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A Trump Gift

I just came from checking in on my Yahoo! Sports fantasy hockey team. Whenever you log out of your fantasy team you are dumped onto Yahoo!’s news page. It has for months done nothing more on the political front than run anti-Trump stories. I have yet to see a positive story or anything negative on Hillary Clinton.

That’s not an accident.

Sadly, this is typical of every major news outlet (with the exception of Fox News and it has been drifting leftward lately).

If nothing else, Donald Trump needs to be congratulated for wiping away any doubt (if there had remained) that the American news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm and disinformation agent for the Democratic Party.

I’ll not catalog their calumny beyond noting that if a Republican candidate had Hillary Clinton’s record of incompetence and criminality they’d have been destroyed long ago. Clinton makes Nixon and Harding look like choirboys. Her email server and the compromising of American secrets, American institutions and employees under her may be unmatched in history. The failure of the media to even do the basic in reporting is unforgivable.

So what to do?

I doubt the media will reform itself. Liberals do not hire conservatives or anyone that isn’t going to toe the line and swear fealty to gods of liberalism. And increasingly the corporate suites are packed with liberals — many now out of the closet and unafraid to use their companies as weapons of mass destruction against their American enemies and in servitude to international socialism.

One thing that can be done is to boycott what you can. After the hockey season I expect I’ll abandon Yahoo! completely. Does anyone know a good fantasy sports website? I have to admit that Yahoo! did fantasy sports well.

I make it a point to avoid linking to MSM (e.g. major networks, Washington Post, et al) stories in the blog. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. It’ll cut down on the click numbers for them.

Don’t buy their papers. I doubt sending letters to the editors mean anything any longer. I think they just dismiss the writers as racists, Nazis, bigots, etc.

Avoid the big TV networks and their programming.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m now boycotting the NFL, NBA and NCAA. I haven’t slipped yet and supposedly ratings for the NFL are down.

I’m learning and enjoying hockey and catching the last of the baseball season. I’m watching golf more and David Feherty is clearly a conservative but politics are basically left out of these sports and no one seems impelled to let the viewers know how hip, cool or progressive they are.

The liberal media corporations (and their sports allies) need to feel the consequences of their actions.


Adam, I’m So Disappointed in You

The biggest mistake I made with my fantasy baseball team this year was letting Adam Jones go. I’m a big Jones fan but he started the year with the dreaded “oblique” injury and was batting around .200 for the first month or so of the season. It was looking like a “lost” year and I’ve long had a habit of loyally holding onto players too long.

So I cut him loose and the next day he started on the tear that he is still on. Oy!

And that’s why I’m so disappointed in him playing the race card.

Baseball is a white man’s game,” says the baseball-playing black multimillionaire.

Why is it a “white man’s game”? Apparently because the black participation level of the MLB is 8% and the overall black population of the U.S. measures around 13% percent.

Wow! Sounds like the KKK is hard at work in baseball!

So is that really a bad thing, Adam? The NBA and NFL are over 2/3 black. Does that make basketball and football “black men’s” sports? They are far more “racially” disproportionate than MLB and yet the only complaints there are that there are not enough black skins in all aspects of those two sports.

One gets the feeling that the complainers won’t be happy until the sports, perhaps all sports, are 100% (or more!) “black.”

The writer of an article quoting Jones, the dependably moronic liberal Tim Brown, begins it with the obligatory roping in of Jackie Robinson, in the form of his daughter, Sharon. She laments that there aren’t enough “brown faces” on the baseball field. A mighty racist statement but Robinson and Brown see it as a plea to right a grievous wrong. As if the sport’s participation level has to magically align with the population (if not exceed it) so that some kind of racial nirvana is reached.

Brown, a white liberal, then begins the slow implication that, somehow, pro baseball must be racist because not enough blacks, by liberals’ accounts, are playing the game. In his eyes it is guilty and has to prove itself innocent. The typical liberal accusation.

One of the damning stats he brings in is that baseball is “27% Latin American,” with the implication that the Hispanics are taking jobs from urban (‘Compton’) blacks.

Now when Donald Trump says something like that people like Tim Brown go nuclear and want Trump banished from society yet Brown keeps that in his back pocket and whips it out to comb his liberal pompadour.


He then goes into the typical, decades-, now generations-old, demand for affirmative action, outreach programs, hand-holding, special treatment by skin color, etc. All to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why must liberals reflexively view everything through a racial prism? Why must sports be seen as “racial”? Why must liberals politicize everything?


NCAA Decides to Punish North Carolina

No, no, not the University of North Carolina and the long-running investigation of academic fraud and the university’s sports program’s relationship to a pair of black-oriented academic “departments” that handed out positive grades to hundreds of athletes over many years so that they could stay in school.

No, the NCAA would never drop the hammer on a powerful school like UNC — better to hammer small private schools for minor infractions.

What I’m talking about here is the NCAA deciding to punish the state of North Carolina for its refusal to grant special rights to sexually confused people (and sexual predators) to choose what restroom/locker room/dressing to use and not be prosecuted for trespassing as 99% of the population would be.

Admittedly, the NCAA’s protection of the disturbed, perverted or scary seems odd but it is an institution taken over by liberals. And they will use their institution as a hammer to get their way, help their allies or promote the destruction of decent society.

So to punish the insufficiently progressive state the NCAA has decided not to play any “Championships” in North Carolina.

Yet, if the NCAA feels that North Carolina is such a horrible place for its friends, that they are threatened or at a minimum proscribed in the very practice of their being (I pervert, therefore I am), why do they not demand that no NCAA games or events ever be played in the state?

Going to the bathroom or disrobing wherever the hell you want has never been a right. It’s not a right for anyone. We ALL have to get along and be cognizant of our neighbors.

Besides, these types of state and community codes  are long-established. These are not new and the LGBTQEIEIO community” has always understood that it need to curb its desires for the good of the community. This is not some kind of damaging stricture. It is a simple expectation that they will behave as everyone else in the state behaves.  No one is being tossed on a fire. It’s human history.

So, c’mon, tough guys, go for it. Don’t do the Nancy-Boy “Championships”-only tack but step up to the plate like men. If you feel that strongly on the “Championships” why doesn’t that translate to all the time? Or do you think the N.C. code of conduct only pertains to around “Championships” time? Well, it doesn’t.

All of which reveals that this move isn’t about some bizarre definition of “civil rights,” but is rather a power play. An allegedly academic organization is trying to control a whole state. To make it dance to the NCAA’s sick tune. To garner special rights for its friends to not be prosecuted for behavior that others will be.

It wants to make the state feel some financial pain.

And it makes it clear that the NCAA doesn’t respect the Constitution or the concept of individual states being different than other states or allowing them to mostly govern themselves.

Well, I encourage the state to hold strong. It too has weapons. It can withhold money sent by state schools to the NCAA — for the NCAA’s discriminatory practices (hang the libs with their own ‘equal access’ canard). If the NCAA has any operations (like all those NCAA games) in the state, its tax exempt status can be revoked and then sued for those moneys. North Carolina’s senators and representatives in Congress can do the same thing. The NCAA is a cash cow so forcing it to pony-up taxes will definitely be felt.

It also needs to understand that its demand for special rights for less 1% of the population, and a mentally unstable lot at that, is a hostile act against a far larger number of people.

And I’ll do my part. As sports is increasingly politicized, aggressively, by liberals, I find my sports watching options shrinking. I abandoned the NFL years ago when it decided that people like Rush Limbaugh were unacceptable. I had avoided most NCAA football games over a number of issues — favoritism shown to large state schools, the obsession with money, the chaos among conferences, etc. — fro several years. I had been watching small conference games for the most part. I abandoned the NBA earlier this year over Adam Silver’s decision to make the NBA an arm of the Democratic Party (they had been on probation with me for a number of things) and now I’m going to have to abandon college basketball and the other NCAA sports too.

I’m now watching more baseball, hockey and I’m learning golfers’ names on The Golf Channel.

As I’ve said, make no mistake on this, these people are at war with us. And if they have to they will destroy every institution in America to get their way. They do not hide the fact that they view themselves as creating a new America. They think the old one stinks.

And we are supporting our own destruction by supporting them.

One last, semi-related point. At the bottom of a Yahoo! Sports story on this topic was one of those recommended stories listings. Here they were: “A man punched and grabbed protesters at a Trump rally in North Carolina;” “One of North Carolina’s most prestigious universities is backing the NCAA boycott;” and “A man punched and choked protesters at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina.”

Jeebus Frickin’ Christ, Yahoo! Can you be anymore liberal?

Addendum: The Atlantic Coast Conference has decided to follow the NCAA’s lead and pull out of select North Carolina-based events. This definitely could get some serious action since the basketball tournament has traditionally been played in Greensboro. There might be some actually legal maneuvering on that front.

Yahoo! Sports and Politics

It’s no secret and I’ve complained many times about Yahoo! Sports promotion of liberal politics. The site is obsessed with homosexuality (promoting its activity among athletes, notably in the locker rooms). It never misses a chance to pigeon-hole people along the line of taking note everytime “The first (fill in minority group here) to “fill in accomplishment here,” no matter how petty that accomplishment is. Sometimes it seems to single-handedly keep the “Offensive Mascots” debate alive. Racial politics (they’re for it) have been particularly popular lately. And it never misses a chance to say something nice about Barack Obama or take a shot at any athlete that is openly conservative (e.g. Curt Schilling, Tim Tebow).

On Friday it went to a new level. Sitting at the second spot in its feature stories section was “Inside the First Family’s 16-Day Summer Getaway at Martha’s Vineyard.” This wasn’t some news insert or a sponsored story but rather it was tagged as an NBA story. I refused to click on it though it seems possible that an NBA player or several were vacaying with the First Fan.

To add to the Obamafest were two more stories in the subhead position — “Here’s what Obama is reading” and “Golf sets the pace on vacation.” (Talk about a Duh! Story.)

I’ll not comment on the Obama’s family love of their taxpayer-funded vacations.

There simply is no excuse for such stories on a sports portal. Well, other than their editors and contributors are Democrats and they want to politicize everything in our lives.


Adam’s Appalling Plan

I caught NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Summer League press conference on Tuesday night. Of the three or so big issues he addressed, he went after the scheduled 2017 NBA  All-Star game in Charlotte, N.C. He said that the NBA had yet to make a decision on whether to change the venue. He didn’t mention why they would change venues concerning a long-scheduled commitment but everyone knows it’s because of the “North Carolina Restroom Law.” Silver doesn’t like the law, preferring to grant sexually confused men special rights to use whatever restroom they wish to use – everyone else be damned. When Adam doesn’t like something he expects changes to be made.

Silver, long suspected to be gay, is using the NBA to promote homosexuality and, along the same line, getting it increasingly involved in political issues. In response to a question about the growing political stances (all liberal) that players, teams and the league have taken lately, Silver proudly approved and wanted more. For him everything is political. He’s a deep believer in the left-wing cant that “The personal is the political.”

That is the mentality that dominated the Soviet Union, Red China and other liberal-run countries. Everything was seen through a political lens, especially things like sports. No aspect of daily life could be considered a safe refuge from politics and it eventually led to a society where you were judged (and eventually condemned) on your politics.

That’s the world the liberals and Democrats want to institute. They must be resisted.

On a similar track, another Yahoo! Sports hack writer, Ben Rohrbach, “reported” on four Minneapolis cops walking off a part-time security gig at a WNBA game when members of the Minnesota Lynx wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

Rohrbach castigated the officers for their action. He applauded the gals for their racism however. In the writer’s mind, some opinions are acceptable or even commendable while others (the cops’) are to be condemned.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Criminals Gotta Criminal

One wouldn’t need to look much further than this article at Yahoo! Sports reporting the death of an NBA player to see damning evidence of what has gone wrong in this country.

“Shams Charania of The Vertical” offers up the blandest, sanitized, least-negative judgmental account of the death possible of Bryce Dejean-Jones. It’s filled with lots of positive judgments, solopsism and the obligatory “he was just getting his life back on track” malarkey. The team sent out its “It is with deep sadness… had such a promising future ahead of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bruce’s family during this difficult time.” Dejean-Jones (yeah, those two-name last names no longer hint at British semi-nobility but rather the thug these days). His agent topped that with a lachrymose, “Bryce was such an incredible person to represent as a client… Bryce was turning the corner in his life and in his career. He was an undrafted player, someone who had so much turmoil throughout his life. Now, he had a contract with the Pelicans and was rehabbing well with his broken wrist. He had come such a long way and we were all proud of him. ”

So, was dear Bryce killed running into a burning building and trying to save someone? Did he die of a disease that he had been fighting? Hit by a drunk driver? Did he pass away while climbing Mt. Everest?

Eh, Shams just blithely notes, almost, but not quite, in passing, “According to the Dallas Police Department, police responded to a shooting at an apartment and found Dejean-Jones collapsed in the apartment breezeway. Dejean-Jones allegedly kicked in the front door of the apartment and entered, the resident told police. The resident called out to Dejean-Jones from the bedroom but received no answer, according to the report. Dejean-Jones then allegedly kicked in the bedroom and the resident fired his gun.”

Okay, that seems to kind of be important information. Maybe it’s just me but I think such info might cast some doubt on the whole Bryce is a good person and had cleaned up a fuzzy life. But instead, the majority of the story focuses on the “tragic” loss of this short-term contract player for the New Orleans Pelicans, who had actually spent most of the season in the D-League.

The article also backhandedly mentions that he spent a four-year college career at three different schools (two of which are known as havens for ‘troubled’ players — USC and UNLV). Again, seemingly important information treated as if it was inconsequential.

Shams includes a few quotes from Dejean-Jones on how he was cleaning up his life and “owning up” to his mistakes. You know, somehow, I think the kid was fibbing on that one.

A lot of people think that acknowledging an error absolves one of that error. That the slate is washed clean. Then they can move on and make lots more “mistakes,” and then “own up” on those two and repeat the whole cycle.

If the “alleged” story of the break-in is true, Shams’s whole “cleaning up his life” thread collapses.

The story should have been “Pelicans Rookie Killed in Possible Break-In.” It could offer some of the “he was cleaning up his life” gossamer but also should have clearly led with the theme of a possible reversion to his troubled side.

It most definitely should not have led with the polishing of Dejean-Jones as if he was a latter-day St. Francis. Charania treats the whole possibility of a break-in or home invasion as a minor detail. As if it were barely worth mentioning, on par with, he ate at Applebees or stopped at Wal-Mart to get toilet paper before the tragic death that stole such a shining light from us… It’s as if Charania thinks thugging around is simply part of the regular lifestyle of the modern black male athlete — and there are no victims, other than the dead player. The actual victims are just minor characters in the play. Poor Bryce, the gods toyed with his life as if it were all just a Greek play, is the line here.

But we’ve seen this in so many high-profile deaths — Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown most notable. Their deaths involved questionable behavior perpetrated by them at the very least, yet somehow they come out being painted by a large number people as Little Red Riding Hood merrily skipping along when some big, bad white wolf leaps out and randomly kills them. I see that all the time in the Washington, D.C. area. A black thug with a lengthy criminal record is killed, often by the police, and we’re treated to a press conference where the mother or, more likely, the grandmother holds up a picture of the man when he was a cute little kid at church or in junior high. They wail about the “tragedy” of “such a promising young life snuffed out” blah, blah, blah. Some relative proclaims the almost certain innocence of the thug and how, yes, they had made a few mistakes but lately they had been putting their life back together, then possibly hints at a police conspiracy to execute another proud black man… Some church guy intones about “healing the community” and a local politician whine that not enough government money is being spent on community stuff… It’s like “Groundhog Day.”

And then liberals of all types, including journalists like Shams, seem surprised at the rise of Donald Trump and that a large proportion of the non-thug-supporting population (including middle class blacks that do not reflexively support the racial grievance industry — and there is a small group of them) would like to fence off some areas of the country.

Is Something “Offensive” If No One Is Offended? UPDATED

The average common-sensical person would say no.

But your typical liberal would be challenged by that seeming tautological challenge and try to gauge the political angle. They could very well answer yes.

So the Washington Post decided to go for it in a poll asking “Native Americans” whether they were offended by the term “Redskins.” The Post has been one of the ringleaders of the movement to force the Washington Redskins to change their name because it was supposedly offensive. The liberal sports writers and reporters at the Post certainly found it offensive.

Give the Post credit for coming clean and admitting that its poll turned out an answer that ran against its desired result. In fact, the poll pretty much bitch-slapped the Post’s side (I was going to say ‘scalped’ but….). Accordingly 9 out of 10 polled said the term did not offend them.

So once again a liberal shibboleth goes down. Once again liberals claiming to be feeling for others turned out to only be feeling for themselves. And once again political correctness proves to be mental madness.

So are liberals going to be more humble; a bit more circumspect; perhaps willing to examine differing views to their own; proceed more slowly next time and gather some facts; learn from their mistakes; admit they were wrong?

Hell no!

If you think liberals are interested in the facts and will respond rationally and with common sense then you don’t know liberals. That’s what makes them liberals.

Liberals occupy fact-free zones with their anti-fact shields at the ready to fend off any facts that might creep through. Plus, they KNOW they are right about everything because… well, they are liberals. So there! End of discussion.

And sure enough, no sooner was the poll out than Sporting News, in an unsigned article, went into “La, la, la, la, not listening” mode. They deployed several writers to call around and find some “Native Americans” who insisted they were offended and that they were the true “Native Americans,” not those frauds in some poll. Gotta keep the spirit up. It’s a long march.

This issue will go away, like so many others, only when the liberals get their way. Liberals brook no disagreement.

Update: Despite this issue blowing up in their face, Yahoo! Sports, another ringleader in the Change The Name brigade, continues to beat their dead horse. Jay Busbee ran through his Rolodex calling former Redskins to find some, or any, who would still pimp the change-the-name meme. He finally found Tre Johnson, an offensive lineman who played for the team in the 1990s and retired almost 15 years ago. Johnson’s take was so what that no one was offended, it’s still offensive and who cares about the majority anyway…  This is the only article they’ve done on this since yesterday. As I said above, this issue only goes away when the liberals get their way.  Their way is the only way.