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How Is Trump Like Global Warming?

Those who have been around a few years can recall the very specific predictions that used to be issued by global warming con men like Al Gore. Back at the end of the Clinton administration, doom-laden prognostications included things like New York City being practically underwater in… well… right about now. Temperatures were going to continue to rise until the world was one big desert, except where it was Waterworld-style ocean — all at the same time. It would no longer rain or snow, except where it rained and snowed in Biblical quantities. Tornadoes and hurricanes would roll year-round all over the planet.

Of course, 20 years later none of these things happened. New York is not underwater (despite Pres. Obama’s claim that Miami was underwater at high tide — a ludicrous claim that the media buried though one can imagine the firestorm if Donald Trump had said such a thing) and the temperature graphs have become so laughable that one could drive a semi between the real temperatures and the predicted/expected temperatures (that doesn’t even take into account the manipulation of some temperature records by NOAA). And the U.S. has gone through a record period of hurricane nonvisitation.

You’d think that would humble some people but, as we see, it didn’t. The hucksters, now renamed “climate change” activists have simply redoubled their efforts.

All of this leads me to Donald Trump.

Liberals, led by the Media-Entertainment-Academic Complex and the Democrat Party, promised that with ascension of Donald Trump all sorts of bad things would happen. The stock market would collapse; the world would erupt in flames; minorities of all stripes would be thrown into jail or possibly even tossed onto pyres; slavery would be reinstituted and fascism would be the official religion of the United States.

Well, like global warming predictions, all of these have proven wildly incorrect.

So what is it with the liberals that they feel compelled to insist that whenever their oh-so sage advice is not followed hyperdoom consequences will ensue? Why does everything with them have to be so histrionic, so Manichean?

Sadly, we are seeing the manifestations of this on college campuses where we have so-called students squealing that they are oppressed and being “marginalized.” Yes, the most pampered, coddled, spoiled, patronized, overfed children in history live in some kind of fantasy where they are oppressed victims akin to gulag zeks, medieval galley slaves or concentration camp inmates. It boggles the mind yet it is the world we are now living in. What is to be done with this next generation of delusional liberals?


Hottest Year Ever — 2016

Not surprisingly the people that decide these things, “climate” activists, have declared that 2016 was the hottest year ever… or since someone was keeping records. (Records which have been manipulated and changed to make warm times like the 1930s colder.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s hotter now than when the Earth was a molten ball or the first couple of years afterward. And then there’s the ugly fact that dinosaurs used to roam Alaska (without parkas) and Antarctica was once forested. Even more recently, within the last 2000 years, warm crops such as wine grapes could be as far north as Germany (that is they could ferment upon their own and not require any stimulation) and Greenland was actually habitable.

This littany continues every year now — each one hotter than the previous. Even when a year doesn’t seem to be particularly hot, it is declared hottest ever because the heat was somewhere else. You might have noticed these extra hot places usually seem to be where no one lives — the south Atlantic, Siberia, the middle of Australia…

How convenient…

Apparently, it was 0.04 degrees warmer this year than last year. Really? Point O-4? That’s a margin error. How was that number arrived at? I’ll guarantee if they moved the thermometer 10 feet right or left they’ll get a temperature reading difference greater than 0.04 degrees.

Try a little experiment. Look at your local Weather Bug map or the weather map from a local TV station. Look at the temperature of where you are. Look at a reading that’s a five-minute drive away. It’ll be a few degrees different. Try that in all directions. Move 10 minutes away. It’ll be unusual that there won’t be an almost 10-degree difference in temperatures within a 30-minute drive of any location. That’s a whole lot more than 0.04. The room you are in has a greater than 0.04-degree range in it.

So what is the “temperature?” What are these numbers that these activists are betting the farm on? The numbers they are using a rationale to take over the worldwide economy; control everyone’s life.

Yeah, it’s been so hot that the Sahara Desert has been shrinking. Uh, erm…

The simple fact is that the climate cannot be static as the climate activists wish it to be. It will always be that way. It will warm and cool.The climate has always changed.

Who’s to say what is the Climate of the Earth? Of a particular location?

What would one expect with a great ball of energy, in constant flux, radiating immeasurable amounts of energy on a ball orbiting in an elliptical orbit? This is compounded by the ball’s uneven atmosphere and mottled surface offering uneven swathes of water and land. Why would anyone expect a consistent performance?

If you have to ask the question, you don’t understand the liberal mentality. Facts will not be allowed to get in the way of a meme or, more accurately, the quest for power.

The Sea of Texas

One of the main Global Warming scare tactics is the insistence that it will bring rising seas. None other than our own King Barry the Weatherman, mischanneling King Canute, has declared that his election would send the seas scurrying back to whence they came though he’s also claimed that the seas regular overwhelm Miami and fish swim in the streets.

Of course those familiar with the works of Albert the Goracle know that New York is close to being swallowed by the sea. Any day now, yep, any day…

So I shall offer a solution to soothe the fevered brows of the Global Warmongers — the Sea of Texas.

Most Global Warmers would be surprised to learn that the whole state of Texas was underwater millions of years ago (hint: it was a heck of a lot warmer back in those days — our weather today ain’t got nothing on those days back then).

I am not proposing that the whole state be flooded but I suggest that parts of the semi-arid, lightly populated western part could be turned into a large inland sea.

A series of desalinization plants could be built along the Gulf coast. These could be nuclear powered or maybe some could be powered by windmills taking in the coastal breeze. Unlike the liberal folks of our oceanic coasts, who blanch at the thought of a windmill off their coast, Texans are long comfortable with energy sources visible off the coast.

Pipelines would be built to take the water out west and north. Texans are also comfortable with pipelines and if the pipelines leak — well, it’s just water!

And think of the engineering challenge. That should get the intellectual juices flowing.

I’m sure that the first response of Global Warmists would be — “Hey, you’d drain the Gulf of Mexico!”

They aren’t too bright you have to understand.

Water is fungible so while it drains from the northwestern end of the Gulf of Mexico it just flows back in from the Atlantic via the Caribbean. You’d have to pump a lot of water to drop the level of the Atlantic enough to drastically affect the Gulf of Mexico, especially considering how fast those seas be arisen’!

So in this case, the “rising seas” can be tamed by transferring water from one place, the sea, to another, desert land. Problem solved.

Of course there’d be the cries that man is too stupid to do this (Yet somehow smart enough to precisely calculate the weather decades into the future, micromanage numerous industries from Washington and know the racism and sexism buried in the hearts of all Americans that don’t vote Democrat).

(This would inevitably be followed by the squeals that man is monkeying with the environment and that a sea in west Texas would threaten the Tom Green County Blue Sand Flea [not to be confused with the Coke County Purple Dirt Flea which will also be threatened] and so on.)

There would be side benefits in this monumental endeavor. A large inland sea could have beneficial effect on the climate by mitigating some of the heat that west Texas is (in)famous for (or it could exacerbate the thunderstorms that percolate out there, interesting thought). Or it might not do much at all.

In addition it might help recharge the vast Oglalla Aquifer and other groundwater sources along with providing irrigation possibilities for farmers in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. And it would aid water supply problems in fast-growing north Texas and Oklahoma.

Think about it. If this Global Warming problem is as big as the scientists of the “settled science” say it is, then big solutions are needed — and we’re not talking about putting business under the thumb of government bureaucrats or everybody being forced to live like Road Warrior-style post-apocalyptic wretches rationing and recycling everything while making nothing new.

Once my proposal is accepted and put forth, we can start talking about the Great Gobi Inland Ocean. What an engineering feat that would be.

Climate Changers, are you with me? You do want to solve the problem, right?

George Mason Would Not Be Proud

I’m watching the George Mason University/University of Dayton basketball game on TV.

Sadly, the announcers just informed us that Mason’s students are wearing for the game “green” t-shirts which promote GMU basketball on the front and clean energy and zero emissions on the back. Mason’s colors are green and gold, so there’s a clever indoctrination angle for these free t-shirts.

This is a rather sad thing for George Mason. It’s one of the few state schools in the U.S. where some conservatives have been able to survive and even prosper. It’s economics department has been the home of many solid conservatives such as Jim Buchanan and Walter Williams. It’s law school has developed a strong and conservative reputation, thanks to the work of people like Henry Manne. There’s also a strong libertarian intellectual strain at the school.

I’m sure that the real George Mason would find such shenanigans silly and blatant thought control disturbing. Just another example of how the left makes itself omnipresent and insistent. A simple basketball game can be used for messaging. The left will never sleep until we are all under its control, all of the time. There will be no refuge.

Kingsman: The Covert Conservative

I finally caught the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” It’s based on a comic book that I’ve never read nor seen so I have no idea whether these little details from the movie are part of it or just a series of coincidences.

In the movie, the bad guy, a technonerd billionaire played by a lisping Samuel L. Jackson, meets with a dusky balding man at an office attached to the White House. The man (obviously Barack Obama) is all in on the bad guy’s plan to eliminate most of the Earth’s population because the Earth is having a fevuh! And it needs a good culling. The tool of choice is mass slaughter triggered by “free stuff,” in this case cellphone SIM cards that give everyone free phone and Internet service. A self-selecting political elite and wealthy few will shelter in bunkers to survive.

Sound familiar to any proposals made lately by the Obama White House and other Democrats?

I know, I’m probably reading too much into this.

Follow the Global Warming Money

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a can’t miss piece, “Global Warming: A $1.5 Trillion Industry.”

It examines the increasingly lucrative Global Warming/Climate Change Industry. Besides noting the obscene amount of money involved, the real point is that this industry is heavily, and I mean HEAVILY, dependent upon government coercion for its existence.

Not only is it requiring government power to force the private sector to support it (shakedowns, regulatory mandates, etc.), it also needs the government to literally foot the bill in so many cases, e.g. “consultants,” “studies.”

This is just another case for getting the government out of businesses that it has no Constitutional mandate for being involved with in the first place. Shrink government and many of these rent-seeking industries will dry up – other than what is legitimate.