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I’m not referring to those pregame partiers.

No, I’m talking about those aggressive drivers who sit on your bumper, trying to push you along.

I was driving home at night a few weeks ago when a vehicle pulled up on me as I traveled down the road. I could tell it was an SUV or pickup because the lights were high so my car interior was filled with light. I figured it was about two feet off my bumper. This continued for about a mile.

I raised my arm and waved. The kindly driver then flashed me with his brights.

Was that an acknowledgment and he’d back off?

No, he just kept on me another mile to the next light — a double left turn. I pulled off to the furthest left lane and the pickup pulled by in the next turn lane. As he went by the gentleman gave me the finger.

What a class act.

Mind you, I was going the speed limit and it was around 8:00 at night on one of the busiest roads in northern Virginia. Still, I made sure my doors were locked.

So we all turned onto Guinea Road and Speed Racer got right onto the back bumper of the next car in front of him. As we ascended the hill that car hopped over into my lane to let the ass-wipe pass by and then he returned to the other lane.

So, I ask you, tailgaters, why do you do what you do? Are you so special that everyone must get out of your way? Think about what you are doing.


Aggressive Driving

One of my biggest peeves (what’s a stronger word than ‘peeve’?) is aggressive driving.

As far as I’m concerned aggressive drivers are selfish and self-centered people. I can’t assign a political leaning to them but I can observe that drivers from bright blue Washington D.C. and Maryland, tend to be particular aggressive. Local northern Virginians are slightly less-so though folks with Obama stickers on their bumpers, inevitably driving expensive cars, often SUVs and crossover vehicles, do seem to be disproportionately aggressive. That wouldn’t be surprising if it were true since so many liberals believe that laws are for other people, not them.

So today’s story.

It was raining, often heavily, this morning. There had been several accidents in the area, including one in an intersection I would have to go through on my way to work.

So as I was heading down Braddock Road I noticed that a BMW crossover was tailgating me. I was giving the ambulance in front of me plenty of room and I was traveling around the speed limit – as I generally do. And it was lightly raining, the road was very wet.

Eventually a gap opened up to my right and the BMW shot into it and whipped by me, cutting in front of me closely on my front end to demonstrate their disapproval of my driving. There was plenty of room to travel further to cut into the lane.

I was just crushed that the person disapproved of my safe driving.

The BMW then gunned it, zipping up to the ambulance and tailgated it for a mile until the ambulance got into a left turn lane. With some free air the BMW shot forward again, probably doing 50 or so until it rolled up another a car. Of course I’d catch up to the Beemer at each red light.

The BMW eventually pulled into a left turn lane — tailgating the car in front of it as usual. As I continued onward and passed by I looked to see who was driving. I have a fascination at seeing who these morons are. It was a middle-aged woman.

I usually don’t see middle-aged women driving aggressively. They’ll be driving minivans incompetently — distracted on phones or by kids — but are rarely aggressive. The aggressive ones tend to be driving expensive coupes (Lexus, BMW, et al) and have D.C. or Maryland plates.

But my real complaint isn’t women drivers but aggressive drivers, any gender.

What is wrong with you people? Are in that much of a hurry? Are you that special that others must get out of your way or we have to watch out for you but you don’t have to look out for us?

People, we all have to share the road. Show some consideration.