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Dao Played the Race Card

As details emerge from the “Dr.” David Dao-United Airlines incident, it is quickly beginning to resemble an urban myth like “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

It turns out that when Dao was first asked to leave, steeped as he no doubt is in politically correct grievance-mongering, he immediately reached for the race card and asked if he was being asked to leave because he is of Asian descent.

When police officers arrived he challenged them to drag him out of the seat. They proceeded to do that while he squealed like a misbehaving child being sent to “timeout.”

My guess is that Dao is a long-time bully, playing on political correctness to get his way all the time. He’s not used to be told no and thus he reacted like a spoiled child.

This cannot stand. Terrorist planners watching this incident are taking notes and will see that the best way to get onboard, possibly unexamined, will be to send a minority who will play the race card if confronted. Or play the Islamophobia card.

If Dao triumphs, most gate and ground crew will simply avoid examining or confronting a minority for fear of their jobs and retribution from Twitter mobs and possibly PC enforcers in the government.

We have been warned.

Hillary’s “Right” to Admission

I’m belatedly getting around to this great Power Line post, “Hillary: The Third World Has a ‘Right’ to Move to the United States.

This piece commenting on her declaration that everyone on the planet has the right to not only come to the United States, but must be admitted. The illegal part of illegal immigration completely disappears.

I suspect that this policy position probably even makes some liberals nervous and that it is why immigration was not brought up at this week’s Clinton-Trump debate.

It’s an extraordinarily radical position to take. It would have likely put Clinton into a bad light and the media doesn’t want that to happen. It would have also possibly given Trump a strong issue and the media dang sure doesn’t want that to happen in a public forum watched by millions of undecided voters.

To “conservatives” unsure of whether to vote for Trump, this position alone should concentrate your mind.

I’ll also point back to my post “The Madness of the Liberal,” wherein I question the sanity of allowing in people who clearly hate the United States and will clearly, upon admission, work to undermine them.

I am pro-immigration for high-quality people who come here to help, work hard and be free but our current immigration policy, under the control of the liberal mindset, actually seems to seek out the opposite — lower-quality third worlders from cultures hostile to the concepts of free markets, democracy, Western Judeo-Christian civilization and toleration.

As I said before, Hillary Clinton delenda est.

If You See Something, Say Something

Maybe you’ve seen that PSA telling viewers to report suspicious activities.

I recently got a flyer in the mail from the local power company, Dominion Power.

It encourages its customers to report suspicious activities or persons they might see near pipeline, power lines, substations, generating stations, etc.

Protecting America’s infrastructure is everyone’s responsibility,” it blares from the center panel. It even offers “The Seven Signs of Terrorism” and provides a handy 800 number for Dominion Corporate Security.

This all sounds good and is actually quite helpful.

Then it provides a list of what to report and… uh… well, someone is going to lose a job and anyone following these instructions and providing that information will be branded a bigot and racist.

In these days of hyper-political correctness; days of “Black Lives Matter”-driven propaganda; newspapers that refuse to identify the race of miscreants or suspects or stories asking for public cooperation — Be On the Look Out (BOLO); a president that insists that Islam has little or nothing to do with Islamic-fueled terrorism; an obsession with identity politics and seeking to paint oneself as a put-upon victim; the pamphlet says “When observing a person… note personal characteristics… Age, Gender, Body art, piercings… Race, ethnicity…”

Whoa! Did that say “Race, ethnicity”? I think you know how dangerous it would be for the reporter to actually note the race or guess at the ethnicity of a putative terrorist. The reporter would be the one deemed an enemy rather than the prospective terrorist.

That’s how upside down liberals have made things.

Khan’s Con

A couple of thoughts on Khizr Khan and his spat with Donald Trump.

Mr. Khan, who killed your son? Jews? Christians? Buddhists? Animists? Zoroastrians? Unitarians? Secular Humanists? No, your co-religionists – Muslims.

Mr. Khan doesn’t seem to care that his son was killed by the very people that Mr. Khan is defending as peaceful. Does that not strike anyone as ironic?

Mr. Khan seems to see the enemy not as Muslim radicals seeking to enslave all to a Muslim caliphate but rather as someone who wants to stop that. In Khan’s eyes Donald Trump is the real enemy.

That of course follows in the wake of the traditional leftist, who sees the real enemy not as someone outside of the country seeking that country’s destruction or conquest, but instead sees his fellow citizens resisting that course as the true enemy.

Mr. Khan seems to be using his son’s noble death for cheap political purposes. Is that what his son would have wanted? His son was trying to prove that Muslims can be enlisted and trusted in the war against Islamofascism. Mr. Khan is arguing the opposite. He’s actually making the point that he is a Muslim first and an American second. He saves his anger and energy for attacking Americans with whom he disagrees rather than his son’s killers.

Oh, and Mr. Khan, I too have a copy of the Constitution. It allows for Congress to set the guidelines/restrictions for immigrants. Pray, tell, what does yours say? Do you think there can be no restrictions on immigration? If so, you’ve been grossly misinformed or have erroneously interpreted the Constitution. Don’t worry, those of us born here can guide you, if you’d let us, rather than fight us.

My final note is to direct you to this awesome piece from Ray Starmann and this one from Chris Mark.

More Mush From the Wimps

I’ve been a little “out of pocket” with a family emergency lately so I’m playing catch up (and I might be for some time).

I’m not surprised at the endless news stories on all the various “candle light vigils” and other memorials set up in cities, most of them not Orlando, to “show solidarity” with the “LGBT community” post-Orlando. People, usually “LGBT”-types proudly boasting that they “will not be intimidated.” One lady quoted several times on CBS Radio during the week clucked in typically Obama-esque pseudo’Hood lingo that terrorists (er, ‘haters,’ that is) couldn’t “come to my town and get away with this.” But I seriously doubt she was joining the war effort. More likely she was heading for some kind of “LGBT” “rights” rally. She was going to demonstrate her disapproval and that was really going to show those terrorists who was boss.

And it would.

You can give the “LGBT community” (a phrase uttered ad nauseum this week) all the “rights” its most radical members desire and that won’t do a thing to stop terrorism.

Terrorists know that they can inflict damage and death with relative safety under the Obama Regency. They laugh at a people whose response to a mass attack is to collect in saccharine gatherings where everyone stands around and congratulates themselves on how superior the departed were, how those in attendance are really caring and essentially find reasons not to respond “with more violence” or simply change the subject completely (looking at you Obama, Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Chris Murphy, whole Democratic Party, et al). “Gun Control is what we need!” “We need more special rights for the ‘LGBT’ community!” “This happened because the haters won’t let the trannies into the women’s room!” etc.

To do anything but mention the perpetrator and his reasons. If we refuse to analyze the reasoning of our opponents and then devote our efforts to eliminating the reasons and/or the opponents, we’ve lost.

Our intellectual elites seem to think that they can shame the terrorists into changing their behavior. That they can cast their eye of disapproval and sign a petition that will stop the terrorists. That these terrorists are no different than the lone Republican at the city council meeting or the Christian florist down the street who can be bullied into submission.

The terrorists actually like this response. It plays right into their hands. Have all the candle light vigils and petition-signing KY parties you want, terrorist command functionaries cheer. Show that “solidarity with the LGBT community!” It’s easier to kill you in unarmed groups and that is our job and only goal, they plot.

It’s like sheep gathering out into an open field and promising to do even less in their defense. “Feast away wolves! You’ll eat so many of us that you’ll get sick and who’ll have the last laugh then! ‘We shall overcome…’”

And, of course, these sheople are at constant war with their shepherd dogs. “Why must you be so violent?” “Why can’t you get along with the wolves?” “Have you tried a vegan diet? “You’re no different than them anyway…” “The cycle of violence…blah, blah, blah.”

I’ve gone through this whole screed doing something similar to what Obama, Hilary and most Democrats have done in the wake of the Orlando shootings, not mention Islam. Fail to point to the prime cause of this attack.

So I will make this clear, we are at war with Islam. Call it a “radical” branch of Islam if you wish but it is an Islamic cause. The people involved in this branch are very serious. They take their cause very seriously. They are devoting their lives to it. They have one goal — Islamic domination. In their view you either, join, submit or die. There are no other options.

There terrorists will not be softened or persuaded by our attempts to reason with them, “understand” them or accommodate them. This is not a debate (for them). This is not a city council vote concerning new designs for crosswalks near a school. They view such responses as weakness and conclude that such responses are proof that the terrorists have the true cause. After all, they reason, if the effete people and leaders of the west (or the Crusaders) don’t have strong feelings for their cause or even their own survival, why should they be spared?

This group likely numbers in the upper tens of thousands with tens of millions of sympathizers across the world. And as long as they can do what they did in Orlando (or Paris) with no push back, they’ll have more sympathizers. A lot of people like to follow the winner. There might be hundreds of millions of Muslims who do not follow these people but as long as they keep quiet (possibly intimidated), they need to be understood as unallied with us.

Failure to identify and acknowledge an enemy is a recipe for disaster. As long as the willful blindness of the intelligentsia continues, these things will continue.

Is Obama a Terrorist Sympathizer?

After his, to be generous, rote performance concerning the Orlando shootings, it seems clear to me that President Obama has sympathies for terrorists of a certain flavor.

We know from his past that he has ex-Weather Underground terrorist friends and political allies (e.g. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn). He’s almost certainly met with others such as Angela Davis, surviving Black Panthers, and many of his early mentors in the “community activist” world have questionable pasts. Obama, no doubt, views these people as noble and working for good causes. He accepts that they needed to break a few rules to do the greater good — AKA, the ends justified the means. So starting at this point, Obama, certainly further than any president ever, does not find terrorism to be an unacceptable or disqualifying activity (at least for those doing what he wants). He likely sees the need to go that far as demonstrating one’s true commitment to a cause (if it’s one he agrees with, that is; Tea Party people, for instance, are not considered in the same way).

Of course there’s Obama’s whole academic career, transparent and dark at the same time. Academia is a cesspool of terrorist worship, especially in the elite schools.

Moving on another line, I think that Obama’s charitable view of Islam is dominated by his own experience as a child in Indonesia. He spent a few years in a Muslim-dominated community and, as we have seen in numerous cases, considers himself an expert on Islam. This leads to his inability to attribute the actions of Muslim terrorists to Islam, no matter how many times they say the are motivated exclusively by Islam. Obama, in his Pope of Islam mode, feels he knows more about what is true Islam than these people who have spent their whole lives as Muslims. Obama looks back to his own past and sees his young play chums. He just can’t imagine they’d grow up to be bad people therefore there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist, in his reasoning. He pushes it a little further and, voila!, he absolves Islam of being responsible for any terror or any bad conduct anywhere — because, tautologically, that is not “true” Islam!

And, naturally, reinforcing these leanings, is the standard liberal hate-America, America-is-responsible-for-all-that-is-bad mindset, which causes him to look everywhere else for the cause of a terrorist act other than the one obvious explanation. In many cases the exact causation is provided by the perpetrator but Det. Obama is on the case and he’ll find the “one true” cause. Hence we are constantly subjected to Obama’s refusal to name Islam as any kind of motivating force but rather the problem is guns or American diplomatic, military and business activities in the Middle East or insufficient spending on educational opportunities or… Well… anything but Islam.