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What Part of “Illegal” Do They Not Understand?

The whole to-do over Pres. Trump’s order to curtail immigration from seven countries, six of them in chaos and one (Iran) a hostile enemy, has brought the immigration debate to a head.

One can argue whether the Trump “ban” will be effective — I think it would be more effective targeting those who transited through or visited those countries since they are terrorist havens rather than simply being born there.

That’s what we are supposed to do, discuss these things.

Instead we are treated to yet another liberal spazz attack. Yeah, that’s what we are seeing, liberals seem to be permanently stuck with the maturity level of a junior high spazz.

Liberals aren’t interested in debate because they might lose. They aren’t interested in a discussion or a conversation because they simply want to tell you what to do. They do not want give and take, other than they give it and you bend over and take it.

So we get this meltdown at airports and claims of international “chaos.” We’re told that so many companies are against this because it prevents them from getting recruits for jobs.

Now tell me, how many of these companies, many of them high tech, are actually getting recruits from say, Somalia? Libya? Syria? Iran? Yemen? Sudan? Iraq? I’d wager that number would be close to zero.

Several of those countries don’t even have running water, much less a tech industry. So what’s the fuss?

We have actual politicians, people supposedly familiar with something called “The Law,” pretending that Trump’s executive order is somehow out of the norm.

There was a time, within my lifetime, when people immigrating to the United States had to have sponsors. During that time people had to apply to come over. Some people actually got rejected because they were deemed undesirable. And taking people from hostile countries was limited to individual, special cases like Refuseniks — people who loved America, not hated it.

And we’re getting the tearful tales of “refugees” being prevented from just moving to the United States at their convenience. As if anyone, anywhere can decide just to come to the U.S. if their country goes down the crapper, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

So, in the eyes of these politicians, activists and would-be immigrants, a country doesn’t have the right to police its borders? That is some kind of insane concept never-before seen anywhere before?

That’s what the libtards want you to believe. Do you get the feeling we are being lied to by these liberals and their media auxiliaries?

The fact is that there are a number of immigration limitation statutes on the books. The Trump administration enforcement and institution of restrictions is not unusual in the history of this country. It’s only the slackness of immigration law enforcement and national generosity (not mutually exclusive) of the last couple of decades which has created an atmosphere of “open borders.”

Which leads me to the bizarre world of “illegal” immigration. The argument has gotten to the point where those illegally in this country have supporters who insist that the people who point out that the illegals are illegal are somehow wrong.

That these illegals are special, the truly law-abiding, while those pointing out their illegalness are the ones that are in the wrong.

The supporters often baldly insist that the “illegals” have done nothing wrong, preferring the euphemism “undocumented.”

Hey, bank robbery is an “undocumented” withdrawal… right?

The supporters, often in the form of nonprofit, tax-exempt groups, constantly invoke “families,” as if involving one’s family in a crime mitigates that crime.

Then there is a whole legal apparatus twisting laws so that people who are not citizens are allowed access to the benefits of citizenry, yet without any of the obligations and responsibilities. It’s actually kind of a sweet deal now that you think about it.

Just an example — drivers licenses for illegal aliens. People actually rationalize this bit of sophistry. Illegals can go to a DMV and get a drivers license. DMV people will turn in regular wanted criminals but illegals, they coddle and try to sign them up for other goodies, like voting. The DMV, as an arm of a state or county government, is obligated to aid in law enforcement but in our upside down world they feel free to ignore that particular law. But they’ll nail you to the wall if you are behind on child support or student loans or parking tickets…

The left’s desperation has bred this upside-down world — the illegal becomes the legal; those wanting enforcement of the law are deemed as the unlawful. Their aggressive vindictiveness is the product of their arrogance mixed with the weakness of their argument. The weaker the argument the more angry and violent they become.

When laws can no longer be carried out in their letter, they are lost.

When people are this delusional, it becomes impossible to have a rational discussion with them. They are lost.


Clintons Going Out of Business Sale

I’m a little late in getting to this but I can’t stop laughing that the Clinton Global Initiative — part of the enormous scam known as the Clinton Crime Family Foundation… er… Clinton Foundation — is shutting down.

It seems that all those countries, rich folks, celebrities and corporations have realized that paying protection money, graft, bribes and baksheesh to the Clintons and their various hangers-on is no longer of any use.

Or as Glenn Reynolds puts it, “What happens to an influence-peddling operation when there’s no influence to peddle?”

Of course, you might not have heard that this multimillion dollar money laundering operation is closing because big media is too busy stalking Donald Trump like Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” to report on such things; to report on actual news (that makes Democrats look bad and/or exposes their craven calumny).

In reality the Clinton Global Initiative was always a shakedown operation that enriched the Clinton Crime Syndicate. It existed for no other purpose. There was no “global initiative” (other than shaking down anyone, anywhere on the planet). Most of the money went to well-heeled and well-connected people to put on conferences to be attended by other well-heeled and well-connected people where they got out the tin cup to get money from taxpayers and corporations across the globe. It also made sure that the Big Pig and HilLIARy traveled in first class and stayed at the best hotels before they delivered their highly-compensated, self-congratulatory bloviations to their audiences of international elites, who then patted themselves on their backs for being so concerned about whatever was the cause du jour.

So what happens to those who worked there, apparently about two dozen low-level grifter tenderfoots? They are being cut loose. Now, you’d think, that with all the lectures that people like Billary have delivered to businesses about not shutting down useless or money-losing operations, to keep them open no matter how much money they lose, that they’d keep CGI open, even on life-support, just to keep those people employed. After all, as Democrats always insist, the rich have scads of wealth from magical, never-ending sources.

But you’d be wrong. Remember, the rules don’t apply to our superiors like Mr. & Mrs. Ex-President. Do as I say, not as I do is their motto.

Interestingly, the employees of the Clinton Global Initiative, based in New York, were non-union. Imagine that, a Democrat operation that hires only non-union employees and then fires them when the operation runs out of gas. Hmmmmm, the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

Kind of reminds me of unions that hire non-union people to walk their picket lines and always pays them below the minimum wage (They’ve even done that at minimum wage promotion rallies!).

However, I suspect that these people will land on their feet in academia, media, Wall Street, politics, NGOs, etc.

Local Variety or One-Size-Fits-All?

Just a quick observation.

Have you ever noticed that liberals incessantly cluck about the need for local foods (both locavore and local restaurants), the uniqueness and variety of local small businesses and whine endlessly about the homogenization of America through chain stores (always of middling or low quality) yet they also demand a nationalization of every segment life — putting everything not under the control of town, city, county or state authorities but Washington-based bureaucrats issuing one-size-fits-all regulations, including products and services?

Will Hillary Clinton Be Indicted?

That is not to be confused with “Should Hillary Clinton be indicted? To which the answer is a resounding, Yes!

At this moment, I think it’s at or less than a 4 in 10 chance she’ll be indicted. That is, less than 50-50.

It has to be understood that the governing principle here is pure politics. As long as she remains the presumptive Democratic nominee AND as long as she remains politically afloat she is untouchable.

While that remains in effect, no matter what the FBI does or says or pushes for nothing will move forward from the Dept. of Justice. Even if the FBI pushed for an indictment, DOJ would just move into a version of the old North Carolina basketball version of the Four Corners stall tactic. Attorney General Loretta Lynch or some PR flunkee would talk about how they are seriously examining the issue and don’t want to jump to conclusions, especially considering that this would affect a presidential election. “We don’t want to play politics!” they’d say. (The late Cap Weinberger and Tom DeLay would find that laughable.) Then they’d run out the clock. (No one would ask the obvious question, ‘So, are you going to indict if she’s elected?’ ‘If elected, will she be able to pardon herself?’)

However, if the good ship S.S. Hillary begins to list seriously, either in the primaries or in the general election, things could change. If she’s underwater and dragging the down-ticket candidates down with her, there could be a sudden indictment to push her off the stage (and Sloe Joe Biden substituted). But using the “Lautenberg Option” would require her to be in a huge amount of trouble (poll numbers in the low 30s, likability in the 20s, minority voters depressed and, most importantly, fundraising drying up).

Remember, these craven people brazened out the Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky thing (along with several other impeachable offenses) — Nothing to see here! Time to move on! — so they have no compunction about acting in a purely self-interested manner — political civility be damned!

I’ll toss out one possible subterfuge, a quickie plea deal. Hillary could always take a fast plea deal to shut all of this down immediately. With a friendly DOJ, she’d get a slap on the wrist, pay a little fine and not even admit to guilt and the investigation would go no further. She’d explain that it is all in the best interest of the country to move on, she’s real sorry that anyone was offended and she won’t hold it against the Republican-run FBI. Obama or Lynch would crow, “See, our justice system works!” The Democrats and the MSM would sing with a glee how noble she is and the campaign would turn a whomping negative into a positive.

I think this would be better exercised sooner rather than later but knowing the short-term mentality of the low-information voter, Hillary could probably wait awhile.

And speaking of completely soporific pandering (along with sheer delusion), check out the New York Times’s endorsement of this unindicted criminal kingpin. Talk about living in Bizarro World….

Hmmmm, Is There A Pattern Here?

In the relatively recent past:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter Jeri has been convicted of fraud, money-laundering, etc.

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s son Jesse Jr. has been convicted of fraud, embezzlement, etc.

Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique has been trying to shakedown the city of New York for $5 million after she hurt her ankle tripping over some rough pavement. Since she’s been photographed walking in high heels, climbing a ladder and hiking in some hills in Indonesia.