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Silver Formalizes NBA as Arm of Dem. Party

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has essentially formalized the National Basketball Association as an arm of the Democratic Party by pulling the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it had been previously scheduled for several years, and is now shopping it around to other cities (gay-friendly cities, no doubt).

The reason, North Carolina’s “restroom law.” The law makes it clear that “transgender” people, homosexual people and others sexually confused folks will not be given special rights but rather have to follow the laws that the vast majority of us have to follow.

This did not make Silver and his fellow alternative sexuality activists happy. Silver and others apparently feel that homosexuals and “transgenders” make up a significant portion of the “NBA community” and would be inconvenienced in Charlotte during the game festivities. That’s his priority, folks, not basketball.

That the law actually changes nothing from what has taken place before, and the NBA has been playing games there for decades, is ignored by Silver & Co., who prefer to claim that the state is initiating some kind of Inquisition-style environment. I guess in the Silverized NBA homosexual activity and transgenders are considered commonplace in the league.

The NBA, and its redheaded stepdaughter, the WNBA, are being rapidly politicized – and it’s only liberal, Democrat-friendly politics that are welcomed by these self-professed “tolerant” and “diverse” cultural commissars. The WNBA, long with an open lesbian cohort, is even more political – often resembling a Women’s Studies Center on a college campus. The WNBA’s current political bone is mandatory Black Lies Matter support. Its players seem to think that its handful of fans are paying to hear their thoughts rather than watch them play. Who knows, perhaps they are right.

But as an NBA fan, I know most basketball fans are paying to see the players play, not lecture us politically.

Sadly, as I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize everything; sports included. Unless they are stopped.

So I’m taking a stand. I will henceforth boycott the NBA. No more NBA Network – and  I watch a lot of games – I even watched most of the Summer League games. No more broadcast NBA. No more Comcast Sports Washington Wizards games. No more Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball – I  won my league last year and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Until the NBA gets back to what it is supposed to do, playing basketball, I’m cutting it off, Commissioner Silver. It can no longer claim me as a fan or a viewer. But I’m sure that Adam Silver’s gay and transgender buddies will make up for the loss of my eyes. After all, that’s who he thinks are the important people for the NBA.

I guess I’ll be watching more baseball and more hockey (I’ve given up on the NFL and most college football). I will still watch college basketball.


And They Wonder Why They Are Hated

So Melania Trump gives a decent enough speech… So what does the lame-stream media do? Follows their orders from the DNC and immediately parrots the DNC talking points that were issued within minutes of the speech: Melania “plagiarized” Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008.

No focus on Melania’s whole speech – coming to America and loving it rather than actually plagiarizing Obama’s speech, a crabbed, angry speech only rescued by her confession that she finally thought America was worthy of her because it had nominated her husband.

No, it hung on the Democrats’ whine that half a dozen sentences resembled another half a dozen sentences on the topic of family values.

This dog whistle groupthink response to Melania Trump… Crush, Kill, Destroy…

Anyone doubt how “Amazing,” “Historical,” “Epic,” “Truly Patriotic,” etc. the speeches from Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton are going to be labeled by the media?


And the folks in the media wonder why so many people, especially Republicans and conservatives, have walked away from newspapers along with broadcast and cable news programming.

I work in the media. I’m never surprised by the liberal mentality of my colleagues. Not all are liberals but the liberals dominate and they think that EVERYONE agrees with them (except for the scary rubes in-between the coasts). Derogatory comments about Republicans (and conservatives) are issued as easily as if one were commenting on the hot, humid summer weather in Washington. Even from people on the supposedly “business” side of the industry such as ad sales.

They really cannot conceive that some colleagues might not agree with them. Sometimes I don’t think they would even care if they knew.

Tuesday morning I caught a few minutes of one of the local idiotic morning shows, “Good Morning Washington.” They are a reliable barometer of media groupthink. You’d have thought by their coverage that Melania’s speech was about 15 seconds long. It could not have been scripted any better by the DNC if it had been shot at their headquarters.

And the show has reliably done the same with each recent cop shooting. The morning after they trot out some fresh-faced Black Lies Matter members or supporters. The questions are softballs and never, ever reflect anything that previously happened. The BLM coterie insist that they are wonderful and peaceful people who never say anything vociferous. They are all well-meaning community activists. One of them insisted that rap and hip-hop are never angry but always peaceful and loving. The bubble-headed show hosts go right along, never asking a critical question or inquiring about the incident.

This type of cluelessness can’t be completely accidental.

And then there is something like this – the blatant, bald-faced (possibly psychotic) lying of Hillary Clinton on a TV program. Imagine if this were a Republican, we’d never hear the end of it. The media would be asking when the Republican was going to surrender the nomination and they’d be demanding every Republican that can be found “condemn” the lies.

But a Democrat?

Nothing to see here. Move along. Hey, did you hear, Donald Trump said something we don’t agree with?

And they wonder why they are held in the same esteem as Congress and used car salesmen.

Calling Black Lives Matter

Let’s see how long it takes for Black Lives Matter, AKA Black Lies Matter, to mobilize on this killing of an (actually) innocent black man.

In New Orleans, a former New Orleans Saint, Will Smith (not the actor), was killed in a “road rage” incident. Apparently Smith, in a nice Mercedes, was rear-ended by a Hummer. Expensive cars and the incident happened in a nice part of town.

Smith got out and an argument ensued. Smith was shot multiple times by the Hummer’s driver. Smith’s wife was also wounded. Smith died at the scene.

A suspect was quickly arrested. Turns out it was a black thug with a record. Thug driving around in expensive vehicle. Do the math.

Don’t hold your breath that Black Lives Matter will be johnny-on-the-spot demanding “justice” (or “Just Us” in their eyes) and asking why thugs are out of jail, allowed to roam the streets armed. But there doesn’t seem to be a “blame whitey” angle or a way to shakedown the local government so this incident won’t generate any of their protests, riots or even hoodie moments from NBA players. BLM is a thuggish cultural racist and fascist movement and the Democratic Party’s kowtowing to it has only emboldened it.

Will our sports-obsessed president speak out on this? I’m sure this made Sports Center but maybe The One hasn’t read the paper yet so he can’t be outraged. Then again, there isn’t an America-blaming or Republican Party-blaming political target for him to make hay with in one of his patented finger-wagging lectures to the nation so more likely he’ll just put in another round of golf. He might use it as a chance to whack the “gun control/gun safety” pinata — how convicted criminals (of all colors) shouldn’t be allowed to have guns (unless they’ve paid their debt to society and vote Democrat), “smart” guns could solve that problem, a national gun registry would have prevented this “tragic” incident and we need to make it illegal to move guns across state lines. Nothing about keeping thugs in jail. His usual misrepresentations.

Maybe Eric Holder can be unpacked from wherever he was freighted off to so he can call us all “cowards” for not being willing to talk about race relations.

And the caravan moves on.

It’s All Your Fault

John Hawkins has a must read at Townhall, “Christians, Conservatives, Men, and White People Are Not Responsible For Your Problems.” All I can say is, ditto.

And for those wondering about Black Lies Matter, er… Black Lives Matter, and the usual guilt-mongering and wallowing in pervasive, omnipresent racism, here’s a devastating demolition courtesy of Heather “The Voice of Reason” Mac Donald.