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No More ISIL

Hey, notice something?

There’s no more “ISIL.”

Not that they’ve been exterminated (IF ONLY!) but no one seems to be calling ISIS ISIL any longer.

If you remember, like a snotty college sophomore trying to demonstrate his college smarts at Thanksgiving, The One, AKA Otard the Malignant, AKA Pres. Barack Obama, called ISIS ISIL (while also describing them as ‘The J.V.’). He was wrong on both counts.

Anyway, now they seem to get described everywhere as ISIS.

And speaking of ISIS, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, there is the dawning realization that our intellectual and political leaders, seemingly on both sides of the aisle (other than Trump), are simply incapable of embarking upon a solution — “Buck up,” is their turn the cheek advice. Rather Chamberlain-like (a decent man completely inappropriate for the time).

Libtards, Democrats, socialists, Millennials, all do don’t understand that the Islamofascists are not guiltable, they don’t care about political correctness, they aren’t cowed by cries of “racism,” “bigot,” or “sexist.” They’ll still pull the trigger.

All those candles, Teddy Bears, flowers, moments of silence, hashtags, etc. won’t do a thing. If anything the terrorists are encouraged by such a patronizing response. Hey, Michelle Obama, Jen Psaki, et al, how’d that #bringbackourgirls hashtag work out in Nigeria? Yeah, it didn’t move the dial a hair, did it?

But that never was the point, was it?

Surprisingly, Muslim terrorists don’t subscribe to the symbology that makes college kids, celebrities, cultural commissars, elite bureaucrats, Democrats and European socialists, et al, all gooey. The libtards simply wanted to feel good about themselves that they were “doing something.” And, most importantly, signal their virtue to each other. They could look like they were doing something when, in reality, they never intended to do anything but they felt awesome and superior to those who actually want to get their hands dirty and really do something that might involve breaking some windows, or some people.

BTW, how did they get to be “Our” girls?

The inimitable prophet Mark Steyn nails it in “‘Dangerous Woman’” Meets Dangerous Man.”

He taps into our absurd culture where a cupcake like former Nickelodeon child star Ariana Grande is ever-so-“dangerous,” all the while ignoring actually, really dangerous people like Muslim extremists who blow up themselves and other people at music concerts.

Of course Ariana is “dangerous” in a cool, sexy, politically correct female empowering way. Kinda not really dangerous at all but pretend “dangerous” so everyone can enjoy being “dangerous” without having to go all Machine Gun Kelly or break any laws.

In the mind of the modern liberal the only really dangerous (and divisive, hateful and oppressive…) people are, and “everyone agrees,” Donald Trump and his supporters.

You just keep telling yourself that, Millennial Pajama Boy and female pugilist punching a bag in a panty hose commercial. That’ll go over well as they puzzle over whether the Muslim terrorist holding a gun to their heads is going to pull the trigger. They won’t have to puzzle long (and as they descended to their eternal fate they still wouldn’t admit they were wrong).


ISIS Was the J.V.

Many people have mocked Pres. Obama’s stupidity for calling the ISIS terror group, “The J.V.” and being the equivalent of a team impersonating the Los Angeles Lakers (O, apparently hadn’t been keeping up with the Lakers’ on-court follies).

But I’m here to defend our Joke Warfare commander in chief.

He can learn.

When ISIS suddenly became more dangerous, The One began to sniffily refer to them as “ISIL,” demonstrating that they had moved up to varsity level.

And now he’s referred to them as Daesh, showing that he’s acknowledging them as professionals. Clearly they’ve earned their Lakers’ jerseys in his eyes.

That he seems to use the terms ISIL and Daesh interchangeably, well, I can only do so much explaining of his mental infirmity.

John Oliver Attacks Unnamed Paris-Attackers, Sort of

The Twitterverse and other regions of the intellectual eliteopia are all atwitter about HBO’s John Oliver delivery on Sunday night of an “epic smackdown” of the terrorists that attacked Paris.

Yeah, he just hammered them. Calling them a-holes and using the F-word frequently (which of course means he was like mom-using-your-middle-name serious). He devastated them by calling them “unconscionable.” I’m sure any ISIS folks watching HBO at the time were just crushed. They’ll have to visit their therapists. They are probably feeling marginalized, disrespected and invalidated now. They’ll never be able to terror again…

Ooooooh, he showed them. John Oliver 1, unnamed attackers 0.

Oliver’s big takedown point is that these unspecific a-holes are never going to take French culture down because the French have Sartre and Camus and Piaf and Proust and Gaulois cigarettes and wine and cheese and pastry… I guess that’s effective if you want to bond with ennui-infused college students in their Paris Semester but as a weapon against hardened maniacs living in another millennium, it just makes you another easily killed infidel.

Johnny, they don’t play by your rules. It’s not a debate about what culture is most fun. Yelling, “Burn, dude!” and high-fiving your buddies isn’t particularly effective with this lot. They understand only a few basic things – alive, dead, should-be dead/will-be-dead and the power to compel. Junior high-level comedy doesn’t exist in their world. You might as well be reading Aristotle to a case of terminal cancer. That Oliver seems to think he’s won something, is kind of disturbing.

Interestingly, he left out people such as Saint-Saens, Bardot, Pascal, Rabelais, Zola, Monet, Offenbach, etc., and, most importantly, Charles Martel, the one Frenchman (well, Frank) who knew how to deal with Muslims.

Another interesting thing left out of Oliver’s tirade was the “M” word. He could call them effin’ a-holes but he couldn’t call them Muslims. John, professional tip here, if you can’t speak the name of your enemy, you’re not doing much good. Maybe it’s you that’s getting burned.

Oliver is under the delusion that this is some kind of cultural selection contest and naturally people will choose the ooh-la-la French. He has no more better grip on reality than special snowflake college students these days. He even seems to think that the terrorists themselves are probably no stronger than our precious snowflake students. Oliver clearly has no comprehension of who we are fighting or what this is about.

Let’s also not forget that John Oliver will be one of the first people to go after U.S. forces if we decide to put boots on the ground in the Middle East to go after the “a-holes.” He’ll mock them as he mocked Bush, U.S. forces in the Middle East conflicts and the Guantanamo Bay facility. When the going gets tough and some heads have to be bashed, Oliver will be one of the first to look for the exits.

So I’m not sure what he’s hoping will happen with his tirade. There’s nothing like liberal tough talk (said after the bully that gave them the atomic wedgie has left the field, gone home, got drunk, passed out and forgotten the nerd’s name).


It’s All Vlad’s Fault

Our amazing president has done it once again.

Last week, on the anniversary of 9/11 he expounded on the crisis du jour, Syrian refugees. I guess it should be noted that he didn’t blame the United States for the crisis, nor the white power structure, though he did rope some white people into the fault so that only partially spared George W. Bush from his usual role as origin of all-things-wrong.

So what caused the Syrian crisis?

Russia did!

Most importantly Vladimir Putin did it.

Now I’m no Russia lover, especially of Vladimir Putin, he’s an old-fashioned strongman with delusions of grandeur — think of a Latin American caudillo writ large — but seriously? Russia?

According to an article in The Washington Times (warning: ad-heavy website), Obama said: “‘Russia has for many years now provided financial support, sold arms to Assad. I remember a conversation I had with Mr. Putin four or five years ago where I told him that was a mistake, that would makes things worse,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘He did not take my warnings, and as a consequence, things have gotten worse. It appears now that Assad is worried enough that he’s inviting Russian advisers and Russian equipment…We are going to be engaging Russia to let them know that you can’t continue to double down on a strategy that’s doomed to failure.’”

I seriously doubt President, Barack Obama (AKA Swami Obami, the Delphic Oracle of our time) told Vladimir Putin, to his face, that he, Putin, was on the wrong side of history, to use The One’s favorite phrase of self-justification and vindication. The simple fact that Putin’s alive today, not having died laughing or been shot by the Secret Service trying to give Obama a noogie, is proof of that. This is just another one of those self-serving stories that both Obamas traffic in (seem to actually live in) .

If there was any remotely viable causative effect one would have to say that Russia’s support has propped Bashar Assad up and kept him around this long, not caused ISIS — the chief Syrian underminer. Syria was a client state of the old Soviet Union, which provided weaponry and built-out a number of facilities — ranging from chemical weapons facilities and supplies to a Soviet naval base on the Mediterranean (Tartus) to standard planes, tanks and missiles. Russia inherited the relationship after the fall of communism and Putin has taken an interest in it. He certainly doesn’t want to see source of Russian income and of a fellow tyrant taken down. That sets a bad example, gives people the wrong ideas, you know.

Obama’s reasoning is exactly wrong. He couldn’t be any more wrong (well, maybe if he had blamed, say, Martian earthquakes, he might be slightly more wrong but on Planet Earth…). I suppose one could make a tautological argument that if Assad didn’t exist ISIS would have no one to overthrow and therefore would evaporate in a puff of logic but I suspect they’d probably be warring with whomever replaced Assad.

That leaves — Can he possibly believe such a pile of nonsense or was he in total BS mode as he just let that rip off-the-cuff?

I’m hoping it was just another bit of off-the-TelePrompTer impromptu speaking that Obama is famous for. He says something that pops into his head, that might serve a policy point he’s trying to make — say, arms sales = bad, and he comes up with a cock and bull story that he thinks sounds sophisticated, relying on the audience to be made up of his low information/high esteem supporters. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will publicly call him on it, certainly not on that moment. And then he’s off to a round of golf on Martha’s Vineyard. Mission accomplished.

Going back to the legendary “Reset” fiasco, the Obama administration has long tried to get the Russians to follow O’s lead. After all, he showed a willingness to suck-up to the Russians with a high-school level slam of the Bush administration (bad relations: All Bush’s fault). But after the Obama team agreed that Putie’s old girlfriend was a stupid slut, that really cute and rich boy (♥♥♥♥!) still didn’t ask us to the prom!

In fact, he started sleeping around with all of our friends (while we still did his laundry for him!) by invading and destabilizing neighbors, jamming up the Obama administration in international forums and just being a meany! Doesn’t he realize we’re smart and beautiful and talented and better than all those cheap tramps he hangs out with?????

If you want to know how Obama and liberals think and operate, think about the social dynamics of high school; if you want to know their policy thoughts, think kindergarten and elementary school.

Our “smartest-evuh!” president is shockingly ignorant, and not particularly bright (example, the error-filled silliness we are talking about now). He’s obviously gone through life with few people actually questioning him, much less simply explaining that he’s wrong about some issues. There’s also no indication that Obama is even concerned about facts but rather he focuses on narratives that “must” be true — like Putin is on the wrong side of history so if he’d just stop supporting Assad, Syria would reboot into the pleasant democracy it was before Putin supported Assad and created ISIS. Fore!

The scary part of this is — is this an example of Obama’s narcissistic tendency to think that whatever comes out of his mouth must be true simply because he said it? Did he knowingly throw out some absurd reasoning to fill some time at an event he didn’t want to be at or does he actually believe his Syria-is-Russia’s-fault story? Is his administration making policy on this concept?

There is the quasi-Nixonian possibility that O & Co. tossed that out because Obama is trying to get out from under the “ISIS is J.V.” analogy (another off the TelePrompTer remark) and taking any blame that yanking troops out of Iraq and grabbing his ankles on Iran had anything to do with the rise of ISIS nor his own vacillation concerning Syria. Laying the blame on Russia is classic Obama blame-shifting (ask George W. Bush about that). And don’t forget, Obama killed Osama! Al Qaeda and all other similar terrorist groups were supposed to roll over and wither away while pure, sweet, secular democracy was going to spring forth in the Middle East (as it had reigned in Muslim-dominated lands throughout history). Everyone in the late night dorm room BS session that is the Obama administration agreed that would happen and anyone who’s participated in a Mock U.N. or academic conference on the Middle East knows that should have happened.

But it didn’t and the ugly thought that serious military forces will need to be deployed to curtail ISIS is beginning to heckle Obama’s inner monologue. (Another other heckler is yelling ‘Bush, Cheney and the Taliban conservatives were right!’)

I’m hoping that’s it because the alternative, our president is delusional, is worrisome. Of course, using a 9/11 anniversary chat with the military to lay the groundwork for such a position is “bush league” but then that’s what Obama has always been.

He often treats the political arena, home of traditional give-and-take, as if its an inner-city basketball court and he’s the number one “trash-talker.” Except he believes his own BS.

Scott Johnson at Power Line has a good piece on this topic.