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Zombie Narrative

Monday morning CBS Radio News endlessly parroted the NY Times/DNC narrative concerning the “meeting” between Donald Trump, Jr. and “a Russian lawyer.” It baldly stated that this was proof of collusion. It indicated that young Trump was there to get dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign though CBS Radio conveniently failed to explain what that dirt might be (which would have presented evidence that the Kremlin was funding the Clinton campaign – too embarrassing for CBS News to present). Furthermore, they failed to enlighten listeners to Trump’s statements about the charge beyond an out-of-context he said “No meaningful information” was available.

Compounding the highly deceptive piece, CBS Radio continued with an actuality from one Richard Painter. Labeled as a Republican consultant or something like that, Painter castigated the Trump administration, saying they weren’t taking the Russian thing “seriously.”

Yeah, he said that.

Conveniently left out is that Painter is a leading Anti-Trumper and is also suing Trump. Such an exclusion is a serious violation of journalistic ethics. But, hey, anything in resistance, right?

My point isn’t that CBS Radio is a bunch scumbag socialist Democrat sock puppets, that’s a given, my point is that a lot of conservatives think that because the Trump/Russia collusion meme makes no sense whatsoever; because no actual evidence has been “leaked”; or what has been presented is highly distorted innuendo (see above), that this meme will die out, is ineffective, no one believes it and the MSM will eventually drop it.

Not going to happen.

The MSM and socialist Democrats are living in an alternate reality. I’m not joking. They live in an echo chamber where they honestly believe that Trump colluded with the Russians to somehow win the election. And it is simply up to them to find the evidence.

Like any true believer in an article of faith, lack of evidence is not lack of proof. In fact, the greater the lack of proof, and more reliance upon faith, the stronger the bond of belief becomes. As we see with things like the Kennedy-was-killed-by-the-Military-Industrial Complex conspiracy, evidence to the contrary, that a conservative-hating disturbed communist pulled the trigger, becomes even more proof that that did not happen but it has to be the opposite.

I’m not sure where the meme goes. Maybe it will exist like the Valerie Plame-Super Secret Agent-Exposed-by-Dick Cheney meme – completely false but embedded in the minds of many Americans. Or it will plow its own field. I’m pretty sure that the MSM and Democrats can’t drop it, they’ve bet the farm on it. They’ll never admit they were wrong, liberals can’t do that.

I think they will continue to lie, upping the ante each time. Maybe somewhere along the line they get a scalp and declare victory though I doubt they’ll settle for any scalp other than Trump’s.

The question may be, like two bull elks with their antlers locked, who collapses first, the shrinking Democrat-Media Complex or Trump.

We’re likely in explored territory.


CBS Radio News Fails, Again

On Thursday morning CBS Radio News demonstrated again why so many complain about media bias.

Concerning the story of left-wing anarcho-fascists rioting in Berkeley, Calif., and forcing the University of California to cancel a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos (after it had promised to have enough security to prevent such a happening), anchor Frank Settipani described Yiannopoulos as the (or an) editor of the “ultra right-wing website Breitbart.”

Frank, have you ever uttered the term “ultra left-wing”? Like maybe in describing the rioters?

I’d hazard to answer that’s a no.

And that’s part of the problem with the media, most of them don’t see anyone to their left.

Oh, and here’s one of CNN’s contributions afterward, “Milo Yiannopoulos Is Trying to Convince Colleges that Hate Speech Is Cool.”

You see, in their eyes, it was all Milo’s fault that the protestors had to get out of bed or put down their bongs to go riot and stop him from speaking. He deserved to be shut down.

And the media wonders why it is so reviled…

Scots — Not High on Trump

Caught a story on CBS Radio this morning. They sent a reporter (Mark Phillips) to a Scottish island that they said Donald Trump’s ancestors hailed from. They’re a jolly lot we are told though the reporter insisted they weren’t so jolly about Trump. And to prove the point he had a local fellow with a light brogue mumble something that Trump wasn’t that great. He didn’t bother to look for anyone else or someone who said anything nice so that settled that.

Message — Trump=bad. If his distant relations, 50 times removed don’t like him, how could anyone vote for him!?!

Then the reporter talked about how the Irish loved JFK and even Reagan too! (This is part of the beating-current-Republicans-with-the-Reagan-stick tactic that liberals are now deploying. Suddenly they fondly remember The Gipper.)

Heck, the reporter insisted, even Obama’s distant Irish relatives loved him. Apparently nobody could be found in Ireland to say anything negative about him. (They couldn’t do a quick Internet search? I can do one and find plenty of Irish to say negative things about him but that would require some work and it would also require interfacing with people who might not be reliably liberal. That’s not typically acceptable to a reporter [unless said nonliberal is going to say something bad about the Republican/conservative]).

I eagerly await the same story from Hillary Clinton’s or Bernie Sanders’s ancestors’ haunts… Yep, gonna wait right here cuz I’m sure the mainstream media is all about equal coverage… Just like they did those in-depth stories on Obama’s background… Yep, waiting… No doubt they are working on them right now…

CBS Radio’s Nancy Cordes — Tool

I’m pretty much forced to listen to CBS Radio every morning in between the traffic, weather and sports reports. It’s a sad and sometimes stressful way to start the day.

Tuesday morning, with the release of a tranche of new Hillary Clinton emails, Washington correspondent Nancy Cordes ever-so-gingerly explained away the whole tempest in a teapot and the apparent inconveniencing of Hillary Clinton’s march to the White House by these so-called charges of impropriety.

She trotted out a lawyer, a supposed expert in these matters, who couldn’t see anything that Hillary had done wrong. Some expert. Mr. Magoo has better eyesight. See my take here.

Cordes cherry-picked a couple of innocent emails – Hillary asking what time “The Good Wife” was on and fluff like that. She off-handedly mentioned that there might be a couple of emails that maybe, just maybe, might, sort of, possibly be like… um… secret-ish if examined in a certain kind of light but anyone listening would be excused thinking that this really was much ado about nothing – which was the real point of the story. Nothing to see here, move along.

Cordes isn’t stupid. Like most of the top-level reporters she’s packed away a couple of Ivy League degrees (she’s also a graduate of the same high school Obama attended in Hawaii).

So we’re stuck. Is Cordes simply ignorant of the whole issue, in which case she shouldn’t be reporting on it? Or did she purposefully misreport the story? In which case she shouldn’t be reporting.

Anybody up on this case probably doesn’t pay much attention to major media anyway since the MSM won’t be breaking any embarrassing or damning stories on Hillary (unless the dam breaks), just recycling DNC talking points that the New York Times launders as actual news reporting. Cordes and CBS Radio aren’t aiming at those folks since they’ve already made up their mind. No, they are aiming at the low-info voter. The Obama voter. The person who thinks they are well-informed because they listen to CBS Radio. Keep them in line either through leaving out details or simply lying.

And just for laughs, add this to the “Imagine If This Were a Republican” file.

It’s shoddy or biased reporting like this that has driven faith in the news media to such low levels.

And speaking of bad and biased reporting. Courtesy of Power Line, get a load of the malarkey peddled in The New Yorker by the Dean of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, considered a top J-School. Note, Steve Coll is a former Washington Post star.

And journalists wonder why so many doubt them and their circulation and ratings have collapsed…