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Amy Schumer as Barbie?

This story about Amy Schumer being cast as Barbie in a live action Barbie movie makes one scratch their head.

This isn’t a spoof of Barbie, according to the story.

Schumer isn’t going to ever be confused with the statuesque doll with the “impossible” figure. And her image as of late has morphed from schlub loser chick (where she made her name) to a more politically aggressive “smart” progressive romantic comedy actress. Again, not exactly the resume for Barbie.

Is it possible that Schumer could play it straight?

One would assume that a Barbie movie would be aimed at little girls. Can’t see Schumer going there.

Could she be going for a lighthearted romantic comedy? Maybe but what would be the point of hauling “Barbie” into it since Barbie has never been associated with comedy.

Could this be yet another Baby Boomer fixation, something they can’t seem to let go no matter how much it needs to be pried from their nearly dead hands. They just “have to do something.” That’s the genesis of so many bad ideas that they have inflicted upon humanity over the last five decades.

Can the producers or Schumer be planning to turn their “Barbie” movie into a more political movie? A “rebooted” Barbie? Issuing a feminist slap back at the 1950s and the childhood doll of so many Baby Boomers? Having modern Barbie as a snarky female executive breaking the glass ceiling and proving superior to modern beta male Kens. Her Skipper sidekick could be played by the nouveau svelte Melissa McCarthy.

And never have to rely on her looks.

Or maybe they’ll “doll”-up Schumer and then humiliate her — “proving” that modern frumpiness is the answer to everything and always wins Ken. Or maybe wins Skipper since the LGBTQWERTY crowd needs to be acknowledged at every turn these days.

What would be the point beyond being another vanity project that will cost a surprisingly large amount of money to make, get a huge marketing effort and then lose a lot of money.

Or the idea might just disappear, like so many other Hollywood projects.

But not to let some Hollywood disasters disappear, here’s some more election night treats. Dontcha just love Chelsea Handler’s waterworks. Yeah, Chelsea, women aren’t emotional… Thanks for checking the box on that “stereotype.” Melt, snowflakes! Melt!


Bud Light Party Loses the Vote

Good news! Anheuser-Busch has pulled their disingenuous “Bud Light Party” liberal propaganda program masquerading as an ad campaign ahead of its previously scheduled run (until the election).

Apparently Amy Shumer’s and Seth Rogen’s smarmy commercials packed with “bipartisan” (AKA libtard talking points) disinformation didn’t set so well with beer buyers. Sales were down 5% for the quarter despite a lot of recent high-profile sports events which Bud was advertising within.

Of course the corporate liberals at A-B won’t admit that they might have made a mistake by going all liberal propaganda in simple beer commercials (liberals will politicize everything). A liberal will never admit a mistake if made in the furtherance of socialism. They are framing it as a change in branding and identity that was planned for.

Next up, Lady Gaga ads!

These people need to be fired.But you can bet that they’ll likely get promotions, bonuses and they’ll vote for Hillary (if not contribute to her campaign).

VDH on Trump and Schumer Is Booed

A double treat here.

Victor Davis Hanson says it as no one else can in “The Case for Trump.”

As problematic as Trump is, the Hillary Clinton presidency is not acceptable for the positive future of this country. She is the pinnacle of the modern, corrupt, grasping, self-dealing, nepotistic, racist, greedy, oppressive, socialist, totalitarian left.

A must read.

And for a special cherry on top comes this story on Amy Schumer getting booed in Tampa.

No, it’s not from a conservative source either. I’m amazed it made TV Week since that newsletter has pretty much run nonstop and egregious anti-Trump pieces. The name Hillary Clinton is alien to them.

But here it is, pushback for the random cultural attacks that anyone who is not a liberal is constantly subjected to.

And this is important. Do not patronize these people. Do not buy the tickets. Do not watch them on TV.

Schumer’s been lately on Bud Light beer commercials, claiming putative nonpartisanship in some fictional political party, yet in one commercial she recently asserted that “gender is a spectrum.”

It’s a beer commercial and here she is (and the Anheuser-Busch corporation) inserting very controversial, some would say incorrect and nontraditional, leftwing assumptions and political points.

Has anyone in any of these commercials seen the “Bud Light Party” utter a single conservative talking point? Plenty of libtard talking points but nothing on the other side of the real spectrum.

As I often say, the left will politicize anything and it will politicize everything — even beer commercials.

Do not buy the beer! Make these companies understand that carrying water for liberalism has consequences. Stop enriching these liberals.

Budweiser Gets Political

I just caught the latest Budweiser ad, part of the continuing series with Amy “My cousin is Chuck” Schumer and Seth Rogan. These groaning ads have a political tinge to them, having been launched at the beginning of the political campaign season.

Schumer and Rogan have been insistent that the ads are all about things everyone agrees with. Funny how “everyone” seems to be a liberal…

In this iteration, which begins with the “women are paid less” canard, Schumer tells Rogan how she has to pay more for cars, shampoo and dry cleaning but not a Bud (and that Bud believes in ‘equal pay,’ Schumer coos) . Rogan gets agitated and starts calling people because he thinks his mom is being ripped off.

Yes, it’s recycling the hoary and long-discredited “wage gap” (how could Rogan plausibly in his 30+ years of life never have heard of this since it is repeated ad nauseum in the media????).

Oddly, Amy forgot to tell Seth that he has to pay more for a lot of insurance coverage plans… just because he is a male. Does she not care?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bud edge into the LGBT “women’s restroom” debate soon in these ads and I think we know which side “everyone” will agree with. Even if everyone doesn’t agree with it.

Just another company turning into a liberal cudgel to beat us with.

Time to look for a new beer if you were a “Bud” man or woman.

The Infantile Response

A handful of conservatives recently said some good things about comedienne Amy Schumer, mostly after she had become the target of the PC Commissars. There were even some hints that maybe, just maybe, she might not be a standard issue entertainment industry libtard, but capable of thinking for herself.

Okay, we can set that aside now.

She finally got around to saying something about the nut that shot several people in a movie theater that was showing a film she starred in. Besides taking it a little too personally, she uttered this modern liberal classic: “These shootings have got to stop. I don’t know how else to say it.”


She thinks that’s all it’s going to take, just to say “Stop it!” Say that and the insane will follow right along? The evil will just throw up their hands and walk away? Who would ‘a thunk it’d be so simple…?

Schumer, cousin of gun control maniac Sen. Chuck Schumer, inhabits that same universe of liberal twinkie-heads that Obama inhabits. These are people who really believe rock music lyrics and treacly movie lines like “If you wish for something hard enough it will come true” and “Give peace a chance.”

Such things are good and groovy (and really hummable!) but they require everyone to buy in and since not everyone buys in, you can find yourself butt-naked in the middle of a World War I-style No-Man’s Land.

One of the great weaknesses of modern liberalism is that it pretends that evil doesn’t exist (except for Republicans and conservatives). Nobody chooses to do bad things, they are somehow forced into it. For Obama (and likely Schumer), an Iran that plots against the United States doesn’t exist. Iran is just merely misunderstood or just reacting naturally to a very hostile United States. The same went for Communism and still goes for criminals, Islamofascists, etc. Crazy movie shooter had to have been provoked into shooting people because… Well, no one would choose voluntarily to do something that bad, right?

For the liberal, criminals never purposefully commit crimes, they are always reacting to poverty, racism or mean cops. Once everyone understands that, it’s simply a matter of no longer doing whatever the provocation is. Voila! Badness goes away.

This is the infantile response. The response that parents have for misbehaving small children. Talking to children and getting them to understand the difference between right and wrong and, hopefully, pushing them in the right direction, while they are still malleable (and unarmed).

But as liberal and urban policy since the 1960s, using this pattern with grownups, it has failed in city after city.

Evil behavior is a fact of life. As long as there are people on Earth it will exist in one form or another. Some people will choose to be evil. Failing to confront evil for what it is will not make it go away.