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Don Beyer – Hack Representative

Given the choice between doing his Constitutional, Congressional and traditional duty of representing his constituents in an important Constitutional and historical process or being a rank Democratic Party hack flunkee, my Congressional representative, Don Beyer, chose the latter by saying he would “boycott” the Trump presidential inauguration.

He lamely whined that The Donald insulted women during the campaign. Apparently Hillary Clinton’s insults fell on his deaf ears.

It’s all part of the Dems’ plan to delegitimize Trump, making their increasingly antidemocratic activities more acceptable. If there’s a party that would attempt a coup, it is the Democrats. Be forewarned and forearmed.

These groups have been aided by, at least two local schools, The American University and Georgetown University. Both have allowed groups openly planning to “disrupt” the inaugural to use their facilities to plan and organize their possibly illegal activities. The American University even went so far as to ban reporters from covering these nefarious activities (not that the reporters would have reported anything negative), by claiming that a “media review” hadn’t been “completed.” For some inexplicable reason Washington reporters never tramp onto the Georgetown campus though several went there as undergrads.

In other Washington inauguration news, the local radio news station in Washington, WTOP, merrily sputters along seemingly guided now only by talking points issued by the Democratic National Committee (usually via the Washington Post, New York Times or Associated Press).

Today they seemed to feature more stories about people protesting or planning to disrupt the inaugural than straight stories about the inaugural itself. And the reporters certainly did not offer any judgments on such folks. They were treated as if they were merely visiting to take in the Smithsonian or the Lincoln Memorial. One of them even insisted that they would not accept democratic electoral results that they did not like. The reporter didn’t bat an eye, metaphorically, or even pursue the point; such is the leftist lean of the media that the position doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

Of course, when it was reversed and King Barry I was being sworn in, it was all sweetness and light about how many wonderful people were traveling from the hinterlands for the “historic” events. The possibility that anyone would protest, much less try to disrupt them, was so far from the mind as to be science fiction. Anyone making such a threat would have been cast beyond civilized society.

Ah, but that was different!

Now disruption and dissent are once again the greatest forms of patriotism! (This just a few months after leftists insisted that those not in full obeisance to The One were actual traitors. ‘You can look it up in the Constitution,’ they’d cluck).

Drain the Swamp

One of the most important things that President Trump can do to help America, return it to greatness and assure that it stays that way is to “drain the swamp.”

That is, Trump needs to take on what even Ronald Reagan (much less the Bushes) feared, the vast leftwing conspiracy — academia, bureaucracy, corporations, entertainment, media and NGOs.

I’m going to keep this one brief since I’ll be delving into this in depth.

Trump can aide his reelection (yes, it is never too early to start preparing) or the election of Mike Pence as his successor, with several moves.

Push voter ID. For some reason voter ID seems to depress Democratic turnout. Gosh, I wonder why.

Deport en masse illegal immigrants currently in the prison system or with records. Other illegal immigrants don’t have to be hunted down and corralled. Many will leave if they see simple enforcement of immigration laws. Give a small percentage of those who have behaved themselves a chance to return, legally. Eliminate benefits for those who are here illegally. Move against “sanctuary cities” at the federal funding level. I’m all for states rights but those do not encompass immigration policy. Such a move will impact Democrat voting levels.

And, most importantly, start shrinking the size of the federal Leviathan. Set a number, say 5 or 10% per year.

Many of those workers will leave the Washington area and most will concentrate in other liberal areas. Besides weakening the federal government and clipping its mischievousness, it might return Virginia to its red state status. It was the mushrooming of the government over the last two decades which turned once red Fairfax County into a blue monstrosity which overwhelms the rest of the state. Maryland and D.C. cannot be recovered.

On the larger scale, smaller federal employee numbers also drain the Democratic Party of financial resources and the ability to project party power and harass political opponents. So along with saving taxpayers money, freeing them from the government thumb, this is a win-win. There’s simply no downside to targeted shrinking of the federal government.

Assassinating Scalia

John Hinderaker has a great piece on the kerfuffle at George Mason University, “Will Liberals’ Posthumous Smears of Justice Scalia Succeed?

The short of the story is that the university’s law school (one of the few with a strong conservative/libertarian presence) recently received a pair of large monetary gifts (totaling $30 million), one of which may be conditioned on renaming the school for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Of course this has sent a number of professors at the rest of the school (mostly a typical liberal state school other than its stellar economics department where Walter Williams and Nobel Prize-winning professors like James Buchanan have taught) into conniptions over the proposal. Read the Hinderaker piece.

My real point is that it further demonstrates how liberals politicize everything. I’m sure they could politicize tiddlywinks if they could figure the angle.

The thought that some tiny sliver of academia might not be under their thumb has sent them into full mobilization. They really do want to remove all conservatism from the public square. To make such thoughts verboten. This needs to be understood.

By the way, George Mason, the Founding Father, probably would have liked Scalia.

Pay for Your Own Damn Nomination

As tonight is “Super Tuesday, it brings up a little bugaboo of mine — states paying for the primaries and caucuses of political parties.

In my state of Virginia, primary day, today, is treated as another election day, with some schools closed in the hosting of polling places. It is state-owned equipment that is used for the voting and tabulating. I’m not grooving on that.

In my opinion, the political parties should pay for and conduct their own nominations and voting.

Now, if a particular state wants to pay for these things, they should be up front with their citizens rather than pretending it’s part of the larger federal election process and sliding it into the state budget. Let them lay out the costs to the state and let them explain why these things are done. I suspect if a state did so they’d find push back from many about paying for the costs of what are actually private political parties (as you can probably imagine I also loathe that presidential public-funding fund and the whole idea of the public funding of campaigns).

Just a thought.

George Mason Would Not Be Proud

I’m watching the George Mason University/University of Dayton basketball game on TV.

Sadly, the announcers just informed us that Mason’s students are wearing for the game “green” t-shirts which promote GMU basketball on the front and clean energy and zero emissions on the back. Mason’s colors are green and gold, so there’s a clever indoctrination angle for these free t-shirts.

This is a rather sad thing for George Mason. It’s one of the few state schools in the U.S. where some conservatives have been able to survive and even prosper. It’s economics department has been the home of many solid conservatives such as Jim Buchanan and Walter Williams. It’s law school has developed a strong and conservative reputation, thanks to the work of people like Henry Manne. There’s also a strong libertarian intellectual strain at the school.

I’m sure that the real George Mason would find such shenanigans silly and blatant thought control disturbing. Just another example of how the left makes itself omnipresent and insistent. A simple basketball game can be used for messaging. The left will never sleep until we are all under its control, all of the time. There will be no refuge.

In My Mailbox

As an off-year election approaches (we have those in Virginia), I’m getting lots of stuff in my mailbox — the actual one, not an email inbox.

Almost all of it is from the Virginia Democratic party.

Here’s what the Democrats promise.

  • Lots of free stuff (like phones, broadband Internet)
  • Free college or cheap loans (that will be forgiven — wink-wink)
  • Free health care (or cut-rate health care)
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Raise taxes (on the other guy)
  • More regulations (on other businesses, not yours)
  • Mandating that small businesses magically appear and succeed
  • Passing “Common Sense” gun laws (we’ll tell you what they are later)
  • Putting “Families First”
  • Diversity!
  • Subsidized, sorry, “Affordable” housing (make developers pay for this)
  • Fund education (give schools and teachers’ unions whatever they want)
  • Fund infrastructure spending (you can’t spend enough on this)
  • Install green energy everywhere, now!

The scary thing is that they are serious and many actually seem to believe these unicorn farts.

I get nothing from local or state Republicans. It might be because I’m in bright blue Arlington, Va. It might be because of incompetence.

I do get a few jumbo post cards from “independents” running for office in Arlington County. They aren’t exactly conservative, but they are usually slightly less liberal than the Democrats. They were certainly effective in defeating the inane “street car” plan. “Hey, Portland has a street car system and it’s a cool city. Don’t we want to be cool too?” — the county board repeated as a mantra for several years as they pushed the idea through until it was overwhelmingly rejected last year when their handpicked county board candidate was obliterated by an “independent” who ran against the street car proposal.