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No More ISIL

Hey, notice something?

There’s no more “ISIL.”

Not that they’ve been exterminated (IF ONLY!) but no one seems to be calling ISIS ISIL any longer.

If you remember, like a snotty college sophomore trying to demonstrate his college smarts at Thanksgiving, The One, AKA Otard the Malignant, AKA Pres. Barack Obama, called ISIS ISIL (while also describing them as ‘The J.V.’). He was wrong on both counts.

Anyway, now they seem to get described everywhere as ISIS.

And speaking of ISIS, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, there is the dawning realization that our intellectual and political leaders, seemingly on both sides of the aisle (other than Trump), are simply incapable of embarking upon a solution — “Buck up,” is their turn the cheek advice. Rather Chamberlain-like (a decent man completely inappropriate for the time).

Libtards, Democrats, socialists, Millennials, all do don’t understand that the Islamofascists are not guiltable, they don’t care about political correctness, they aren’t cowed by cries of “racism,” “bigot,” or “sexist.” They’ll still pull the trigger.

All those candles, Teddy Bears, flowers, moments of silence, hashtags, etc. won’t do a thing. If anything the terrorists are encouraged by such a patronizing response. Hey, Michelle Obama, Jen Psaki, et al, how’d that #bringbackourgirls hashtag work out in Nigeria? Yeah, it didn’t move the dial a hair, did it?

But that never was the point, was it?

Surprisingly, Muslim terrorists don’t subscribe to the symbology that makes college kids, celebrities, cultural commissars, elite bureaucrats, Democrats and European socialists, et al, all gooey. The libtards simply wanted to feel good about themselves that they were “doing something.” And, most importantly, signal their virtue to each other. They could look like they were doing something when, in reality, they never intended to do anything but they felt awesome and superior to those who actually want to get their hands dirty and really do something that might involve breaking some windows, or some people.

BTW, how did they get to be “Our” girls?

The inimitable prophet Mark Steyn nails it in “‘Dangerous Woman’” Meets Dangerous Man.”

He taps into our absurd culture where a cupcake like former Nickelodeon child star Ariana Grande is ever-so-“dangerous,” all the while ignoring actually, really dangerous people like Muslim extremists who blow up themselves and other people at music concerts.

Of course Ariana is “dangerous” in a cool, sexy, politically correct female empowering way. Kinda not really dangerous at all but pretend “dangerous” so everyone can enjoy being “dangerous” without having to go all Machine Gun Kelly or break any laws.

In the mind of the modern liberal the only really dangerous (and divisive, hateful and oppressive…) people are, and “everyone agrees,” Donald Trump and his supporters.

You just keep telling yourself that, Millennial Pajama Boy and female pugilist punching a bag in a panty hose commercial. That’ll go over well as they puzzle over whether the Muslim terrorist holding a gun to their heads is going to pull the trigger. They won’t have to puzzle long (and as they descended to their eternal fate they still wouldn’t admit they were wrong).


Khan’s Con

A couple of thoughts on Khizr Khan and his spat with Donald Trump.

Mr. Khan, who killed your son? Jews? Christians? Buddhists? Animists? Zoroastrians? Unitarians? Secular Humanists? No, your co-religionists – Muslims.

Mr. Khan doesn’t seem to care that his son was killed by the very people that Mr. Khan is defending as peaceful. Does that not strike anyone as ironic?

Mr. Khan seems to see the enemy not as Muslim radicals seeking to enslave all to a Muslim caliphate but rather as someone who wants to stop that. In Khan’s eyes Donald Trump is the real enemy.

That of course follows in the wake of the traditional leftist, who sees the real enemy not as someone outside of the country seeking that country’s destruction or conquest, but instead sees his fellow citizens resisting that course as the true enemy.

Mr. Khan seems to be using his son’s noble death for cheap political purposes. Is that what his son would have wanted? His son was trying to prove that Muslims can be enlisted and trusted in the war against Islamofascism. Mr. Khan is arguing the opposite. He’s actually making the point that he is a Muslim first and an American second. He saves his anger and energy for attacking Americans with whom he disagrees rather than his son’s killers.

Oh, and Mr. Khan, I too have a copy of the Constitution. It allows for Congress to set the guidelines/restrictions for immigrants. Pray, tell, what does yours say? Do you think there can be no restrictions on immigration? If so, you’ve been grossly misinformed or have erroneously interpreted the Constitution. Don’t worry, those of us born here can guide you, if you’d let us, rather than fight us.

My final note is to direct you to this awesome piece from Ray Starmann and this one from Chris Mark.

It’s What the Scorpion Does

I wanted to take a quick break from final editing of my next Val book to direct your attention to this outstanding op-ed from the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz (one of the best in the business) — Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.

She takes to task Philadelphia’s idiot mayor, Jim Kenney, a man so daft and slavishly political that he is beyond parody. Within hours after a Philadelphia police officer had been shot by a crazed Muslim declaring that he was shooting the officer in the name of Islam, Kenny proceeded to declare, a la Obama, that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. He proclaimed that “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam” was a motivating factor in the shooting.

Notice how these sure declarations of “nothing to do with Islam” come from people who aren’t Muslims while the people committing the acts are Muslims. That’s some powerful arrogance there. Too bad these Muslim maniacs aren’t listening to Barack Obama or Jim Kenney or any other legion of Democrats.

Or European elites. You may have been following the wave of sexual assaults and robberies of young girls by men thought to be recent Muslim immigrants in several European countries, notably Germany. In those cases, at first they weren’t reported by the media (for fear of inflaming fear in the citizenry); then the police and political leadership (uniformly liberal/socialist or simply pathetic) denied it happened and then denied it was Muslims and then ensured everyone that the actors didn’t represent Islam. These people making the assurance were not Muslims.

So what is going on here? Why are our ruling elites more interested in protecting immigrants and refugees than protecting the citizens that elected them and they putatively serve?

If you’ve spent much time with liberals you’d know the answers. Liberals by and large view their fellow citizens as dangerous and one step from going on a Nazi-like rampage. The only thing that keeps that from happening are the soft words and protection of the liberals. Liberals also are romantically transfixed by the “other.” They hate America. They hate its history and accomplishments. They hate their fellow citizens. They hate their parent. They hate their own lives. Other people’s lives and countries are so much better and should be emulated, in the eyes of the liberal. To the liberal there is no possible way that someone from one of those “foreign”/exotic religions would ever do anything bad. In their minds the American is capable of horrific evil, the foreigner, not so much. It has to be a misunderstanding or somehow they were provoked, tricked or framed. The Tea Party or white people of some kind were probably behind it.

Rabinowitz notes the liberal hectoring of the dangerous hoi polloi — it’s almost religious in its “lecturing” and instructional tone.

She also hammers home a point that illustrates the bubble that liberals inhabit: “To hear the mayor of Philadelphia was to grasp, more clearly than ever, the fury that has led to Donald Trump’s success in attracting voters — the fury of citizens who know official lies when they hear them, whether about border security, immigration, or the ever-expanding requirements of multiculturalist dogma.”

Liberals like to pretend that America is a nation ravaged with hate, which is why they are needed to rule over us. They can keep us under control, teach us and lead us to the promised Utopia of multiculti love. The reality is that this fantasy is dangerously delusional. Are large proportion of the population is getting angry as it becomes clear that our leaders will side with our enemies. Message to liberals, you won’t like us when we’re actually angry.

Barack’s Quick Thinking

Presidential aide (running into the Oval Office) — Pres. Obama, there’s been a mass shooting in San Bernardino!

O — That’s the last straw. I demand that all guns be confiscated! It must have been at a Planned Parenthood clinic or an African-American church or a school!

Aide — No, at a Christmas party for county workers!

O — Well, we should ban so-called Christmas parties. They no doubt precipitated this tragedy. Separation of church and state! I used to teach Con. Law, you know. And we should ban the Tea Party because they’ve gone too far in attacking hard-working government workers!

Aide — Apparently it was some Muslims employed by the county who were doing the shooting.

O — (Long pause) No one no should jump to any conclusions here! Call Loretta Lynch and have her look into this when she gets back from her Muslim advocacy party. Oh, and tell her that this has nothing to do with Paris.

Ladies and gentleman, the funniest man in Washington, Barack Obama! He’s here though the next year. How ’bout a round of applause…

John Oliver Attacks Unnamed Paris-Attackers, Sort of

The Twitterverse and other regions of the intellectual eliteopia are all atwitter about HBO’s John Oliver delivery on Sunday night of an “epic smackdown” of the terrorists that attacked Paris.

Yeah, he just hammered them. Calling them a-holes and using the F-word frequently (which of course means he was like mom-using-your-middle-name serious). He devastated them by calling them “unconscionable.” I’m sure any ISIS folks watching HBO at the time were just crushed. They’ll have to visit their therapists. They are probably feeling marginalized, disrespected and invalidated now. They’ll never be able to terror again…

Ooooooh, he showed them. John Oliver 1, unnamed attackers 0.

Oliver’s big takedown point is that these unspecific a-holes are never going to take French culture down because the French have Sartre and Camus and Piaf and Proust and Gaulois cigarettes and wine and cheese and pastry… I guess that’s effective if you want to bond with ennui-infused college students in their Paris Semester but as a weapon against hardened maniacs living in another millennium, it just makes you another easily killed infidel.

Johnny, they don’t play by your rules. It’s not a debate about what culture is most fun. Yelling, “Burn, dude!” and high-fiving your buddies isn’t particularly effective with this lot. They understand only a few basic things – alive, dead, should-be dead/will-be-dead and the power to compel. Junior high-level comedy doesn’t exist in their world. You might as well be reading Aristotle to a case of terminal cancer. That Oliver seems to think he’s won something, is kind of disturbing.

Interestingly, he left out people such as Saint-Saens, Bardot, Pascal, Rabelais, Zola, Monet, Offenbach, etc., and, most importantly, Charles Martel, the one Frenchman (well, Frank) who knew how to deal with Muslims.

Another interesting thing left out of Oliver’s tirade was the “M” word. He could call them effin’ a-holes but he couldn’t call them Muslims. John, professional tip here, if you can’t speak the name of your enemy, you’re not doing much good. Maybe it’s you that’s getting burned.

Oliver is under the delusion that this is some kind of cultural selection contest and naturally people will choose the ooh-la-la French. He has no more better grip on reality than special snowflake college students these days. He even seems to think that the terrorists themselves are probably no stronger than our precious snowflake students. Oliver clearly has no comprehension of who we are fighting or what this is about.

Let’s also not forget that John Oliver will be one of the first people to go after U.S. forces if we decide to put boots on the ground in the Middle East to go after the “a-holes.” He’ll mock them as he mocked Bush, U.S. forces in the Middle East conflicts and the Guantanamo Bay facility. When the going gets tough and some heads have to be bashed, Oliver will be one of the first to look for the exits.

So I’m not sure what he’s hoping will happen with his tirade. There’s nothing like liberal tough talk (said after the bully that gave them the atomic wedgie has left the field, gone home, got drunk, passed out and forgotten the nerd’s name).


The Missing Muslims

To no one’s surprise, our idiot president managed to speak on the terrorist attacks in Paris but pretty much leave out the attackers. He could not bring himself to utter the word “Muslim.” That’s not an accident.

Unlike some, I don’t think Obama is a covert Muslim. I don’t think he’s particularly religious at all, beyond worshiping himself. He just wants to avoid doing anything about the problem and he does have a soft spot for Muslims. The buddies he had 40 years ago in Indonesia didn’t seem to be terrorists, therefore Muslims can’t be terrorists. That’s the way Obama reasons.

On the other hand, those Christians… Well, they had the Crusades…

Then there’s the bit about everybody’s “shared values.” Well, genius, if everyone has those shared values, then who did all the shooting and blowing up?

He had more silliness. The only thing missing was Marie Harf chiming in on job training for terrorists programs. (Wow, they put Marie away, didn’t they. Where is she these days?)

That our president says such utterly lame, elementary school logic frivolity, is frightening. Did he write that stuff? Did he even read what he said? How does such infantile nonsense get into his speeches? There are bad people out there, you dope! (And no, I’m not talking about Republicans, the Tea Party or the NRA.) They want to kill us!

But he’d rather America be wiped off the map than admit he was wrong.

Anyway, over the weekend, as I worked on my next novel (soon, coming soon!), I had on in the background plenty of college and professional sports. And most every one of them tipped the hat to Paris. Yet none, NONE!, offered any details to exactly what happened.

There was plenty of “Our prayers go out to the people of Paris after this week’s tragedy.” It was as if the city had been hit by a flood, or an earthquake, a hurricane, or a fire or, perhaps, a volcano had suddenly appeared on the Champs Elysees. There was no indication that a group of crazed maniacs, belonging to a certain religion, had purposefully slaughtered innocent people having dinner and watching a concert. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the game with any concerns other than the game… It was an act of nature.

Such ineptitude is not an accident. Either it was ordered by corporate poobahs or it was self-censorship; a willingness to not accept reality; to not name the evil which confronts us, yet we refuse to confront. The unwillingness to do this is part and parcel of why our responses to militant Islam keep failing. We stand around like European leaders in the late 1930s. If we give Herr Hitler just a bit more of another country maybe he’ll go away.

Hey, chuckleheads at ESPN, what do you have to say to Curt Schilling now? You owe him an apology, ass-wipes. (Not holding my breath on that one and I’m sure Schilling isn’t either.)