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Starbucks Socialists

An amusing thing is to watch young Bernie sanders supporters and other socialists hanging around Starbucks or Whole Foods or some boutique market or hipster restaurant. After the running down of everything Republican, conservative, American, they’ll sometimes launch into their favorite new iced coffee, wine , cheese, veggie from some organic farmer, expensive item imported from a far off land, obscure movie from an obscure filmmaker, etc.

The thing that’s really amusing is that they think such things would exist under the very socialist system that they and Sanders advocate.

They actually think that that all those boutique restaurants, coffee importers, organic farmers and food providers filling the bins and shelves at Whole Foods or the local co-op would continue to exist in a socialist system. They don’t understand that it’s the hated capitalist and free market system that produces all these goodies.

Imagine these little socialists get their way. Do they really think that an organic farmer is going to go to the trouble to work hard when the only price that Bernie’s Dept. Of Agriculture, Agency of Organic Products, Vegetables Division, Leafy Greens Office, Region 1 Inspectorate will let him charge will be the lowest price? Do they really think that a cheese artisan will work his behind off to create a special Gouda when all he’ll get for it is a money-losing price determined by a bureaucrat eager to keep cheese prices low and inflexible? What baker will make the extra effort on a birthday cake when she can’t get the special flour, chocolate or powdered sugar needed for the cake — and she can’t charge extra for it either? Everyone can have the same cake stamped out of the cake factory — assuming they’re being delivered this week.Say goodbye to a capitalist indulgence like the Cheesecake Factory.

Why would a couple work hard to make their bed and breakfast the star of the region when they are commanded to keep the rates low and they receive a warning about making their place too nice because, contrary to good socialist fashion, they are standing out from the crowd? Can’t charge more than Motel 6!

My point is that young socialists (and some old ones too) are fascinated with expensive, boutique and exclusive items (no Campbell’s soup for us!) that the “masses” either don’t want, can’t afford or can live without. They live on the hippest cheese, wine, coffee, trinket, etc. “Orange Is the New Black” wouldn’t come from the TV series factory run by a government.

Socialism didn’t come up with your iPhone! And Apple would disappear if it had to price things in a socialist manner. Whaddya think about that, commie kids?

True socialist countries are famous for their bare-shelved stores, lack of choices and lack of products. Look at the old Soviet Union, Communist China in its heyday, Cuba for the last 50 years and, even now, Venezuela. Why do these youngster think a socialist U.S. would be any different?

We’ve learned this lesson before but the kids don’t know it and with their contempt for the past, don’t want to learn it. (They think the past can teach them nothing except what not to do.)

We’ve already heard Bernie complain that there are too many choices of deodorant available. Just think about what that really means.


Bernie the Heartless Corporate Thug

It’s funny that Bernie Sanders has suddenly announced that he’s laying off campaign workers as his campaign fizzles and “they aren’t needed anymore.” Is it your greed, Bernie?

Isn’t the Bern the one always complaining about companies laying off workers that “aren’t needed anymore”? Isn’t he the one saying that those companies should keep the workers, whether they make economic/business sense or not? Isn’t Sanders the Socialist the one advocating lifetime employment with a single firm? Doesn’t he demand that laid off workers be given like six-months’ notice and a great severance package? I don’t think any of that happened for Bernie’s now turfed-out workers.

Ya’ know, I think Bernie might be a hypocrite.Is that too mean?

Notice how the leftists always exempt themselves from the policies they demand of others…? This story of heartBern should be a big story but it won’t be.

Well, I guess it’s okay since they weren’t replaced by nonunion foreign workers in India, Mexico or China, right? That would be really bad.

In related news, one of Bernie’s dream countries, Chavezuela, has just announced rolling blackouts for the next month+ and a two-day work week for government workers. Looks like they doubled down on Bernie’s four-day work week idea. Woooo!

Looks like all the cool socialistas are crapping out these days.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I thought that this recent piece from Steve Hayward, “Why Do Democrats Hate Their Own Presidents?” was amusing and revealing.

The break with, repudiation of, their past that is happening among Democrats should not be surprising. It is baked into the mentality of the modern Marxist-oriented liberal. Much like the 1960s young Democrats love affair with Marxist totalitarians shocked their elders (who understood and had fought those totalitarians and kept their U.S. supporters at bay), these young liberals, even moreso, have no concept of the past or why Marxism is despised, has failed where tried and must be constantly fought.

The animating principle of Bernie Sanders and what Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to capture in her sprint to the left and repudiation of her husband’s successes as president, is to try to capture the “youth” vote. Many politicians foolishly think that “from the mouths of babes” ushers some kind of truths. The reality is that kids are ignorant, inexperienced and often quite stupid. (That’s why they’re in school!)

Following in the wake of the 1960s kids, they believe that everything that came before them was wrong and needs to be rooted out. They believe in Year Zero-style revolutions (completely oblivious to the legion of Year Zero failures, most glaring in Cambodia).

Abrogating all that came before allows a great deal of latitude in behavior and policies. Look no further than the war on marriage; successful people (e.g. You didn’t build that); the bizarre gender debates; the aggressiveness of SJWs and climate warriors; attacks on businesses and people who simply disagree with them; their mob violence on campuses; the virulent racism of Black Lives Matter; etc.

These young radicals coming off of the campus see themselves as bulldozers of everything before them. In their eyes they will rebuild society and make it perfect. They will create the perfect human (known decades ago by a similar movement as ‘The New Soviet Man’). No one got it right until we arrived, the think (echoing Obama’s solipsistic ‘We are the ones we are waiting for’). Using these coddled, arrogant kids as a compass is foolish and very dangerous.

How ’Bout That Utopia!

I was a little tied up with finalizing my book last week so I didn’t get this up but it can’t be said much better than this, “Garry Kasparov: Hey, Bernie, Don’t Lecture Me About Socialism. I Lived Through It.” Kasparov exposes Bernie Sanders for the dimwit that he is. Must read.

Hillary vs. Bernie

For those of you who haven’t been able to make any of the recent Democratic debates, here’s the Reader’s Digest abridged version.

Bernie: This woman has consorted with moneyers!

Hillary: This man voted against nationalizing a couple of car companies! And if you buy that implication of a lack of socialist gravitas, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Bernie: Everything should be free and provided by the government!

Hillary: Ditto, except for my speeches, books and bridge sales. We accept cash, checks and credit cards for those.