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A Trump Gift

I just came from checking in on my Yahoo! Sports fantasy hockey team. Whenever you log out of your fantasy team you are dumped onto Yahoo!’s news page. It has for months done nothing more on the political front than run anti-Trump stories. I have yet to see a positive story or anything negative on Hillary Clinton.

That’s not an accident.

Sadly, this is typical of every major news outlet (with the exception of Fox News and it has been drifting leftward lately).

If nothing else, Donald Trump needs to be congratulated for wiping away any doubt (if there had remained) that the American news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm and disinformation agent for the Democratic Party.

I’ll not catalog their calumny beyond noting that if a Republican candidate had Hillary Clinton’s record of incompetence and criminality they’d have been destroyed long ago. Clinton makes Nixon and Harding look like choirboys. Her email server and the compromising of American secrets, American institutions and employees under her may be unmatched in history. The failure of the media to even do the basic in reporting is unforgivable.

So what to do?

I doubt the media will reform itself. Liberals do not hire conservatives or anyone that isn’t going to toe the line and swear fealty to gods of liberalism. And increasingly the corporate suites are packed with liberals — many now out of the closet and unafraid to use their companies as weapons of mass destruction against their American enemies and in servitude to international socialism.

One thing that can be done is to boycott what you can. After the hockey season I expect I’ll abandon Yahoo! completely. Does anyone know a good fantasy sports website? I have to admit that Yahoo! did fantasy sports well.

I make it a point to avoid linking to MSM (e.g. major networks, Washington Post, et al) stories in the blog. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. It’ll cut down on the click numbers for them.

Don’t buy their papers. I doubt sending letters to the editors mean anything any longer. I think they just dismiss the writers as racists, Nazis, bigots, etc.

Avoid the big TV networks and their programming.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m now boycotting the NFL, NBA and NCAA. I haven’t slipped yet and supposedly ratings for the NFL are down.

I’m learning and enjoying hockey and catching the last of the baseball season. I’m watching golf more and David Feherty is clearly a conservative but politics are basically left out of these sports and no one seems impelled to let the viewers know how hip, cool or progressive they are.

The liberal media corporations (and their sports allies) need to feel the consequences of their actions.


VDH on Trump and Schumer Is Booed

A double treat here.

Victor Davis Hanson says it as no one else can in “The Case for Trump.”

As problematic as Trump is, the Hillary Clinton presidency is not acceptable for the positive future of this country. She is the pinnacle of the modern, corrupt, grasping, self-dealing, nepotistic, racist, greedy, oppressive, socialist, totalitarian left.

A must read.

And for a special cherry on top comes this story on Amy Schumer getting booed in Tampa.

No, it’s not from a conservative source either. I’m amazed it made TV Week since that newsletter has pretty much run nonstop and egregious anti-Trump pieces. The name Hillary Clinton is alien to them.

But here it is, pushback for the random cultural attacks that anyone who is not a liberal is constantly subjected to.

And this is important. Do not patronize these people. Do not buy the tickets. Do not watch them on TV.

Schumer’s been lately on Bud Light beer commercials, claiming putative nonpartisanship in some fictional political party, yet in one commercial she recently asserted that “gender is a spectrum.”

It’s a beer commercial and here she is (and the Anheuser-Busch corporation) inserting very controversial, some would say incorrect and nontraditional, leftwing assumptions and political points.

Has anyone in any of these commercials seen the “Bud Light Party” utter a single conservative talking point? Plenty of libtard talking points but nothing on the other side of the real spectrum.

As I often say, the left will politicize anything and it will politicize everything — even beer commercials.

Do not buy the beer! Make these companies understand that carrying water for liberalism has consequences. Stop enriching these liberals.

Boycotting General Mills

Following up on my piece on corporate insanity at General Mills, “The Children Are in Charge,”here’s the list of boycott targets.

Besides well-known cereals such as Cheerios, Chex, Cocoa Puffs, Frankenberry, Golden Grahams, Kix, Lucky Charms, Total, Trix, Wheaties, et al:

Betty Crocker/Bisquick (my main dumpling ingredient)

Bugles (Dang!)

Gold Medal Flour

Green Giant (Oy!)

Hamburger Helper


Nature Valley

Old El Paso


Progresso (Ouch!)

Totinos (I actually like their frozen pizzas and they are cheap)


and the organic fave, Annie’s

Here’s the master list at the company website.

Several of these are regularly on my shopping list but we have to make sacrifices in this cultural war and make our feelings felt.

The Children Are in Charge

Power Line noted this bit of corporate insanity at General Mills. I can’t add much beyond a couple of small points.

One, it’s a private company so it can do whatever it wants — of course answering to the shareholders. Hopefully they are making shareholders aware of their idiocy.

Two, let’s examine this concept of contractors and suppliers by “consumer” composition. I think they have erred focusing only on sexist and racist solutions since probably a majority of their consumers are actually children. So the contractors and suppliers, along with the boardroom, should probably be half children. It also should include some criminals since criminals eat breakfast cereal. Probably a couple of morons too for the board. Oh, wait, sounds like “moron” is already taken care of.

Maybe they should also stack the board and determine contractors and suppliers by states and locales where they sell the most product.

I’m thinking that General Mills didn’t think their progressive bona fides all the way through. No matter how they cut it they will still be evil, discriminating bastards. They have yet to figure out that life itself is one discrimination after another.

Oh, and they make the point that I continually beat on here, liberals are politicizing everything. Now they are into the cereal.

My final note is that I will not be buying General Mills products any longer…

Ben & Jerry’s First Amendment Crunch

I’m not big on boycotting companies, especially considering politically offensive actions are usually made in corporate suites by searingly hypocritical corporate officers who will feel little of the boycott while the in-the-trenches workers will suffer the most. But sometimes you have to put your foot down – especially in these days wherein the left has made almost every moment of our daily lives and every molecule of our being into a political battlefield.

Ben & Jerry’s makes some tasty ice cream but it is also long-known to be a politically correct bellweather – even after its acquisition by ubercorporation Unilever (That’s right, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield sold out to the man!)

Anyway, recently Ben has become intimately involved in shutting down political speech he doesn’t agree with. He’s heavily funding the loathsome MoveOn organization’s loathsome campaign to “amend” the Constitution to modify or eliminate (basically the same thing at this point) that pesky First Amendment.

He says that he’s merely “reclaiming our democracy” by getting “big money” (like his) out of politics. He would seem to have a strange definition of “democracy” if it involves shutting some people up by making their “speech” illegal. (But then, he is a liberal…)

Exactly how one gets “big” money out of politics via emasculating the First Amendment is always left a bit fuzzy in these liberal proposals – one of those classic acts of liberal invocation – simply insisting that something is or will do the job. Obama lives this way.

However, Ben is completely misunderstanding that the whole point of the freedom of speech movement (looking back to its modern origin in John Milton’s time) is that you can put your money to work saying what you want without having to get permission from a governmental body (royal, federal, state, local or elected or self-appointed busybodies). Money is the milk of free speech. You have to have money to buy the press or buy time on the press. It’s not that kind of “free.”

For reasons I’ve never grasped, the left (actually only many of its naïve foot soldiers – its leaders know exactly what they are doing) seems to think that it can remove all money from the system and that somehow the system will still function… and that it will present nice speech that they and everyone fully agree with, including hate speech monitors, feminists, the Gaystapo, activist Muslims, and others of the professional victim class.

You know, lately, I’ve been thinking “we” should eliminate “big” money from “big” ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s does that “free cone” thing one day a year, right? Well, I think every day should be free cone day. Free ice cream for everyone – all the time!

Of course Ben’s already gotten his millions so it wouldn’t really hurt him that much but as his buddy the president says, some people have already made enough money and don’t really need to make anymore. I bet Ben would go along with that… maybe not. He then wouldn’t have money to spend on all his favorite lefty causes.

I’ve never bought any Ben & Jerry’s and certainly will not ever knowingly buy any, ever.