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The Google firing of James Damore could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe.

Damore had done nothing wrong beyond stating his opinion (much of it based on what is scientifically/medically known general genetically-oriented differences between the sexes). He was not incompetent. He did not harass anyone (though he himself, as a white male, was being harassed by Google cultural commissars) nor threaten anyone. He merely offered a different perspective from the increasingly extreme hyperleft perspective of Google management.

Shockingly, Google has insisted and continues to insist, that it believes in “diversity”of opinion. The company’s inability to see how it is 180 degrees wrong is a premier example of the innate lack of self-awareness of the modern liberal. That it permeates a whole company and its culture is rather frightening.

A lot of people have countered that Google is a “private” company and thus can fire anyone it wants for any reason it wants. Actually, it’s a publicly-held company. I’m a part owner. If you have a 401k with any tech fund in it odds are that you too are an owner. I certainly didn’t approve this company cultural fascism.

If Google were really a privately held company – a single or small number of owners, all of whom agree that employees need to all have the same political opinion, then I’d buy the right to fire employees they don’t like.

The problem with that approach, however, is that liberals have spent the last five decades arguing vociferously against that point. They have pushed government and legal interference into every nook and cranny of the business world, even against single-owner businesses; those that are really “private.”

They’ve forced small groups to admit members who are antithetical to that group’s mission. All in the name of “justice.”

It’s also been said that California’s famous labor laws expressly forbid firing people for political beliefs. The laws were, of course, written to protect commies and similar types but they can be protect all.

In addition, Google is a federal contractor and clearly has run up against federal discrimination laws. Remember Grove City? Take a penny, you’re in for a pound.

On the legal front Google doesn’t have even a leg to stand on.

It is possible that any Google lawsuit could end up in the court of an idiot judge. We’ve recently encountered judges who disregard what the law clearly says but they dislike; judges who feel free to rewrite laws to what they want.

We’re seeing more and more of this “No conservatives need apply” from liberals in the business world. It should surprise no one that all of their arguing about justice and nondiscrimination for decades was just a convenient stalking horse. Once they began to populate the corporate nest they, like the Cuckoo Bird, push out anyone not like them. With them it has always been about accruing power.


NFL: Fight “Discrimination” by Actually Discriminating

ESPN has a nauseating story, “Roger Goodell: Women Will Interview for Open Executive Jobs.” This is an extension of the NFL’s repellent and racist “Rooney Rule,” now turned sexist as well.

I don’t have anything against women interviewing for the jobs. The NFL likely hires from outside for executive suite jobs all the time so it should consider interviewing all sorts of qualified candidates. Not every job in the NFL executive office would require football experience. But one gets the suspicious feeling that there is something else going on here.

The NFL already has plenty of women at the HQ — a number of them in do-nothing or mischief-making jobs. An example is Anna Isaacson, a liberal who has the no doubt well-paying job of Vice President for Social Responsibility. VP of “Social Responsibility”? Talk about a mischief-making job designed to funnel money to a liberal activist.

Then there’s a whole gaggle of women involved in the NFL’s “domestic violence” campaign. Isaacson seemed to be driving the bus in the whole Greg Hardy episode. They also have women at the top of Marketing and Public Policy, along with the CIO.

NFL Commissioner, the hapless Roger Goodell said, “Last but not least, it’s management, and when I say that, it’s about diversity in our management. We believe in diversity… We believe we’re better as an organization when we have good people at the table. We have great people at the table. We’re also seeing it on the field.”

So, Rog, we really gonna be seein’ “diversity” on the field as well? Yeah, I didn’t think so, you flaming hypocrite.

But then they are pushing teams to hire female coaches for jobs that they could in no-way have any experience in. We’re not talking here about nutrition jobs or something not involved in actual football; where a non-football background and experience can be very important. How many women played high school, college or pro football? That’s kind of valuable experience for these jobs. A person would really have to be superqualified in other things to be hired over people who have actual experience in the job. This is all just more politically correct waste. America wastes so many resources in this type pretend nonsense; much of it forced by government edict.

And the fun continues. The ESPN article says, “Michelle McKenna-Doyle, a senior VP and CIO for the league, said this week the NFL launched a website where interested candidates can create profiles for jobs. That way, even if a position isn’t currently available, the NFL will have a list of women and minority candidates when jobs do become available. McKenna said the league’s internal women’s affinity group conceived of the idea to build the number of women in the pipeline.”

The NFL has an “internal women’s affinity group.” Isn’t that precious. Isn’t that a bit discriminatory?

A website that collects resumes only from select people of a certain sex or skin color? Isn’t that illegal?

How much did you, Mr. (and Ms.) Football Fan, pay for that ticket again?

Apparently all this was announced at the NFL’s “Women’s Summit.” Yeah, they have one. Why? I have no rational idea. Every industry has them; usually many of them. My industry, broadcast, has dozens of them. My company gives them free ads in all our publications and on our websites. We also have at least two of them ourselves. We don’t have a “Men’s Summit” or anything like it. Nobody does. You’d be sued out of existence if you did.

Billie Jean King was brought in to speak at the “Women’s Summit.” Why? Oh, yeah, she played tight end for the Packers, remember? Oh, wait, she has nothing to do with the NFL, her game was tennis. But she still makes most every stop on this battle of the sexes circuit.

Condi Rice made an appearance too. I like Condi but she’s the “bipartisan” face at way too many of these events and she’s often shown ingratitude to the very people who didn’t judge her by the color of her skin but rather by the content of her character. “Most of the mentors in my field were white men. They were mostly old white men,” she complained (or sucked up). Condi, honey, you’re a smart girl. Didn’t you notice that a lot of your mentors were Eastern European and Soviet Russian immigrants and defectors; the verty people who lived the life? There’s just not going to be a lot of “brothers” or “sisters” in a group focusing on the old Soviet Union and its satellites. I guess that’s part of the grand racial conspiracy to keep minorities down… Man, that is some conspiracy.

According to Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff the league is legally obligated to not discriminate, which I gather means that it has to fill its positions with 52% women. Does that include the on-field positions?

Does it strike anyone as a little odd that to reach the utopic perfect “nondiscriminatory” gender balance in all jobs we have to empower a regime of pure discrimination?

Oddly, the ESPN article says, “According to the NFL, 30 percent of the employees in the league’s front office are women.” So that’s a problem? That’s considered not enough?

Well, it’s all just another reason why I no longer watch the NFL. Now if I could only stop writing about it!