if they had paddles onboard? Could they have paddled a short distance and beached the craft on Kuwaiti/Saudi/Bahraini coast? I don’t know the answers to those questions.

Both boats had radio/coms problems? At the same time? These are highly sophisticated, capable and well-equipped craft. It’s been mentioned that the Iranians were somehow jamming communications. A broadband jam of that level, essentially enveloping a whole region and multiple bands should have made the U.S. Navy more than a little curious about what was going on.

Speaking of the U.S. Navy. Why was there no overhead coverage? Communications go down and no one thinks to check on the boats? There’s no E2 or surveillance-recon/early warning/coms aircraft aloft over the area? No helicopters? No drones keeping an eye on the Iranians (especially on the Iranian naval ops at Farsi Island)?

This circles back to the night of Benghazi. We’re spending $600 billion a year on the military and when something goes sideways, it can’t react. Despite having two airbases (Sigonella and Aviano) within combat aircraft range (Aviano definitely has combat aircraft at it), nothing was done at Benghazi. I’m not even including possible naval and ground force (military, covert and contractor) assets in the region.

Ditto here. There are naval vessels in the region. There are air assets currently fighting ISIS in the region.

Of course, you can have all the tools in the world but if the craftsman can’t or won’t use them…

I won’t comment on the quality of the crews beyond noting that they looked a little shabby and inexperienced.

I’m not going to comment beyond the story that the boats were transiting down the southern coast of the Persian Gulf and somehow were scooped up by Iranian forces.

I will offer a theory on the quick release. I suspect that the Revolutionary Guards naval forces grabbed the boats, likely, without the full authorization of Tehran. Once notified of the capture, Tehran told the guards to keep the GPS equipment but cut the sailors and the boats loose because they had a deal cooking and the caper was at a most inopportune time and could foul that deal. Today we learned that we freed some Iranian terrorist types for some U.S. hostages. Those sailors are lucky that deal was happening or they’d have been in a similar situation as the British sailors seized in 2007 while inspecting a merchant smuggler off the Iraqi coast.

The Obama administration is clearly lying about a few things but that’s like noting that the sky is blue. Like the Clintons, the O admin seems to lie even about things that they have no reason to lie about. For many people, especially liberals, lying is a way of life. It’s a way of controlling the situation, the conversation and, ultimately, people.

Last thoughts — it’s foolish to deploy military forces and be unwilling to use them or let them defend themselves. The Iranian naval base on Farsi Island, long a thorn in the sides of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other users of the Persian Gulf, needs to be removed and any subsequent attempts to re-establish it need to be met with extreme force. We have the capabilities of doing that, we just don’t have the leadership.

The American Thinker has a good piece on this (it’s not the only one).

Somebody’s Not Telling the Truth

I return again to our lying president and his “deal” with Iran.

Clearly, somebody’s not telling the truth. It’s being reported in a number of places that, at several locations, notably Parchin, Iran will in effect be investigating itself. That is, it will provide the samples and evidence to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The commission’s inspectors will not be allowed access to military facilities but will accept Iranian-provided air and soil,etc., samples.

Is that a joke?

No, apparently it’s part of a number of “side deals” that have been made and are being made with Iran. These deals are “secret” so only a handful of people know what’s in them and they refuse to tell. Let me walk out on a limb here and offer that those “secret” deals are probably not too favorable for the free world.

Pray, tell, Mr. President, why are there secret deals on the side?

As news of these began to break out, the White House went into overdrive in attacking the messengers. How dare they question the deal of the century, made by the smartest occupant of the White House evuh!?

Terms like “robust” and “unprecedented” inspections are tossed out yet somehow those don’t square with what we’re learning. And they never squared with what was reported that the Iranians were telling their people. From their press, admittedly a biased source, the Iranians were taking a victory lap, proclaiming they had faced down the Great Satan and were going to get most everything they had wanted, including very limited inspections and none where the actual dirty work of bomb designing and building was taking place.

Are these inspections really “robust” and “unprecedented”? Are they, as Dear Leader keeps insisting, essentially “Anytime, anywhere?” Or are they a sham? Somebody is going to be right and someone is going to be wrong about this.

This isn’t a disagreement about the tonnage of annual fish catches or whether a border should be on one side of a river or another, this is dealing with a country that holds “Death to America” rallies and officially believes in a religion that rewards its members for killing those it shouts “Death to…” (I know, our illustrious prez knows more about Islam than the Iranians and they have it all wrong so there’s nothing to worry about…) (David French has a good take on Obama, foreign policy wonk, here.)

And with those assurances that all is well, here’s IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano on this apparent dilemma: “I am disturbed by statements suggesting that the IAEA has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to Iran. Such statements misrepresent the way in which we will undertake this important verification work. The separate arrangements under the Road-map agreed between the IAEA and Iran in July are confidential and I have a legal obligation not to make them public — the same obligation I have for hundreds of such arrangements made with other IAEA member states. However, I can state that the arrangements are technically sound and consistent with our long-established practices. They do not compromise our safeguards standards in any way. The road-map between Iran and the IAEA is a very robust agreement, with strict timelines, which will help us to clarify past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear programme.”

Gotta love that last bit: “will help us to clarify past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear programme.” You can’t get anymore antiseptic than that. The man said absolutely nothing in that clutch of bureaucratese gobbledy-goop beyond “We do what we do which is what we’ve been doing… Now stop bothering us with your petty concerns.”

Notice he didn’t say that the story about the Iranian self-inspections was untrue? He used the weaselly word “misrepresent.” He said he was “disturbed.” He could have said they were wrong: “Our inspectors will have access to the facilities and we’ll conduct the inspections,” but he didn’t. Instead he ultimately invoked secrecy: “… are confidential and I have a legal obligation not to make them public.”

Is he serious? He wants us to “trust” him and a regime bent on our destruction that they’ll behave and be honest? Obama has the same approach.

And now we’re learning that the administration is sending letters out to nations such as China, Germany, France and the U.K. to the effect that the talk about those “snapback” sanctions that Obama recently talked about doesn’t really apply but is just some drivel for the rubes back home to consume. More on that here.

What are we to make of men such as these?