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Gun Grab — Power Grab

John Hinderaker of Power Line does a nice summation of the idiocy, strawman arguments and evil behind the modern antigun movement in “Wear Orange to Stop Gun Violence?

The simple-mindedness of the modern liberal would almost be amusing if it didn’t mask the darker, far more sinister true goal, the removal of firearms from private, law-abiding citizens. The idea that wearing orange will somehow engineer a magic “solution” that would render “gun violence” a thing of the past displays typical liberal dimwittery and wishful-thinking.

It also belies a “Baptists and bootleggers” coalition between totalitarian liberals wanting to disarm those that might resist their endless march to omnipotent power and criminals who find a disarmed citizenry to be a happy hunting ground. Both agree that a cowed population is in their best interests.


The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kudos to Kurt Russell (yes, the actor) for blurting out what should be our real policy concerning terrorism. (He also made some good points on the fallaciousness of gun control proposals.)

He made the point in a recent interview that we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what Muslim terrorists are going to do to us but rather the terrorists should be worried about what we are going to do to them.

Yes, let’s go on the offensive. Make them worry about us.

The worldwide Muslim terror conspiracy is probably close to operating at its full capacity but the western response has been negligible in comparison to its vast capabilities (and the amount of money spent on it annually). It’s as if you have a Ferrari and haven’t even bothered to do anything beyond starting it and playing the radio (and it has awesome floor mats!).

Obviously with the current lot of impotent western leaders in charge that’s not going to change but I can still have my fantasies, can’t I?

Barack’s Quick Thinking

Presidential aide (running into the Oval Office) — Pres. Obama, there’s been a mass shooting in San Bernardino!

O — That’s the last straw. I demand that all guns be confiscated! It must have been at a Planned Parenthood clinic or an African-American church or a school!

Aide — No, at a Christmas party for county workers!

O — Well, we should ban so-called Christmas parties. They no doubt precipitated this tragedy. Separation of church and state! I used to teach Con. Law, you know. And we should ban the Tea Party because they’ve gone too far in attacking hard-working government workers!

Aide — Apparently it was some Muslims employed by the county who were doing the shooting.

O — (Long pause) No one no should jump to any conclusions here! Call Loretta Lynch and have her look into this when she gets back from her Muslim advocacy party. Oh, and tell her that this has nothing to do with Paris.

Ladies and gentleman, the funniest man in Washington, Barack Obama! He’s here though the next year. How ’bout a round of applause…

WTOP — Nothing to See Here, Move Along

The most insidious aspect of media bias isn’t so much the blatant lies of something like the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes Bush Texas Air National Guard story, as galling as those are, but rather than surreptitious, constant, spinning of the news, controlling the media agenda and framing of the stories by liberals for the purpose of propaganda, coercion and influence. Here are a couple of examples of how it works from one of the nation’s leading radio stations.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area and so by tradition I listen to WTOP. The former AM, now FM, news station regularly rates as the number one or two station in the nation in raking in ad dollars.

Late last week, as the now-traditional weekly news dump of Hillary Clinton emails approached, the station anchor blandly said that none of the email dumps so far had revealed anything “significant.”

Mind you, this was after we had learned that Hillary Clinton hadn’t actually released all her work-related emails (courtesy of the Blumenthal revelations) (which, I suppose, technically, wasn’t one of the dumps); after the previous week’s bombshell discovery that Mrs. Clinton emailed her family and the Egyptian president that she knew, the State Dept. knew and the Obama administration knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack not a spontaneous response to an unseen video, which was becoming their public position. Has there ever been a more cynical ploy?

And of course there’s also what’s missing, as well. (As I noted here – Mrs. Clinton’s emails [the ones she chose to release, that is], the emails of the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in history, tend to read more like the emails of a run-of-the-mill assistant at a generic office rather than the inside national and international political policy discussions of the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation in history!)

Monday morning we learned the WTOP spin on the Republican pushback against network-sponsorship of Republican debates.  The anchors dutifully listed all the Republican complaints, e.g. not equal amounts of questions per candidate, needed final statements, etc. All but one complaint that is, which was actually the main complaint; the one complaint that the Republican candidates cited at the CNBC debate; the one complaint that spurred the whole backlash — liberal political bias amongst the questioners/moderators.  Funny how WTOP failed to mention that one.

I have also in the past taken WTOP to task on their gun coverage. Of course they follow the usual media cant on whatever gun violence happens — Oh, this is awful, only if we had some simple gun laws that would magically prevent this (if it wasn’t for those darned Republicans!). The anchors constantly trot out the “assault weapons”  canard — that if only we’d renew the “Assault Weapons Ban,” gun deaths would plummet. I’ve personally emailed them numerous times pointing out that no actual military or police force would use any of the “assault weapons” listed in the “Assault Weapons Ban”  in practice or an actual assault but I have not received an acknowledgment on those emails, save one (which was laughably ignorant of firearms). Since the anchors continue to parrot the liberal propaganda and disinformation line it is clear that they are consciously choosing to misreport  the issue.

Not everyone listening to WTOP knows the news or is familiar with the issues. Some people actually rely on it to be informed. It is to them that media bias is at its most nefarious and, sadly, effective.

Magical Thinking

One of the key activities of the modern liberal is “magical thinking.”

One aspect of magical thinking is that by saying something, it will just happen.

A good example of this is the father of slain reporter Alison Parker. According to Broadcasting & Cable, Andy Parker  recently said that he wasn’t for taking guns away from people he just didn’t want “crazy” people to have guns.

Okay, Mr. Parker, I think you’ll find almost all Second Amendment supporters are already there, including the NRA.

But, and here’s the really “magical” part, how do you keep guns out of the hands of those who aren’t openly bat-poop deranged? Remember, liberals, it was one of your shock troop battalions, the ACLU, that sprang the less openly nutty from the mental hospitals. It was the ACLU that led the way into making it nearly impossible to get anyone committed or to attach the label of “crazy” to them. They still do that.

So exactly how do you keep a gun out of the hands of someone like mad dog killer Vester Flanagan? Yes, he was a crank; an angry man; a homosexual; but had he yet demonstrated an ACLU-approved level of insanity? I think the ACLU would have fought an effort to commit Vester Flanagan to a mental hospital; to infringe his rights due to mental incapacity. Don’t you?

Imagine an effort to commit a gay, black, former journalist and supporter of Obama? How much of a firestorm would that create?

In the eyes of the liberal Flanagan was golden — he had all the proper minority boxes checked. He was never going to be denied a gun. He could have shown up at a gun shop wearing a suit made of catfish heads and singing the Sanskrit version of Wagner and no one would have dared deny him because the media-generated public backlash if they did and he complained.

King Barry is also a master of this mode of thinking on issue after issue. He’s often trotted out this same “common sense” gun law that would magically keep guns out of the hands of wackos, if only those obstructionist Republicans, under the thumb of the NRA don’tcha know, would pass that “law.”

So how does that law work, your highness?

King Barry has yet to be asked that question by the media. Interestingly, Mr. Parker pleaded with journalists that since his daughter was one of them, they should lead the way in promoting the magic law which would keep guns out of the hands of the not-yet-obviously-crazy.

Maybe Mr. Parker and King Barry are thinking about the device in the movie “Minority Report,” that sees the future or predicts violent crimes. Maybe they think it’s real. You know, one sign of insanity is thinking that movies are real.

The Infantile Response

A handful of conservatives recently said some good things about comedienne Amy Schumer, mostly after she had become the target of the PC Commissars. There were even some hints that maybe, just maybe, she might not be a standard issue entertainment industry libtard, but capable of thinking for herself.

Okay, we can set that aside now.

She finally got around to saying something about the nut that shot several people in a movie theater that was showing a film she starred in. Besides taking it a little too personally, she uttered this modern liberal classic: “These shootings have got to stop. I don’t know how else to say it.”


She thinks that’s all it’s going to take, just to say “Stop it!” Say that and the insane will follow right along? The evil will just throw up their hands and walk away? Who would ‘a thunk it’d be so simple…?

Schumer, cousin of gun control maniac Sen. Chuck Schumer, inhabits that same universe of liberal twinkie-heads that Obama inhabits. These are people who really believe rock music lyrics and treacly movie lines like “If you wish for something hard enough it will come true” and “Give peace a chance.”

Such things are good and groovy (and really hummable!) but they require everyone to buy in and since not everyone buys in, you can find yourself butt-naked in the middle of a World War I-style No-Man’s Land.

One of the great weaknesses of modern liberalism is that it pretends that evil doesn’t exist (except for Republicans and conservatives). Nobody chooses to do bad things, they are somehow forced into it. For Obama (and likely Schumer), an Iran that plots against the United States doesn’t exist. Iran is just merely misunderstood or just reacting naturally to a very hostile United States. The same went for Communism and still goes for criminals, Islamofascists, etc. Crazy movie shooter had to have been provoked into shooting people because… Well, no one would choose voluntarily to do something that bad, right?

For the liberal, criminals never purposefully commit crimes, they are always reacting to poverty, racism or mean cops. Once everyone understands that, it’s simply a matter of no longer doing whatever the provocation is. Voila! Badness goes away.

This is the infantile response. The response that parents have for misbehaving small children. Talking to children and getting them to understand the difference between right and wrong and, hopefully, pushing them in the right direction, while they are still malleable (and unarmed).

But as liberal and urban policy since the 1960s, using this pattern with grownups, it has failed in city after city.

Evil behavior is a fact of life. As long as there are people on Earth it will exist in one form or another. Some people will choose to be evil. Failing to confront evil for what it is will not make it go away.

Barack Obama Superstar

Further proof that Obama slept through his college classes.

Last week, The One, the smartest man to ever occupy the White House!, fretted to an interviewer (foreign press, natch!), that the one thing that had frustrated him most was his inability to curtail murders, those caused by guns, that is. He’s been “stymied” by malevolent forces, don’t ya know.

Once again, one’s first response to one of these thought pieces from Dear Leader is, “Is he serious?”

That evil and bad things are a part of life has long been accepted. It’s an immutable law.

The earliest of ancient literature confronts the topic. The roots of philosophy are, well, rooted in the question of good and evil, among other things. Whole religions are practically built around the question. A mildly broadly-educated college grad would know these things.

That evil and misfortune are part of life is so foundational that debates over permanently excising them are considered utopian. They are part and parcel of the human condition.

But not for our King Barry. Call him nothing if not ambitious. He thinks he can remove those bad thoughts and bad actors from mankind once and for all by his sheer magnificence. If only someone else had thought to banish bad things we’d all be so much better off now.

But then, no leader ever before has been of The One’s caliber. Not even that Jesus fellow or that Buddha dude. Maybe Mohammed could move a mountain but Barack Obama Superstar takes on far bigger challenges, like eliminating gun shootings (and making everything free, but that’s another story).

This latest Obama tempest was in relation to his desire to confiscate guns from the American public. Or as he calls it “common sense” gun laws. You might have noticed that a Democratic politician cannot say ‘gun laws’ without putting the phrase ‘common sense’ in front of them (often followed by the hoary ‘Every industrialized nation… [has disarmed its population]’ which isn’t exactly true since the Swiss are heavily armed). The “common sense” phrasing was poll-tested to appeal to soccer moms and transgendered folks. If Obama said he wanted to confiscate guns there’d be serious pushback so it’s best to… uh… be less than truthful about your intentions.