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As the Bern Turns

So another crazed Bernie Sanders supporter goes nuts and starts shooting… This time in Alexandria, Virginia and at Republican congressmen and stafffers.

But unlike the Portland shooter from last month, the MSM couldn’t bury this story when it comes out that the maniac shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

If you remember, the Portland killer was a “white supremacist” with clear anti-Muslim and racist intentions in initial reports, then he was nobody when his Bernie affiliation became apparent.

This time we have the more predictable MSM and law enforcement response — “We just can’t figure out this guy’s motive.” Despite his Facebook pages and a lengthy, well-documented hardcore lefty political trail, this clown is just as much a mystery as those Muslims yelling “Allahu, Akbar!” right before they detonate a bomb or stab a poor girl to death. “I do this in the name of Allah!” they shout and somehow our media mavens and law enforcement pros can’t figure out why they do it…

It’d be funny except people are getting killed in the forced pretend ignorance of moral equivalence.

And naturally something else is missing. Oh, yeah, the enforced groveling that comes when anyone to the right of Stalin does something or, more likely, says something the liberals don’t like. Then every libtard politico, celebrity and so-called journalist demands every Republican from the dogcatcher in Buttscratch, Utah, to the president of the United States condemn the perp.

Yet when a lefty goes on a rampage it’s crickets…

It took King Barry I, et al, about 2.9 seconds to blame conservatives and Confederate history for racist nutjob Dylann Roof yet somehow the far more commonplace lefty violence requires massive, lengthy investigations into “motive.”

Has any high-profile libtard been asked or voluntarily condemned the leftwing violence we’re seeing, especially on college campuses?

I know, silly question.

So how’s the MSM going to dissipate this embarrassment away?

More Trump-bashing!

My local radio news station WTOP just announced that Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. No quibbling there, even though it’s coming from one of those WaPoo stories based on leaks from mysterious unnamed insiders…

And there’s always Pizzagate guy… Any port in a storm for the MSM.

And there’s NPR pushing the condemnation of white racism in the Alt-Right movement by the “Southern Baptist Convention.” Though in the actual report the convention was condemning all racism… Nothing like twisting the news for the good of the liberal cause, or to get it out of the spotlight it suddenly found itself in.


On Griffin 2

This little piece on Jim Carrey’s and Rosie O’Donnell’s reactions to the Kathy Griffin mess demonstrates the utter depravity of the cultural liberal.

Carrey said, “I think it is the job of a comedian to cross the line at all times — because that line is not real.” I’m not sure how one crosses an unreal line… but, Mr. Carrey, the job of a comedian is to be funny. That might involve crossing some line but it usually doesn’t. Someone whose sole job is to “cross the line” is a provocateur.

He added the utterly predictable liberal masturbation, “We’re the last line of defense. And really, the comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing.” Oy, if there are two things about comedians, it’s that they are not the last line of defense nor ever the last voice of truth.

Jim Carrey is a funny guy (usually) but he thinks far too much of himself.

As for Rosie O’Donnell – she preferred to reference Barron Trump and the maniac in Portland that stabbed two people while harassing two women. She blamed that on Donald Trump. Apparently Rosie missed the discovery that the attacker was a Bernie Sanders supporter (along with having a screw loose, but then that goes without saying). Hey, Rosie, aren’t you sweet on Bernie, too?

All of which leads me to that Portland story. Rosie’s ignorance of the facts of the case might have to do with the fact that the story disappeared out of the mainstream media as soon as it was revealed that the killer was a Sanders and Jill Stein supporter. Since those facts didn’t appear in the NYT, WaPo, AP, CNN, MSNBC, mainstream TV, et al, as they were contrary to the approved meme it was impossible for her to know her talking points. The last she had heard were the first reports, “White supremacist kills two…” and they eagerly, giddily hinted that we had another Dylann Roof. That’s where she is stuck – parrots have to be retrained when new things come along.

It’s not an accident that the story went down the MSM’s Orwellian memory hole. The MSM is a propaganda organ and anything contrary to the approved memes can’t be “news.” They should be ashamed of themselves but as we’ve learned, the liberal has no shame.

A Few Thoughts on the Orlando Shootings

Remember after the maniac Dylann Roof killed those people Charleston, since he had some vague interest in the Confederacy it was deemed that all references to the Confederacy needed to be uprooted from every nook and cranny of the United States — ASAP? All ancestors who had served in the Confederate Army were immediately rendered unpersons. All because it was immediately determined that the Confederacy did it.

We also see the same “rush to judgment” with any crime involving someone claiming to be a “Christian.”

Contrast that with Omar Mateen’s Islamic religion. One can watch the intellectual gymnastics news hosts, reporters and guest go through to avoid equating Islam with the terrorist act. “No need to ban anything Muslim” everyone insists. Islam couldn’t have had anything to do with it. This created and absurd dance by news readers, various reporters and guests desperately trying to avoid saying the “I” word. They were willing to say ISIS, because Mateen had mentioned it but they wouldn’t offer that Islam’s dislike of homosexuals contributed to the choice of targets. The phrase “hate crime” was trotted out regularly, as if there was some form of terrorism that didn’t involve hate.

Of course King Barry I, the self-identifying Pope of Islam, saw no Islamic connection but knew that “hate” was involved. In his mind all Muslims are exactly like the cute little Muslim kids he hung around with as a child. He can’t comprehend them growing into the mad dogs they are.

On my local news, WUSA, a CBS affiliate, there was a strong stress on this being an anti-gay hate crime. A “gay pride” parade got a lot of attention from the news crew, with lots of weepy, “Why won’t people accept us?” Then at numerous press conferences and “vigils” gays and several Muslim groups got together to share their mutual victimness.

As long as we are unwilling to identify the enemy, we can’t win the war.

Why B-52s and B-1s are not cratering known ISIS camps at this moment is beyond me.

On the gun front, of the 50 dozen times I heard Mateen’s AR-15 mentioned on CNN and CBS (local and national) , maybe twice it wasn’t described as an “assault weapon.” I know most reporters know little to nothing about guns so they go with what Handgun Inc. tells them to say but when a “former FBI” guest or a “security consultant” and others like Pete Williams (former Navy) do this, it’s clearly purposeful misreporting. It’s not an “assault weapon.” It simply looks like the M-16 and the M4. Double bonus for the clown who called it a “semiautomatic assault weapon.”

Remember, these are reporters purposefully misreporting this issue.

And the most ridiculous response is that the Broadway play “Hamilton,” about Alexander Hamilton (not George Hamilton), has now decided to do the play without the Revolutionary-era muskets they use in some of the numbers. Maybe they’ll use mops instead.